Wealth building through home design & construction

Cashiers NC Architects do much more than design nice mountain homes

Given the right circumstances, Home Architects can assist with wealth building.

WealthBuilding_Timber_Frame_and_Log_Homes_Architect_22We have been helping many of our clients increase their asset wealth for some time now and are often told that in addition to having a nice mountain home designed and built for your own enjoyment, that you want to resell the home at some point in the future and realize a profit.  This is wealth building.

click on this logo fo direct e-mail to RandAlthough historic data are no promise of future returns, we have seen that some appraisals on some of our projects appear to indicate 200%+ of their construction costs! Realtors have told us that nationally, houses can expect to appreciate annually at the rate of about 6 percent, and that in good areas, perhaps 15 percent. *This is one of the main reasons to engage licensed architects, experienced in the mountains, to design your residence, as well as your enjoyment of a custom-crafted luxury house. Most developers are delighted to hear this. This means that most investors and clients would hopefully earn a profit selling our houses, because of the design, if the appraised value is indicative of the actual sales price.*  As luxury residential architects, we have those unique mountain home design features that attract buyers.

Timber Frame Architects Homes Are Designed To Sell.  Wealth Building Is One Aspect of This.  How do home architects help with this?

By designing houses with features for which buyers are willing to pay top dollar.


Some people say: “Why should I hire an architect?”

Architects that are based in the mountains understand the unique geology, which affects your structure, and the other environmental demands of an Alpine rain forest. We also design features into the project that today’s luxury mountain home buyers demand and whom are willing to pay for with significant dollars to maximize your return on your investment.

Our designs typically make your home worth more per square foot.

“When thinking about why to spend the money to hire an architect, ask yourself if receiving more for your house is worth it.* We believe you will agree that it is.” We believe you will agree that it is. We believe you will agree that it is. For instance, on one project, one of our yet-to-be clients had a house under construction; she had the foundations about complete. She and her realtor examined the design and felt it could be better. She contacted me. During a meeting, I examined the design documents and she asked me if they could be better. I said yes; I knew they could be much better for resale as a luxury Mountain Home.

She engaged me to redesign the project and I did, using the existing foundation. A month later when we had completed the redesign, her realtor examined our new design and he told her that our new design was worth $420,000 MORE than the previous design. Both designs sat on the same foundation. Square footage was fairly similar, although we squeezed a little more out of it. Therefore, OUR DESIGN IS WORTH ABOUT $123 MORE PER SQUARE FOOT than the previous scheme. Isn’t that worth hiring a licensed professional and paying a design fee? It is sort of like searching for a specialist doctor for an operation. Doesn’t it make the most sense to find the surgeon who can cure you rather than looking for a general practitioner with lower fees? Why take chances with your financial health? Successful developers know: hire the licensed architect who is a specialist in the building type and pay their fees; you will likely recoup your design investment many-fold when you sell the project.

Our designs create the openness, functional logic, relationships and detailed features that serious buyers want.
So how do the people at Rand Soellner Architect know what to put into their houses?
Very simple: we ask.
Who do we ask? The people that compose the major segments of our market. Who are they?
We have conducted detailed research every week for the past several years on a grassroots level. When we get together with you, we will be happy to disclose these sources.

We know what the buyers’ demographics are for our main market area and are constantly expanding our network of resources to provide knowledge-based data elsewhere. We know where the people come from that buy nice mountain homes, their ages, the percentages from each State and Region, and what is important to them.
This crucial, proprietary information is one of the reasons our architecture is so strong in terms of appeal.

Quite simply:

LUXURY RESIDENTIAL ARCHITECTS KNOW WHAT THE MARKETPLACE WANTS.  Post and Beam Architects houses are designed to sell.

So, if you are interested in wealth building * by investing in the design and construction of nice mountain homes and projects, please contact us to help you get started: rand@homearchitects.com


We have done this for ourselves and we offer the same information to our clients as a benefit of doing business with us. After engaging us to begin work on your project, we will share with you all of our contact information so that you can set up a retirement real estate plan for yourself. How many times have you said: “I do not understand how to judge the stock, bond and mutual fund markets? How do I protect myself from the losses incurred in 1929, 1974 and 2000 and 2007-8?” Well, for ourselves, we believe the answer is to purchase real estate using pre-tax dollars as the investment in our retirement fund. We have actually done this. It is possible, but this method of investing is not well-known. We are not and do not claim to be investment advisors and are not licensed to do so. We do, however have the information to put you in touch with a Fortune 500 company and other licensed retirement advisors to help you set up your plan. We have discovered how to do this by doing it. No one knew how to show us the way and it took us months to find the right companies and the methods to establish a real estate retirement plan in lieu of a conventional mutual fund retirement plan. We make nothing from sharing this knowledge with you and want you to know that any such decisions on your part are solely your decisions, not ours and we cannot guarantee any sort of return whatsoever.  All we know is that if you own a piece of land today, you ought to own it tomorrow (unless you have sold it), because it cannot evaporate as your money seems to do within a mutual fund or other stock investment.

Top Custom Home Architects Reinvest in Land as a Wealth Building Avenue

We recently liquidated all of our retirement funds, transferred them to a new IRS-approved custodian who is authorized to hold real estate on our behalf and we have recently signed our first contract to acquire our first property as a major portion of our retirement plan. We also have information relating to the specialized type of loan required to allow you to acquire properties whose price exceeds the amount of funds in your present retirement plan that you may wish to transfer into the new real estate retirement plan. Once again, this information is not for sale. We make it available to clients of ours who may be interested in such information. We suggest that only individuals who thoroughly understand the real estate market in which they are considering investing, do so. If you pay more for a property now than it may be worth in the future, you could lose substantial portions of your investment. You want to find property that is presently undervalued with particular characteristics (which we will share with you), then purchase it through your real estate retirement plan, then hold it for a period of time, then resell it for a substantial profit, none of which should be taxable until you begin taking distributions from your retirement plan.

*The ability of a project to turn a profit is the result of the combination of many factors, not all of which are solely based on design, such as market fluctuations, how well the design indicated was built, changes made by clients, personalization and other factors. We do not, and no one can, guarantee profits. If allowed, we will advise you on what features realtors and appraisers have informed us result in swifter, higher sales and incorporate those items, with your permission.

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