Timber Frame Designers Will Help You Now

Timber Frame Designers Will Help You Now

The U.S. Economy is Starting to Rebound.  Hire your Timber Frame Designers Now.

We are timber frame designers and there are also others, all across the nation that would appreciate your business.  We all enjoy designing wonderful homes for you and your family.  Timber frame fabrication companies can manufacture your house for a very economical price right now.  Please start your timber frame project now.  Our timber frame designers are poised to help you by designing your new post and beam home, timber frame barn, or other timber frame project now.

Timber Frame Designers and Fabricators are Ready to Help

On one of our projects in Mid-America, we saw very low prices on expertly crafted timber trusses from one of the largest log and timber frame companies in the United States.  They did a great job, crafting the timber trusses exactly per our timber frame designers construction documents.  You will likely not see prices this reasonable again for decades.  Also, because timber fabrication plants are slow right now, you will obtain very high craftsmanship, with the best staff available.

If you find yourself in good circumstances financially and you have been thinking about when to have your next house designed, fabricated, and built, you really are not going to find a much better time to do that then right now.  Why?  Because Warren Buffett himself is already gearing up for the housing market recovery that is actually in the process of happening.  According to Mr. Buffett, by early 2011, the housing problems will be largely behind us.  That’s nearly a verbatim quote.  If a savvy investor like Buffett is shoveling buckets of cash into his own housing material and housing manufacturing businesses, you better believe it is happening.  This is not an investor who takes unnecessary risks.

So, join the winners at Warren Buffet’s office and engage our timber frame designers now.  We will design your house in record time.  Then, timber frame fabricators can take our drawings and manufacture all of the timber frame components for your new residence. Then, they will ship it to your site, where your contractor will assembly it for you.  What a happy day that will be!  And you will thank yourself for doing it now, as you see housing prices and interest rates begin rise, starting just about now.  Don’t wait.  Enjoy high quality for record low prices now.

There is nothing quite as dramatic as a true post and beam home, made with the heavy, solid wood from the forest, skillfully shaped by old world craftsmen to your specifications.  The massiveness, sense of permanence, aroma, and feel of this sort of home is a tonic for your spirit every time you enter and enjoy your house.  Join those discerning few who have had the good sense to have a house like this, custom-designed and crafted for you.

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