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The Beautiful Area of the Hill Country and Residential Architects

Hill Country Home Architects

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Just a small vista of the wonderful lakes, streams, canyons, forests and, yes, Hills in the Texas Hill Country

Hill Country home architects like life and enjoy the way the big Texas hummocks in these parts roll around, click on this logo fo direct e-mail to Randcreating inviting dens for a variety of wildlife and for upscale Texans wanting to enjoy the good life.   Like much in Texas, it is larger than life, providing unparalleled vistas for tens of miles from the tops of these hills.  This is a breathtaking scenery that attracts young and old alike.  Who wouldn’t want to live here?  Craggy boulders poking up through verdant hillsides, gorgeous trees, beautiful skies that go on forever, river valleys, lakes lined by cliffs, arroyos and state parks, dude ranches and riding horses.  Hill County home architects have it good, much like Robert Frost is said to have enjoyed, while living in the San Antonio area in the 1930s (photo to left and information from Texas Highways magazine).



Grape Creek Vineyards

How many people realize that The Hill Country is famous for its wine?  The vintners call it Wine Country.  There’s a bunch!  Becker Vineyards, Chisholm Trail Winery, Grape Creek Vineyard, Lost creek Vineyard, Perdnales Cellars, Ranch Ponte, Sister Creek Vineyards, Texas Hills Vineyard, Torre di Pietra Winery and more.

Grape Creek Vineyards tasting area

There are tours offered during much of the year, called the Texas Hill Country Wine Trail, and a Texas Wine Country organization.  What a nice way to enjoy a daytrip?





Pedranalis: rock formations, canyons, rivers, trees.

Texas Hill Country Home Architects

Are Inspired By The Beautiful Environment

But what serves as inspiration to Hill Country home architects?  The environment.   The beautiful rolling hills, canyons, cliffs and trees.

What a View! Hill Country Architects have it all.

What a spectacular place!  Hill Country residential architects will insure that your house will enjoy the best of the views that you have.  You don’t want to waste vistas like these!



Can't you see yourself lounging in your hot tub, overlooking the Hill Country valleys?

Hill Country house architects.  Who are they?  Well, Merry Soellner was born and raised in Dallas.  She has spent part of her 50 years enjoying The Hill Country.  She is an interior decorator and real estate broker.  Merry said that her husband, Rand Soellner, AIA, is the World’s leading mountain residential architect, with HOME ARCHITECTS ®, and that his designs fit perfectly in this hilly area.  Merry said that he husband’s firm’s projects are all over the USA and abroad.  He specializes in the design of fine mountain houses.  “His work is ‘of’ the ground on which it stands,” said Merry, “like it grew naturally from the bedrock and bark of the trees around it, a mix of the homeowner’s lifestyles and their site.”


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Hill Country Home Architects & Frank Lloyd Wright Apprentice Designing

“I used to design projects for one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s main apprentices,” said Rand Soellner, AIA, “I learned about Mr. Wright’s View Systems and Organic Architecture, which using indigenous materials for the design of homes in their immediate vicinity, and aligning main view with windows to weave the inside out and outside in.”  My work has its own character, and I really don’t think it is of any particular style, if anything it is of the Earth, using natural elements.  Some people call what I do a mountain lodge style.  I don’t know, I guess that’s okay with me if that’s what some folks want to call it.  Because, I do love the mountains!

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