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Home Architects ® is our registered company trademark & our purpose.


We are AWARD-WINNING custom home architects.
We creatively design custom houses for lakeside, country & suburban locations.   More…
We create mountain home, timber frame, post & beam, hybrid, or conventional designs with Traditional, Transitional or Contemporary details.
We also master plan your property to locate houses, buildings, barns, roads, driveways and other facilities in a designed, logical & aesthetic scheme.
If you wish, we can also become your Project Manager, from start to finish.

We are a leading author of information about residential architecture & construction, helping educate homeowners, Architects & Contractors nationwide & globally.


You can trust us to take care of you.  We will design your next house, programmed to meet your needs, creating quality documents that detail & specify your project.


HOME ARCHITECTS ® designs homes for varying budgets & sizes:  small, medium & large.   More…
We will design your new dream house, or renovate your existing residence: small cottage, medium-sized residence or large mansion, anywhere in North America & the World.
We have a national & global architectural practice.


Phone: 828-269-9046       Email:






Custom Home Architects & Mountain Homes Architect



One of the World’s leading licensed home architects will create your custom home design working directly with you. We are responsive, professional & courteous.  We are interested in what you want & passionately work hard to find the best solution to meet your objectives. We are “Green,” & design low-maintenance, beautiful, & energy efficient projects.  We value engineer our projects & provide designs that are innovative yet timeless.


Preliminary Design through Construction Administration. Master’s Degreed Registered Architect with decades of experience.  3D MOVIES of your design can be made available so you can see what you’re buying & building.⇒











Architectural Certifications

Member: ArCH (Co-Founder of Architects Creating Homes).
National certification through NCARB.
Energy Star Partner.
Founder of the Healthy Home Design program.
Participating member of ArCH CRAfts program (CERTIFIED RESIDENTIAL ARCHITECT) Also, AWARD WINNER: 2016 ArCHdes™ for excellent Residential Architecture.

HOME ARCHITECTS TM = Rand Soellner Architect: custom home architects & mountain homes architect.

click on this logo for direct e-mail to RandClick on this logo for direct e-mail to Rand. Does this mean the company only designs mountain homes?  Much more than that. The companydesigns custom residences for flat land as well as steep terrain, for your site, wherever it is. So if you are on the side of the mountain in the Rockies, the Blue Ridge or in the Atlanta suburbs.


We will be Your Custom Home Architects Wherever You are Located:

New York, Colorado, Wyoming, Canada, Texas, Charlotte, Indiana, Idaho, Florida & Anywhere in the USA & the World.

Will the company design a custom house for you if your site is in another state or country? Yes.  The firm designs are all over the USA and overseas as well.  We will design your house for your site in Cashiers, Las Vegas, Denver, Washington, Atlanta, Orlando, Aspen, Deep Creek, West Virgina, San Antonio, Santa Monica, Hilton Head, Palm Beach, Kuwait City, or wherever you are.

Click here for information on: Local House Plan Architects or the Best Experts.


We Design Small, Medium, and Large Custom Houses

We create 393 sf compact mother-in-law suites, 1,000 sf cozy guest cottages, 2,300 sf mid-sized comfortable custom lakeside houses, 3,500 sf residences in your hometown, 5,700 sf estate houses, and rambling giant mountain castles of 16,000 sf+. So, whatever size custom residence you have in mind, that’s what we do. Each design is created with efficiency in mind. No wasted space in our houses. We are custom home architects, creating house designs for your site, no matter where, no matter what size. Mountain. Lake. Suburbs. North Carolina. South Carolina. Texas. New York. Canada. Mexico. Colorado. Florida.  Anywhere.


The company designs muscular timber frame and other custom houses for clients desiring something special. Providence Mountain Retreat by Home Architect, PLLC, (C)Copyright 2010 Home Architect, PLLC, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.HOME ARCHITECTS ® only design a few projects each year: Each One is Special.The firm designs only a select few custom house designs each year. If you want a residence design hand-crafted around your lifestyle and your house site, perhaps we are the right home architect for you. Your dream house design might be a mountain house or a luxury estate residence in the suburbs of Asheville, Atlanta, Lake Tahoe, Denver, or Woodbine.  The point is, it’s for you and you want it special. That’s what custom means: special for you. You are going to retire there, or live there until you retire, then live there some more, possibly for the rest of your life. This time you want to get it right. HOME ARCHITECTS ® will create a custom residential design for you.

You are looking for residential architects.  Your project might be a conventionally built luxury residence, or you might be looking for custom log home architects, timber frame architects, post and beam architects, mountain home architects, or a more economical conventional construction version of all together: hybrid. HOME ARCHITECTS ® provides all of these services.


Home Architects se habla Green

mountain homes architect

You are thinking that this will be a second home… perhaps it will start out that way, but in a few short years, your vacation luxury house or mountain home getaway may very likely become your main residence.


There is that magnet on your soul: your special dream house site, be it in the mountains, at a waterfall, overlooking a valley or in suburbia, and that special view keeps calling to you; your land is in your heart now. In your very own dream house design, you feel yourself decompress as you walk through the big front doors and gaze through the Hearth Room and through to the fantastic lake and mountain views beyond. Welcome home! Why just vacation here? Live here. Your custom home architects can help you make it happen. Just give us a call: 828-269-9046 and we can begin your design.

You deserve it. HOME ARCHITECTS ® makes it happen: Your custom design.

custom home architect

25 years of design service to a distinctive clientele
25 years of design service for a distinctive clientele

We Live & Work in What We Design

Every custom home design company should do the same. The cobbler should wear the shoes he makes so that he understands how to make them more comfortable for his customers.


We have the experience of living and working, all year round (365 days a year), in custom houses similar to what we design for you. This helps us learn how to improve our designs, over decades. We can handle your residential design, because we are custom home architects.

Rand Soellner, AIA, NCARB
Rand Soellner, AIA, NCARB
Merry Soellner, Interiors
Merry Soellner, Interior Decorating (consultant)

It’s All About You & Your House Site in the Mountains of North Carolina or the Rocky Mountains or Atlanta GA, Jackson Hole WY, Cashiers NC, Highlands NC, or Las Vegas NV


“We blend your desired lifestyle with the best views from your site to give you your Dream Home Design: your custom house in suburbia in Orlando or in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina: a special residence tailored to you and your environment. Our details evolve from natural site environments and materials, resulting in custom Timeless Architecture that looks like it grew there.”

—— Rand Soellner, ArCH, NCARB


Dreams About Your Special Place. . .

You have dreams about your future, your retirement, your family, your relationships, your business, how you want to live. Many of us feel that some major event (like retirement) must first take place before we can start to live the real dreams we have always wanted. As if there is some reason you have to achieve yet another big objective before it is your turn. Isn’t it your turn now?


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Since 1984 and into your future…

Member ArCH (Architects Creating Homes)
National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB)
Energy Star Partner, DOE/EPA

The company provides their experience to the AIA’s “Housing & Custom Residential Architecture Committee” Knowledge Community.


HOME ARCHITECTS ® Custom Projects: all over the United States & the World

Worldwide, we are custom home architects available to create luxury log home designs, timber frame home designs, including mountain castle designs, themed shopping boutiques, schools, village centers, master plans for communities, condominium complexes, clubhouses, parks, office buildings and other projects in suburban, country, and mountain resort environments.

We have inquiries and/or custom projects in: the Rocky Mountains, California, Oregon, New Mexico, Colorado, Blue Ridge Mountains, Appalachian Mountains, Adirondack Mountains, Canada, and the Grand Canyon.
We are in the middle of custom home project for a client in Washington state right now. We are also interested in working with you on your sites in Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Yellowstone National Park, and Yellowstone Club.We completed a custom mountain house project not long ago for a client with a site in Virginia, and another in Tennessee, in the Sevierville area. We have projects in Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky. We have inquiries from Texas, Alabama, Maine, New Hampshire, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Alaska.We even had a fellow from England ask us about designing a custom mountain castle there. We had an inquiry from Brazil recently, for a special resort on tall mountains. We also look forward to work in Venezuela. A staff Architect actually designed a project in Kuwait City.
We will eagerly undertake assignments for projects whose location is in Bahrain, Dubai, France, and Germany. We create custom luxury residences wherever you and your site may be located.


WE PRESERVE YOUR VIEWS that you have paid so handsomely to enjoy. We integrate computerized house plans with surveys of the building site to take advantage of the accurate view relationships to mountains, waterfalls, rivers, and other spectacular features.

CURB APPEAL: We create rustic elegance and elevations that people like … our houses & buildings look like they grew out of the granite, poplar bark, cedars, and oaks of our unique environment.

GREAT OPEN FLOOR PLAN DESIGNS: LEADER IN OPEN PLAN ARRANGEMENTS – You will enjoy house designs with open floor plans that are cozy, functional, and efficient, while providing spaciousness and optimized square footage.

AWARD-WINNING DESIGN / EXPERIENCE: Home Architects ® offers you 40 years of Award-winning design experience. Our Senior Staff Architect is a licensed architect in multiple states. Rand Soellner’s work received the AIA Design Award of Excellence. Rand has designed projects for one of the main Frank Wright apprentices. He is a specialist in custom log homes, timber frame houses, boulders, rock and glass and other custom home design systems and is the Architect on Record on about half of the buildings at Jurassic Park at Universal Studios (while VP of Orlando office of BTA).

If You Are Planning to Have A Luxury Residence Designed & Built For You, You Need to See Our HOME ARCHITECTS ® Mountain Home Retreats Series:

click here to be taken to the index page for mountain home retreats


Mountain Homes Architect
We know of no one designing view doors this large into new houses other than our firm. This is just one of the reasons to engage HOME ARCHITECTS ® to design your house: the cutting edge of Timeless Residential Architecture.

HOME ARCHITECTS ® are Passionate About: Creating a Custom New House for You

We enjoy what we do! We design nice homes of all sizes, shapes in all sorts of different locations. It makes us happy and energized and this positive feeling pervades our overall designs, our details, the construction, and your living within them. Happy healthy energy is part of each of our creations. We find it interesting that people touring our built projects seem to feel this warmth and express to us: “This really feels good! I want a house design like this!”


May we have the privilege of creating your family’s suburban residence, lakeside house, mountain home design, country estate design, cottage design, guest house, or family legacy compound design? We ask you for the honor of being your custom mansion architects, timber frame architects, luxury home architect, or cottage architects, creating your special place on your property, wherever that may be in the mountains, in the suburbs, Reno, Denver, Deep Creek, Grand Junction, Lake Tahoe, Lake Toxaway, Atlanta, Macon, or Savannah.

Okay, I am thinking I want to meet with HOME ARCHITECTS ®

How do I do this?

mountain homes architect

e-mail custom home architects

We have been asked, many times, if we will consider being custom home architects for projects in locations other than where we happen to live, which is in Cashiers, North Carolina, USA. Our answer is: YES! We will be delighted to produce designs for projects in just about any place in the whole world.


OUR LOCAL GEOGRAPHY (however, we design projects ALL over the USA and the World):

At the south end of the Appalachian chain of mountains are the Blue Ridge Mountains. Several small mountain villages are located in that area.  We are a residential architect there: we are one of a handful of Cashiers NC architects. Down US Highway 64 east, is Lake Toxaway. Not quite to far to the east, coming toward Cashiers, is Sapphire. In the other direction (west on 64) is Highlands NC.


Going back in the other direction on 64 (farther east) , is Brevard. Down in South Carolina, lies Seneca SC, and a way to the west down there, is Greenville. A little closer to Asheville, along 64, is Mills River. There is a small town between Lake Toxaway and Asheville : Etowah.

There is more, much more in the Western North Carolina mountains and in the Piedmont: In the larger city a bit more east (a big city to us village-dwellers), is Asheville. A ways to the far east is the even larger metropolitan area: Charlotte NC. We may design anything there, as we are also commercial architects and our senior staff architect, Rand Soellner AIA/NCARB, was co-project manager, co-designer and detailer on a significant mid-rise condominium housing project in metro Charlotte, North Carolina.

And there are still more WNC places: To the north of Cashiers lies Cullowhee. To the NW is Franklin. East of this is Sylva, North Carolina. To the northeast of Cashiers is Waynesville. To the northeast of that is Canton. Just south of Asheville is Fairview, NC. Beyond Asheville lies Mount Mitchell.

We are available to provide residential design services in the following places: Moscow, Paris, the Cliffs, Cashiers NC, Highlands. We also work as: Old Edwards Club Architects, Highlands Cove Architects and Luxury Residential Architects.

In addition, we provide comprehensive services in these roles: Log Home Designers, Luxury Home Design, Energy Star Architects, Healthy Home Architecture.


We also will design houses that happen to be located in: Seneca SC, Franklin, Sylva NC, and the Biltmore area. We also will assist you if you are in Florida, Virginia, Hollywood, Montana, Orlando.

We are designing an estate residence in West Virginia now, in the Daniels/Glade Springs area and also design for these other places Miami, Palm Beach, and Ocala FL . Colorado is one of our targeted market areas, as people from there have told us our house designs fit in well in that mountainous region. So, we are pleased to offer our skills in these areas: Aspen CO, Telluride, Colorado City.

Also, Atlanta, Georgia is nearby our base of operations, as is Macon, Newnan, and further south, Savannah.

And finally, we will design custom houses for you in these places: Buckhead, Richmond VA, Montana, Big Sky, Jackson Hole, Beverly Hills, California.










Home Architects ® Write The Books About House Design & Construction

(as well as designing them, and have been quoted & featured in books, magazines and newspapers worldwide, including The Wall Street Journal, the book House With a View (available through and many others)








“HOME ARCHITECTS, a that specializes in family compounds”








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