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Mountain Dream Log Mansions



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is an archived listing of weekly posts dealing with a variety of subjects from “Green” and energy efficiency to construction cost control, new design trends for houses, what we are doing to advance the state of the art in residential design and a host of other topics.  We are approaching about a hundred posts and will exceed this sometime this year.  Information also includes tips to save energy, kitchen planning, the hottest new features in residential design, how residential architects can help you save, site planning and many other information-chocked posts.















Resources and Links:
Listings of various companies that may be of interest to some of our clients.  There are not many.  There are some places that help you find a new hybrid vehicle for rock bottom pricing, upholstery, leather goods, real estate buying and selling services and more.

Mountain Dream Log Mansions :
this is a webpage dealing with those of you who are interested log mansions.  The firm actually formed an alliance with a quality contractor who specialized in this type of construction.  The last project was completed in 2010 in Sevier County, Tennessee and has about 6,000 heated square feet and about 8,000 gross square feet.  There are wonderful features, including the firm’s trademark Grand Canyon-Dor, which is 12′ tall and 22′ wide and slides into hidden pockets on each side, for a seamless flow between the interior Living Room and Outdoor Living Room, doubling your entertaining area during pleasant weather.

This truly is a log mansion, and it also has many timberframe features, like large posts and timber roof trusses, designed by Home Architects ® and manufactured by a leading log home fabrication company.























Another timber frame featured house was also recently completed in Highlands, North Carolina, in an upscale subdivision, on the highest elevation in the area, with views for dozens of miles of the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains.   All of the company’s houses feature Outdoor Living Rooms, Summer Kitchens, Sleeping Porches, 2-way outdoor fireplaces (your choice: gas or log burning, with gas ignition), large kitchens with central islands that will accommodate lots of guests and loved ones.

We also have information about other large log home designs, within the context of Extended Family Legacy Estates, with multiple houses and related structures like semi-detached garages, barns, workshops, guest houses, pools, fountains and even equestrian facilities.  We also comment about some of the latest trends in log siding, which appeals to a growing audience.  In addition, we have information about Lake Country, a British Columbia log house fabrication company that recently asked to become associated with us.  They fabricate very nice, large log houses for projects all over North America and the world.

We also talk about detailing log houses, so they will last, with special post end offsets to keep them out of moisture, and show how we bolt them to stone pedestals and other connections.

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