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writes the books about house architecture & construction
(and designs homes, site plans, master plans acreage, manages projects & more).  The firm has also been featured & quoted as a residential architect authority in books, magazines & newspapers worldwide, including The Wall Street Journal, the book House With a View (available through and many others.


“…HOME ARCHITECTS, a …company that specializes in family compounds.”





As a leader in the profession of custom house architecture, HOME ARCHITECTS ® is the author of multiple books about residential design, planning & construction. To help you with your project, this valuable information is now downloadable. Get your copies today. To get started, simply scroll down through our library, see what interests you, then click on those books.

How to hire a contractor

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Click on the book to the left to discover:

  • What happens next: step by step.
  • Research, meetings, & process to find the best General Contractor (GC) for your project.
  • Number of GCs to invite.
  • Evaluating GCs in person & their pricing.
  • When to secure financing.
  • 21 pages

How to hire an architect

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Click on the book to the left to discover:

  • What to do: step 1, 2, 3…
  • Process to find the best Architect for your project.
  • What questions to ask Architects.
  • Evaluating Architects in person, over the phone, by website & video conferences.
  • 30 pages

Home Project Planning Guide

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Click on the book to the left to discover:

  • The things you should be noting right now.
  • Sizes of spaces and person count.
  • What not to do.
  • Types of spaces & features most popular today.
  • 35 pages

Homeowner’s guide to managing the design & Construction of your new home

  • This is in-progress and is not yet complete.
  • Novel-length, when complete
  • Information will be the entire, detailed path to travel from project start to completion.
  • Monitor this Bookstore in the future for possible release date.
  • 300+ pages

Client Centered Architectural Design Process

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This is a summary e-book that provides you with the summary of the entire process. This is like the “Cliff’s Notes” version of the large book above.

Click on the book to the left to discover:

  • Explanation summary of entire design & construction process.
  • What to do: step 1, 2, 3…
  • 8 main project phases, including color diagram.
  • Where you fit into the process.
  • 28 pages.

Specifications for Residential Architecture

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This e-book describes the history of architectural specifications and the need for commercial and residential projects to have specifications.

Click on the book to the left to discover:

  • Review of why specifications are necessary and desirable for architectural projects.
  • Review of number of SFR projects being built each year in the USA
  • Review of ArCHspec™, the residential specification system.
  • Reasons for Architects to include specifications for homes.
  • 45 pages.


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Created by HOME ARCHITECTS ® for the global conference about HouseWrap at the Marriott Hotel in Coral Springs, Florida, USA.  Presented by Senior Staff Architect Rand Soellner on September 17, 2019.



VIDEO (below): explains the value of having a Licensed residential Architect design your new house project.

Value of a Licensed Residential Architect

Aging in Place: Accessible Friendly Residential Architecture is about how this architectural firm is designing every project of theirs in an “Accessible Friendly” manner, to further allow their Clients to enjoy living there for as long as possible in their lives.

Click on the image below to see the presentation: