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custom home architectCustom home architect Rand Soellner personally produces his own designs, right here in his Cashiers, North Carolina home office.  These custom residential projects are all over the United States; there are also projects in other countries.  Usually one of the first questions from new clients is: “Do you design projects that are in other states and countries?”  Yes.  We do.   This webpage is an index of some of our custom home architect projects.


Custom Homes Design 1, Highlands NC, Mountain Mansion
Mountain Residence 2, Franklin NC, Castle Home Architect
Small Home Architects 3, Brevard, Stone Cottage Architect
Post and Beam Architects 4, Cashiers NC, Timber Frame















Luxury House 5, Highlands, Log Home Architect, Wolf
Residential Design 6, Whiteside, Rustic Home Design, Moose
Post and Beam Design 7, WNC, Falcon 2
Custom House 8, Highlands Cove, Mountain Architect
Appalachian Home 9, Lake Toxaway, Adirondack Architect
Cabin Homes 10, Highlands WNC, Cottage Architects
Arts and Crafts 11, Cullasaja Club, Craftsman Style Architect
Lakeside Homes 12, Lake Toxaway NC, Lake Toxaway Homes
Mountain Cottages 13, Bald Rock, Cottage Architecture
Old Edwards Club, Timber Frame 14, Vacation House Architect
House Architects 15 – What They Do
Custom House Architects Creating Luxury Design 16
Garage Architect 17
Home Architects 18
Luxury Residential Architects 19
Custom Home Architects & Designers 20
Foxfire House Design 21, Residential Architect
Home Architecture 22
Lake Home Architects 23
Architects 24  What Are They?
Home Renovation Architects 25 and your Residential Renovation Needs
Small House Plans 27 & Small House Plan Architects
Compact House Plans 28
Long Pine Estate




















Additional general information about your custom house architect follows below:

Custom Home Architecture Tailored to Your Lifestyle & Site

custom home architectA custom home architect has an interesting job: to note the words of clients, then turn them into residential designs in a computer that print out into paper, then builders in turn use the architect’s documents to build a real, three dimensional structure called a house.  Envisioning is one of the skills required as a custom home architect.  You have to be able to visualize what people are thinking but often can’t quite express.  That’s part of the art and experience of a seasoned veteran like Rand Soellner, who has been designing luxury residences for about 4 decades.

















When you have been designing luxury residences for as long as the Home Architects ® has, being a custom house architect is second nature.  You think in these terms nearly every waking hour, exploring how you can come as close as possible to perfecting floor plans, elevations, and details to help clients obtain the most bang for their buck while still satisfying their objectives.


custom home architectSome people might think it is easy to design fine residences as a custom residential architect.  Actually, the American Institute of Architects has a long track record of project experience, about 100 year’s worth, that points out just the opposite: being a custom house architect is just about one of the most challenging specialties an architect can have.  So much so that the AIA has published fee rates for various types of projects and residential design is always near the top of the list of complexity, time and effort, right up there with hospitals and other highly technical project types.  This is probably why Rand Soellner is so good at designing custom homes.  In addition to always designing houses, he also has designed hospitals, industrial facilities, schools, surgical suites, technical military installations, NASA laboratories, airports, parking garages, fire stations, and other demanding facilities. 
















He has always gravitated to his love of being a custom residential architect however, and it is his passion for excellence in this area that caused him to primarily focus on housing design during the last couple of decades.  His wealth of experience in other project types brings with it technical knowledge that allows Rand to keep breaking the box of residential design, reinventing things that need to change for the better.


Rand Soellner Architect also founded ARCH/i, the Architectural Research Center for Homes International.  This is a non-profit, ongoing series of investigations in which the Soellner firm is engaged.  This history of architectural research goes back to 1972, when Rand Soellner began researching people’s reactions to architectural space and their environment.  Through such studies, Soellner has achieved a world class understanding about social groupings, the effects of his residential architecture on people in the spaces, and about the perception of the openness of space, windows, and glass areas relative to the size of the opening and location in the space.  All of this custom research leads Soellner to conclusions about his residential designs that boost them head and shoulders above the common place and into the forefront of the best housing architecture on the planet.


Another reason that sets Rand Soellner Architect to a higher standard is the fact that he graduated from an accredited major architectural university and graduate school, with a Masters Degree in Architecture.  There is a big difference between someone with these credentials and others that might be draftsmen, with no degree or license.  Soellner is licensed in multiple states throughout the United States and is certified by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards.  This is the gold standard by which all architects are evaluated.  You owe it to yourself to have highly qualified professionals designing your house.


In addition, having a licensed architect designing your residence means that you will be receiving outstanding design ideas for your family’s enjoyment.  Also, licensed professionals know how to save you money.  Just type in this phrase into your browser: Home Value Engineering Architects.  You will likely see the Soellner company,, as #1 in the world or at least on Page 1 and in the top choices.  What does this means?  Rand Soellner knows how to design value into your house


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