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What’s In It For Me: advantages Clients of HOME ARCHITECTS ® (HA) obtain by having them as their Architect.

whats in it for me


1. Have you ever entered a house that made you feel
alive?  That seemed like magic? 
This Architect wants to
design your special house, giving you that great feeling
everyday for the rest of your life.
due to: a design that is custom-tailored to your wants,
needs, land & views.


2.  Less Construction Cost Changes
due to: more detailed construction documents.

3.  More Enjoyable Lifestyle
due to: award-winning designs.

4.  Less Maintenance
due to: better durability.

5.  Improved Health in your house.

6.  Better Design & Management
due to: top Architect in the firm handling your project.

7.  Better Results
because: this company’s level of expertise is higher.

8.  Increased Value.




1. Have you ever entered a house that made you feel alive?  That seemed like magic?  That made you want something special like that for yourself?  We want to design your special house for you, that you will call home and give you that magic feeling every day for the rest of your life.  We’ve done this for dozens of people & families over the decades.  And you can be next.  Don’t settle.  Get the house that you want; the house that becomes part of the pleasure in your life.

How: this Architect programs your house with the wants & needs you desire, to insure that what you want is incorporated into the very fabric of the walls, roof, floors, doors and windows.  Many Clients say: “I love this house!  It’s as if you were reading our minds!”  When actually, we just listened closely when you told us what you wanted.  Seems simple, but not many companies do it this way.  We do.



It is doubted that any licensed General Contractor (GC) would dispute this.
There are 4 “Whys” that help you understand:

Why1: when a GC bids as project with not many documents, there are wide-open, gaping holes in the documentation, through which the GC can drive a truck.  You don’t ever want that.

Why2: because when there are gaping holes in the documentation, your GC can and will charge you huge, whopping Change Orders to build your project, during the project, after you are already underway, in order for you to obtain the materials, construction quality, features and other characteristics that you really want, but that were not indicated in the skimpy documents.

Why3: because the GC is going to bid lower to get the job, then Change Order you to death later, to make up the difference of what it’s really going to cost to build, after you’re under contract with their company.

Why4: because the GC is not in business to give nice houses away.  They have to earn a living and they are not about to allow you to gold-plate your project, if your Architectural construction and other documents didn’t specify what they are actually supposed to provide.

Knowing THIS, this Architect (Home Architects (“HA”)) DOES properly detail their designs, and provides specifications, so that your bidding GCs can properly submit pricing that reflects what they will need to build the job in accordance with the detailed Construction Documents.


In other words: if you have an Architect (or much less, a “residential designer”) that does not provide detailed Construction Documents or Specifications, you will undoubtedly have huge Change Orders, resulting in you having to obtain more cash to build your house than you ever believed.  However, if you have this Architect (HA) design, detail and specify your project prior to bidding, the bidding GC’s won’t have much guesswork on which to hang future Change Orders, so there should not be as many.  This results in a much more stable construction financing stream, with fewer, if any, shocks during the build.


Note to self: if you want less problems during construction, make sure your Architect provides very detailed Construction Documents.  For your information: CDs (Construction Documents) should consist of both Working Drawings (the mainly graphic or pictorial sheets) and the Specifications (the mainly written sheets, but there can and will be diagrams further embellishing specs).


Motto: Don’t be penny-wise and pound-foolish.  Your Architect is your best value of your project.  They are the one(s) that properly describe what needs to be in the documents so that you don’t have to pay for missing information later.  You need to adequately compensate your Architect so that they can do a good job for you.  Treat them the same as you would your Doctor, Lawyer, CPA, Engineers and other professionals helping you do something very complicated and demanding in your life so that you can enjoy your future.


This Architect (the HA firm) has won design awards for their work.  For instance, the ArCHdes™ Residential Architectural Award in 2016, for one of their residential projects in Sevierville, Tennessee.  And awards for projects involving Energy Efficiency (Florida Power) and others, such as the AIA Design Award of Excellence.
The ArCH award is from the preeminent architectural society in the world, ArCH: Architects Creating Homes.  Awards for architecture from them mean: the award is for quality residential project(s).


Have you noticed that other people’s houses are rotting?  Actual chunks of their residence falling off in pieces?  That’s because their houses were improperly detailed and improperly built!  And those people who own those houses now are paying the price for that faulty workmanship and lack of professional detailing and specifying.

So what do you receive from the HA firm that corrects this?  Well, you shouldn’t really have to “correct” this, because it shouldn’t happen.
Why: because the experienced Architect at HA will properly detail your project connections and specify the proper materials and design their locations so that your project should last longer and with less maintenance, with fewer problems.  Sounds simple, once you realize that having the Architect in your corner, doing a detailed job for you can solve all this, doesn’t it?  Did you ever realize that what the Architect shows in their documents can result in a more durable project for you?  It certainly can.


Have you ever noticed that other people’s houses smell moldy?  There’s a reason.  They are!  And the Architect and the Builder are largely responsible.  And have you seen how other families (or yours) have people (maybe you or your newly born son or daughter) that are frequently or chronically sick?  Your house could be part of the cause.  How is this possible?
Well, the HA firm knows techniques that can result in your house being much cleaner, less prone to insect and vermin infestation and penetration, and to better keep out unwanted moisture penetration.  All of these things can result in mold growth and transmission of viruses and/or bacteria off of environmental surfaces or direct contamination.  This also affects indoor air quality.  The HA firm are experts at  keeping your house cleaner and the air in it drier.

Also, the HA firm specifies products that have lower levels (or none) of health-affecting materials and chemicals.  And, providing architecture that protects your windows and doors and seals them well, along with knowledgeable assemblies results in a healthier house for you and your family.  Is it worth you and your family’s health to have a better Architect creating better documents for your future house?


Do you want the person who knows the most creating your project?
Have you ever had a presentation from a company’s “top dog” only to have that company pull a “bait & switch” on you, after you signed the papers for whatever services they’re going to perform for you?  Sound familiar?  And you end up with some kid drafts-person barely out of school, attempting to design your project?  You will inherit their youthful mistakes.  Happens all the time.  That’s why the HA firm’s top, most experienced and capable Architect personally designs and manages your job. With “Brand X,” tell them you’re going to be phoning and emailing their Top Dog.  If you hear them making excuses why they don’t want you to do that, tell them to take a hike and hire the HA firm: where you will be welcome to directly phone and email their top person from 9AM to 9PM, 365 days a year, because their top person IS the one directly designing and managing your project.


Check out the HA Bookstore Online.
You’re going to see quite a few e-books written there by HA personnel.  That didn’t happen by accident.  HA has been authoring instructive books about Residential Architecture and Construction for a long time.   These books have been downloaded tens of thousands of times around the world, helping the Public, other Architects and Contractors to better understand how to do what the HA firm knows how to do so well.  Wouldn’t you prefer to have the author of those books designing your next house?

Also, the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) requested that HA’s Senior Staff Architect make an important presentation at their national Summit conference in Asheville, to an assembly of Builders from around the USA.  In other words, HA’s senior staff are making presentations to the same class of Contractors who should be building your next house.  Don’t you want the Architect who is sharing with them how to do it better?


The entire capital investment you make in constructing your house initially, could be paid back in energy savings alone, over the life of the house.  This is due to superior energy detailing and specifying by the HA Architect documents.  There are many other values in terms of less probable maintenance and other factors, not to mention Value Engineering during your project.  There are also some real estate brokers who indicate that an HA designed house may have excellent resale value, depending on market conditions and other factors.







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