Water Purification System

Water Purification System

Water Purification System is about how this Architect protects his clients and his own family with a quality system that cleans the raw water that enters their houses.

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There are many providers of various water cleaning systems, however, this firm likes Aquasana due to pricepoint, availability, and ease of maintenance.


That’s a 4-item water purification system there, installed in late 2018 for the Architect’s own residence.
1.  The blue vertical canister on the left is the Pre-Filter.
2.  The next blue large blue vertical double tank to the right of that is the Main Filter.
3.  To the right of that, the small blue vertical canister is the Post filter.
4.  Right of that is the silver vertical canister: the Ultra-Violet water polishing filter.


Each of these filters cleans the water in different ways.

The first: the Pre-Filter, catches most of the sediment impurities.  Check out this photo below of a new Pre-Filter and the old one, being replaced after 7 months:



As you can see, the old one, after 7 months, is very dirty, with brown sediment.  The new filter is white and clean.  This filter should be replaced the most frequently, perhaps every 3 months or so.  We waited to change it too long.

The main filter is more complex and has either sand or charcoal filtration typically, although each manufacturer may be different.

The Post Filter is a pleated synthetic material, meant to add another stage of cleanliness to the previous two, removing all but very tiny particulates.  That is changed about once every 6 to 12 months.  Because the Pre-Filter is doing most of the dirty work.

The final  UV filter kills viruses.  So we’re talking about a very sophisticated level of cleanliness here.  The UV lamp should be changed once a year.


Now then: are you taking chances with your health and that of your family if you DON’T have a water purification system.  Yes.  It is this firm’s belief that any untreated or unfiltered water can be a source of dangerous bacteria, chemicals, particles and viruses that can harm you.  In a nutshell, if your water is visibly dirty (brown, yellow or other color), you are taking a huge risk drinking it.


Surprisingly affordable:
The 4-stage system above cost only around $1,200 (we believe through Amazon).
The Plumber’s charge to install it (around another $500.)

Not bad to protect your family’s health.