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Bank Failures are common

Bank Failures are common is about how the current media frenzy over a couple of recent bank failures is NOT cause for undo alarm.  This is normal, every year. If you logon to the FDIC website here: you will see that so far in this century, there have been dozens of bank failures.  It […]
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SUV for Mountain House

SUV for a mountain house is an online article provided for useful information for people intending to purchase and drive an SUV in the mountain environment. If you wanted a truck, a high-end Ford F-150 Lariat 4×4 would be an excellent choice.  But this online article is about SUVs. Ideally, an SUV used in a […]
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Would You Ask Your Doctor or Attorney These Things?

Would You Ask Your Doctor or Attorney These Things? is about how this licensed Architect has to deal with requests for half-baked work. PATIENT-DOCTOR SCENARIO 1 Patient Janice: “Doc, I have a pain in my stomach. Doctor Fred: “Hmm.” Patient Janice: “I want  you to cut my gut open, and then, because I don’t want […]
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