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To keep things simple, you might wish to first look at our:  SERVICE PACKAGE MENU LIST OPTIONS


You are also welcome to review the line item list below:
(services are presented in the general order in which they might be performed)

(typically occurring early in the project):

Walk Your Land with the Architect
Project Management

9a Green Home Analysis Services
Site Consultation
Remote Site Analysis
Master Planning
Community Planning & Neighborhood Theming (typically for development projects or particular venues)
Home Value Engineering (this is for the most part built into Basic Services below, except for special investigations you desire)

(all inclusive)
(these are the CORE minimum essential services we provide for our all of our projects):     see below:


Architectural Programming and Site Programming
Architectural Design (Schematic Design, Design Development)
Construction Documents  (there are a few optional additional CD services depending on what you want (see options below in ala carte B))


(as being added to Basic Services immediately above)
(typically occurring later in the project, often during or after Construction Documents):

Cabinetry Elevations
Electrical schematics
Bidding Pricing Homes
Construction Administration
3-D Architectural Visualizations & Digital Movies
Interior Design
Color Selections
Appliance Selection
Helipad Planning & Design Service


(typically occurring after the project is built, or for people who already have existing facilities or who are planning for a new one, or for a future renovation or addition)

Services (this is a different project approach)
Warranty Period Reviews
Post Warranty Visits & Evaluations
Mini-Consult : Got Questions? Need Answers?
Forensic Architects : House and Building Analysis

(more optional services: see continuation of list below):


Expert Witness Architects : House and Building Diagnosis
Home Renovation Architects and your Existing House Modifications
Home Improvement Architects Remodeling your house
Financial Pro Forma Analysis (this is primarily intended for developers)
Architectural Retirement Planning (for your retirement house)
Renovations and Additions (for your existing house)




With all those choices, you might wonder where to begin. This is one of the reasons we suggest that you first review our SERVICE PACKAGE MENU OPTIONS, which neatly package various options and basics into separate packages, sort like buying a car: you have the L, the LT, the LTZ, the Limited and the Platinum, although we name them more in accordance to what is happening in each package.





















Most people engaging us to design a house start with the BASIC SERVICES package.
That includes what we call the “core” or “essential” services:

and that can be that; if that is all you want.
However, many people have us continue, providing the following:
and have us stop there.
However, unless you know a lot about construction, you may want to have us continue with
Some people also have us create
— 3D VISUALIZATIONS, which are Movies of your project.



Why would you want us to provide Bidding – Pricing?  Well, it can be overwhelming to most people, to try to get the documents to all the contractors, tell them how and when to do what, check their qualifications and licenses with the State Government, then administer them pricing their project, try to answer the scores of questions, and then try to understand what all the numbers they receive mean.

Without an architect managing the process, contractors can essentially bid things the way that they want to, and they each do it differently (unless an architect controls the process), and you, by yourself end up trying to compare Apples to Oranges.  The architect can keep it Apples to Apples, as long as there are cooperative contractors around, interested in obtaining your project.












And what about Construction Administration?  That is where your project is under construction.  How will you know that it is being built in accordance with the project documents?  Do you know a lot about construction?  If not, you may want to have the architect help you with this.  He can visit your site, either in person, or electronically, and compare what has been accomplished to what was designed and report on this to the contractor and to you.  Your architect can manage the contractor’s pay requests, if you like, checking what your builder says he has done against the percentage complete he claims to be.  All this and more.


Note there are also INTRODUCTORY OPTIONAL SERVICES available which can be seen here: Intro Optional Services.








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