Welcome to the Cabin

Welcome to the Cabin

Welcome to the Cabin!  That’s the phrase many have seen memorialized on wooden signs outside of many people’s houses they have bought or built as their vacation getaway.  What do you have as your idea of your “cabin?”


welcome to the cabin
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Realistically, virtually none of the mountain vacation residences really qualify as a “cabin.”  It appears that people like the idea of calling it a “cabin,” but really want the size and features associated with more functional houses.  So why do they label their vacation house as a “cabin?”  And go to the trouble of nailing up a rough-hewn wooden sign near the front door that reads: “The Cabin?”  Probably because it appeals to their sense of a romanticized place that they can then refer to among their loved ones: “Hey!  Let’s go to The Cabin this weekend!”


welcome to the cabin
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Is their “cabin” made of wood logs?  Typically not.  Is it a timber frame?  Not very often.  Most so-called “cabins” are usually of normal stud wall construction and often look similar to housing that one might find in any neighborhood in anywhere USA.  Perhaps that’s part of the reason these people have gone to such pains to physically label “their cabin”  “The Cabin”:  because they don’t resemble a cabin in any sense of the word and they are hoping that no one will notice.


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Well, everyone probably does notice.  You can put a name tag on a bear that reads: “Professor Bare”, but you aren’t going to be learning much from the bear, except that you probably better not hang around during suppertime.  In other words: no matter what you label something, people can tell what it really is.  People seem to yearn for a “cabin feel,” but want more.  They want convenience, low maintenance, a size that allows them to comfortably accommodate all their family, their grown children and their grandchildren.  And they want lots of big windows to enjoy the view.  That’s why they bought that vacation land in the first place: the View.


So: why settle for some cookie-cutter spec house that you feel you have to jazz up with a sign attempting to conjure mental images of what you really wanted?  Oh…; the builder let you choose the color of the floor tile in the bathroom, so you “customized” it, huh?  Are you finding it difficult to find “plans” of cabins or anything else that makes your heart soar with wonder and inspiration?  Like the feeling you got when you bought your beautiful acreage, hoping that one day you could build your “cabin” there.  But we know you want a vacation “feel” but with all the convenience of where you live full-time.  That’s where an Architect comes into the picture.  Click here –> to see a mountain Architect’s website.


welcome to the cabin
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You call an Architect when you can’t find what you want from any other source.  And  most people cannot find what they want for a vacation house or their main residence.  They end up settling.  Don’t do that.  Don’t settle for less!  You deserve a quality experience in a quality house.  And that’s what Architects deliver.


With formerly distressed properties being absorbed into the marketplace, the previous deals on existing houses are fast disappearing.   To get what you really want, you might want to consider having an Architect design it for you and have that same Architect manage the bidding and administer the construction.  He will find you a licensed Contractor to build your dream house, and monitor what happens to guide the process along a proper path.  The end result will be your dream house, ready for you to move into and enjoy.


welcome to the cabin
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Enjoy what?  The Views!  All the bedrooms you wanted for your friends and relatives to enjoy the experience with you.  That gourmet kitchen with the large island, where your family can hang out while you prepare wonderful holiday meals.  Your master suite, with oversize tub, where you can enjoy a bubble bath, play Mozart, drink a glass of wine and gaze out at your mountain views.  Your Outdoor Living Room: where you can grill dinner and eat there, enjoying the amazing sights and sounds of Mother Nature, under the cover of the high, sheltering roof above you.  And there’s more.  Call your Architect to begin this delightful voyage of discovery: on the way to living in Your “Cabin.”


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