Timeless Custom Home Designs

Timeless Custom Home Designs

Once in awhile, clients ask Rand Soellner what “timeless custom home designs” means.   Rand’s definition of timeless is: “not of any particular period, era or style, but  rather a quality house design that evokes a feeling that it could have been designed and built a century ago or a century in the future.”

Today’s conveniences are provided within the timeless designs in each custom home.

Of course, Soellner houses have all of today’s comforts and conveniences: the latest appliances, the most efficient and energy-efficient heating and air-conditioning systems, built-in whole-house vacuum systems, double-pane glass, the latest communications systems, and many other features that provide convenience to their proud owners.

The idea behind Soellner’s timeless aesthetic is really to include features that their clients have come to know and expect from them, while avoiding the temptation to use trendy stylistic “popular” elements that may seem appealing today, but in a few short months appear dated and obviously from a given bygone era.  For instance, doesn’t everyone know what decade “avocado green” and “harvest gold” came from?  (Hint: 1960’s, early 70’s).  No self-respecting owner would be caught with such a palette in their kitchens today.  While designers in that era were immersed in that rather camp and kitschy trend, those that yielded to that stylistic influence suffered the fate of being called passe only a few years later, which forced their hapless clients to have to update their houses or appear outdated.

Rand Soellner Architect doesn’t believe that his clients should have to update anything within just a few short years, because their designers wanted to conform to some current stylistic “trend.”   Soellner believes it is better to have evolved his own palette of timeless features that are just about impossible to date as belonging to any particular decade or even century.  True design quality endures and stands the test of time.

They constantly update their features, appliances, insulation, glass, doors, windows, roofing, siding, foundations and other elements to insure that clients receive some of the best technology available for their residences today.  However, the timeless artistic features used cannot be attributed to any precise “trend.”

Many of Soellner’s clients inform him that they never intend to sell their house that he is designing for them and that they intend to live out the rest of their days there.  This makes it even more important to arrive at a timeless design aesthetic that can last.  That’s another reason Soellner also specifies materials that should last, like special tiles and grouts in which mold and mildew cannot grow.  This is just one example of the rigorous functional attributes of this timeless design philosophy.

Soellner also uses special roofing underlayment that is much more substantial than the tar paper typically used by others.  Soellner’s specified underlayment is much thicker and more elastic and long-lasting and seals around the thousands of penetrations made while your builder is attaching shingles and other exposed roofing materials to your roof.  The added price to your construction cost is minimal, but the impact on avoiding leaks is lifelong.  Now that’s a wonderful timeless feature to have in a house in which you intend to spend the rest of your life.  So, it is not all just about aesthetics, although a substantial portion of the timeless approach does have to do with how your residence appears.  After all, that is one of the reasons clients come to him: for the special “look” of his designs.  Most clients find it beneficial to discover that beneath the appearance lies solid, dependable technologies at work for them that are durable as well.

If you believe that trendy designs are not for you, and you want a residence designed for you that stands the test of time, decade after decade, you may wish to consider contacting the Soellner firm.

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