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HOME ARCHITECTS ® will design your custom house project for you, no matter where your project site is located.  We have several interesting location articles below for your entertainment, describing how our design work fits into these locations.  Just because your town or state is not listed below does not mean will not be delighted to design a house for your location: we will.

The short answer to your question is: Yes, we will design a house for you, no matter where your land is located.


Here are just a few of the locations where we are willing to design houses for you:
(see list below):


Rand Soellner Across America 1, Asheville Architects
Current Projects, Locations 2, Brevard Architects
Areas Where We Design 3, Hendersonville Architects
Cashiers NC Architects Design Anywhere 4
Cashiers Architects Will Create Your House Design Anywhere 5
Lake Lure Architects 6
San Antonio Home Architect 7
Fredericksburg Home Architects & Designs 8
Hill Country Home Architects in Texas 9
Austin Home Architects & Planners 10
Park City Home Architects 11
Cedar Hill Home Architects & Mountain Planning 12
United States Home Architects : The Last Century 13
Asheville Home Architects & the Biltmore Area 14
Atlanta Home Architects & Atlanta Residential Designers 15
North Carolina Home Architects & Custom House Design 16
Charlotte Home Architects, House Design on the Piedmont 17
Fontana Lakes Architects, 18
National Home Architects 500
Global Luxury Residential Architects 550


Discussion of our Locations served:

We provide comprehensive services in nearly every corner of the Earth.  We design your house in a variety of roles, as the above pages will describe.  Below is a synopsis of locations and service functions in those places: we perform our  work for locations throughout the United States and the Globe.

We continue to develop our services list.  Green residential design services are expanding.  Also, our Family Estate Village design services continue to grow, with more and more family compounds each year, as well as our more traditional conventional architectural design work.  The reason we are providing this list of combined services and geographic locations is that we have a National and Global practice.  Because of this, people want to know what sort of services we offer in which places, so we produced this long grouping of terms to help you understand that we will design projects located anywhere.

We have projects/ a desire to work in and/ or inquiries from/ in: the Grand Canyon area, Montana, Yellowstone National Park and Yellowstone Club.   We have designed projects in Tennessee, Indiana, Illinois,  Pennsylvania and other places.   We receive calls from people in the Adirondack Mountains, Connecticut, Idaho, Vermont, Massachusetts and the Appalachian Mountains.


We also have heard from these areas: The places and states of: Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, and Maine.   We are currently in the process of undertaking another project in Virginia, where we already have designed houses.

We routinely design residences for clients in the Blue Ridge Mountains.   We have also heard from folks in Utah, Kansas, Wyoming, and New Mexico.  We have designed a house for clients in Washington state near the Hood Canal and we are handling an inquiry for another in that general area.

We have calls and e-mails from people in Colorado, Wyoming, Oregon, and Kentucky (where our senior staff architect, Rand Soellner, AIA not only designed a very special house, but personally built it).

Texas, Alabama,  and Florida interest us and there are many projects we have designed in the Central Florida area, including about half of Jurassic Park (Rand Soellner as the Architect of Record for BTA) and several houses in that area and other work in southern Florida and northern Florida.

We have received inquires from the Rocky Mountains, Nevada, California (where we have performed site analyses), Georgia, South Carolina (where we have designed a residence for a client), South Dakota, North Dakota and Oklahoma.

We also are interested in or have heard from people interested in our services from: Saskatchewan and other locations in Canada.  Wherever your land is in South America, North America, England, Andes Mountains, China, Europe, Russia, Ural Mountains, India, Himalayan Mountains, Hawaii, or wherever your job is, we can help you create your project.  Rand Soellner, ArCH spent several months living in Kuwait City, in the Middle East, designing a large project there for a Kuwait development company.


Thanks for the contacts; we will are looking forward to your project.  Some of the areas, cities, towns where we provide services or are offering custom residential design: Brevard NC (where we designed a very nice stone cottage), Asheville NC (where we created a design and are presently in the process of starting another), Cashiers NC (where we have designed multiple residences), Highlands NC (where we have designed several houses for clients and are presently renovating another), Seattle WA (where we designed house for a client), Tacoma WA, Gig Harbor WA andTelluride, CO.  We are also Hendersonville architects.


Other locations for our house design services are: Colorado City CO, Vail CO, Colorado, Las Vegas NV, Atlanta GA, Orlando FL (where we have several projects), Kissimmee FL (several projects), Jacksonville FL, Macon GA, Destin FL, Miami FL (a major project), to name a few.


We have worked in, or are designing residences in, or would like to provide services in these desirable communities, states, lakes and cities: Buckhead, Macon GA, Lake Mead, Winston Salem NC, Boone NC, Richmond VA, Glade Springs WV (where we designed a very nice house for a client), West Virginia.


We appreciate your interest in our services in all your locations.

Rand Soellner, ArCH – NCARB – LHI, is licensed in several states in the USA and has been certified by NCARB, which assists in the obtaining of licensure through reciprocity throughout America, which means, that we can be licensed in just about any jurisdiction in a matter of a few weeks.  However, we have not yet found any state that requires a person to be licensed to design a house (there have been some square footage questions for houses over a certain size in Michigan, to date, as far as we know, and if the house is over a certain size or type in California and we have heard in New Jersey, as well).  Even so, we do consider licensure in various locations and in fact obtain architectural licenses where we feel it is important to do so on a project by project basis.  Any state could change their requirements at any time, without our knowledge.


Note regarding services: information contained on this website is for general information, entertainment and marketing purposes and is not intended to be provisions or guarantees for any type of specific service or result.  Only the actual written and signed agreement between the architect and his client governs the actual services to be performed by the architect and what he includes.



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