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This Bud’s for You Dog Park is about an Architect’s design of a rose garden dog park for his own residence.

this buds for you

Here we are in the middle of May 2021.  Spring seems to be a little late this year with a few species.  But during the last week, hundreds of buds have appeared on this Architect’s rose garden (which also functions as his family’s puppy Cavalier’s dog park (Polly)).  All of these buds are ready to pop.  As a matter of fact, the first red rose bloomed yesterday.  The Architect noticed, because Polly stopped on the way out of her dog park and looked at it and sniffed it (it’s just to the lower left of the brown light fixture at ground level in the photo below (try to find Waldo)).

The Architect personally planted these 16 Knockout Rose bushes, along with the sod, about 2-1/2 years ago when they were in 1 gallon nursery pots (from Lowes).  Now, they vary from 30″ to 50″ high.  Deer love to eat them.  Which is why the Architect installed a custom-made scarecrow that seems to keep them at bay (far side of the tree, which you really can’t see very well in this photo).  Many of the leaves appear to be troubled with insects eating them now.  Will shake some 3-in-1 Bayer rose feed on them.

Yesterday early evening, for about 60 seconds, the sun broke through westerly rain clouds, directing dramatic sunbeams toward the dog park.  The Architect captured that below:

dog park

The more mature rose bushes are liking it, along with PolyWollyDoodleAlaDay.  A concrete paver sidewalk cuts through the middle, making it easier for the owners to hold the dog leash while Polly enjoys the main 4 quadrants of her park.  A mature red oak tree to the east and large boulders to the west break up the park into 4 zones, all within leash-length from the sidewalk, so the owners don’t have to watch where they walk on the grass.  Architect will provide some dusk shots later this year, showing the special lighting in this mini-park.

Polly gives her seal of approval:

dog park

This architectural company designs special areas, not only into the interior of their residential  projects, but across the exterior estate grounds as well.