NrgyFre house ™


NRGYfre ™  house by this Architect eliminates or substantially reduces the cost of monthly electrical power for the house HOME ARCHITECTS ® designs for you, along with providing you survivability in your house when the commercial power grid goes down.  And in a sustainable manner.  There are multiple aspects this architectural firm includes in its designs, documents and services to produce an NRGYfre ™ house.


And just how does this Architect accomplish that magical feat?  Free energy forever?  Or at least, much reduced power consumption and much lower electrical power bills?  And a certain degree of survival in your house when other unprepared people are experiencing unpleasantness in houses not designed as well.

Here’s how:

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•   This firm has multiple techniques to reduce your power consumption, while enjoying an upscale lifestyle.


image courtesy sungrowEMEA/Unsplash


This firm can/will associate with leading Solar Power companies (depending on your location) to arrange a solar photovoltaic energy system to bring you free electrical energy after the system has been installed, which may result in you never paying a commercial energy company ever again, or at least, a much reduced monthly power bill.  In fact, you may find that you will also be pumping some of your excess electrical solar power generation back into the commercial grid, resulting in the power company paying you. Now wouldn’t that be something?

Note: it used to be that photovoltaics were only for use on NASA satellites and Mars Rovers.  Well, today, they have become much more affordable.  Certainly not free, but at least affordable, depending on your circumstances.  This Architect is installing a whole house Solar Power System on his own house that will run his electrical needs for his entire house day and night for the rest of his life.  He wouldn’t suggest anything this unusual without having his own direct experiences and investment into it.



Image (C)Copyright Home Architect PLLC


HOME ARCHITECTS ® will indicate and specify increased levels and types of thermal house insulation to reduce the monthly power drain due to your HVAC system operation.

Once again: you are looking a photo from the high performance spray foam insulation being installed in this Architect’s own house.









surviving emergencies in your house•  PASSIVE SOLAR

This firm will design PASSIVE SOLAR arrangements for your house that will (assuming orientation is optimal) bring in the winter sun to help heat your house partially for free in cold weather, and keep out summer sun to reduce the heat load inside your house during warm weather.

Once again: the Architect’s own house, during the coldest days of winter in the mountains (see the mountains back there in the photo?), illustrating how the sun comes pouring in during the cold weather to warm the house for free? It works.  Note: this particular house is oriented almost due south, which will always be the preferred solar alignment for maximum passive solar effect.








This company will, assuming you engage them to design your electrical plans, indicate where 240v electrical charging stations are to be located in your garage so that you can use the stored energy from your new solar power system to run your vehicles on sunshine for the rest of your life.  No more worrying about gas prices, depending on the characteristics of your vehicle and your driving range.


You guessed it: the Architect’s own garage, in a custom battery charging area, this one for the wife’s plug-in hybrid SUV.






Courtesy of Henrik L./Unsplash


What’s that?  Well, for instance: when your commercial power grid goes down.  We’ve all experienced that.  During thunder & lightning storms, heavy winds, but today, as never before, there are other reasons why your commercial power might go down.  While no one likes to dwell on such things, but who can forget 9/11?  The US FBI and Dept of Homeland Security have thwarted thousands of attempts to damage America since then.  And such attacks are increasingly becoming more cyber based.  As in assaulting America’s electrical power grid, or finding devious ways to release an EMP, or even natural GMPs that can damage electrical power grids.



Image courtesy of BayTec


And you may be thinking: “Oh that’s okay, I can rough it for a few hours.”  Unfortunately, in the future, it could be days, weeks or even months, depending on the extent of the damage done to The Grid.  And if your water supply in any way depends on electrical power to get it out of the ground and/or distribute it to your house, guess what?  You won’t have any water.  If you’ve ever been without water for more than even an hour in your house, you can only imagine what a miserable situation would develop if you didn’t have water for days, weeks or months.  You couldn’t survive.  You’d either need a very large clean holding tank of water, and/or a sustainable source of electricity.  This is part of this Architect’s philosophy and methodology to helping their clients be able to survive.

500 gallon FDA grade water tank the Architect has installed in his own house (garage).




Now then, some families have very small emergency electrical generators to run a refrigerator and a few lights for a few hours.  That’s not going to do much about preserving a nice lifestyle if the outage goes on for long.  However, whole house emergency electrical power generators can fix that.  For a while.  And this Architect typically indicates where that exterior power generator would be located.  But: such generators do not remain on forever.  Why: because they are typically powered by a tank of LP gas or diesel fuel.  And even if you are one of the few that have a 1,000 gallon tank, that won’t last forever.  So while an emergency power generator is a great backup to have, the solar power system is the gift that keeps on giving, day after day.  Especially if you also have the Tesla inverter-batteries that allow you to continue having your normal power needs every night.
And also having your house designed by a knowledgeable Architect familiar with passive solar techniques can bring free heat from the sun during winter and keep it out during summer.  All aspects of survival are addressed elsewhere on this website.  We will be adding multiple links to those other posts and webpages.

And yes, having a large LP gas tank is part of what this Architect indicates on their documents for your house, so that you can enjoy the benefits of that source of energy when other means might be down.  Belt and suspenders.  And yes again, this whole house generator is at the Architect’s own house.



Everyone uses this word.  Hardly anyone knows what it means.  Some people think you need to take many online courses to discover what this is, and buy-in to some high-faulting philosophy.   No you do not.  It is explained right here.

We know what it means.  Sustainable = being able to do what you’re doing indefinitely.
And to move that up a notch: to do what you’re doing indefinitely without damage to the environment, including to the planet, which in turn means using less energy, and hopefully clean energy.

And just how do you sustainably make and run a house?

Well, for one, how about having a source of energy to power ALL of that house’s operations for what might seem like forever to the owners?  This could be merged with the SOLAR POWER topic.

However, we’re expanding this issue here.  For instance, the materials used to build the house: let’s make them very durable, so they only need to be provided and installed once, if possible.  And let’s make them non-combustible as much as possible, especially with respect to the exterior, so hopefully it can’t catch fire and burn down.  And let’s use less energy to build it, including where the components come from, within reason.  There will still some specialized items that no doubt might come from overseas, although it would be good to try to find the components from no greater than 500 miles away, if possible.  But don’t get too hung up on this item.  The fact that this house will shortly be creating its own electricity and even pumping that into the commercial grid will make up for that, for the next 25 to 30 years.

Select durable long-lasting materials to build the house.






This Architect balances the various main features of your proposed new house to reduce energy consumption :
They improve the types and levels of insulation.  Better and more.
They make your house more responsive to the sun so that in cold weather, the sun comes in through large glass areas to heat  your house for free, and keeps out the sun during warm weather.
They make it so your plug-in hybrid or EVs run on sunshine most of the time.
They coordinate with major solar power PV contractors/engineers so that your home will be mainly solar powered.
They make the house as sustainable as possible within the project parameters.


Can you expect Other Architects to design all of the above features into your new house in a balanced, comprehensive manner?  Not likely (Unless they are members of ArCH).  The NRGYfre ™ system is a series of hard-won techniques trademarked into the NRGYfre ™  brand, learned by these Architects over the course of more than a half-century of practice.
And hopefully the results of these various architectural techniques will result in you obtaining an energy free house.  However, completely free energy will not be likely.  Reduced energy?  Yes.  Reliable energy?  Yes.  Backup energy? Yes.  Energy when the rest of your region goes down?  Yes, that’s the idea.

This architectural firm is not a direct provider of any energy system; the respective manufacturers of those products stand behind them.  This Architect uses those products in a manner in which they should assist your energy needs, but the Architect has no responsibility for the performance of those systems.  This website page is neither a contract or other form of service guarantee.  Only your specific contract with  your Architect signed by  you and them constitutes the actual form of agreement and in no way assures any specific outcomes.