Architectural Programming and Site Programming

Home Architects ® provides:

Architectural Programming and Site Programming for your project

This is usually as the first service or an early service activity.  This typically occurs in person with our Senior Architect and you, sitting across our conference table from each other, enjoying discussing your dreams and wishes for your project.  This can also happen in a Zoom or other video Internet software virtual meeting.  Our Architect personally makes notes, asks occasional questions and notes your answers.  He has been doing this a long time and is highly skilled at this.
Many Clients, after seeing the design later on (in a future phase) remark: “It’s as if you were reading my mind!”  While we enjoy this reaction, the reality of our abilities is really that we know how to listen.  Also, because we are architects, we have done this many times (through decades) we have come to understand the permutations and probable results, based on certain telling questions we ask you.  Your answers tell us volumes about your preferences.  We have learned how to apply your answers to result in designs (in later phases of work) that hopefully you will appreciate.



The company provides the following Architectural & Site Programming

Architectural Programming

asking you about the following and listing your preferences:

Number of bedrooms
Public and private spaces/Living areas
Garage needs
Master Suite-interior-exterior
Vertical circulation
Secondary Bedrooms/Suites
Outdoor Living Areas
Utilitarian areas
Hobby areas/crafts
Children areas
Adult areas
Storage needs/locations
Energy Efficiency objectives
Green Architecture desires
Healthy Home desires



Site Programming

asking you about the following and listing your preferences & researching:

– desired
– those to avoid
Guest parking quantity/orientation
Vehicular & pedestrian access to site and house/building
Building Setbacks and other restrictions
Best areas for the project/residence
Neighborhood Guidelines
Regulatory Agency Requirements
Site Slopes
Foundation economics related to geology of site

Once the above items are understood, we can start designing.  The form of documentation varies, based on whether we are designing your project from scratch, or if you are starting with one of existing designs as the basis for your modifications.



Many of our clients ask what services we provide and where.  So, we decided to produce the following list of our services and combine them with many places in the United States and around the Globe, to facilitate their understanding of what we accomplish and the regions served.  Being a National and Global firm, we felt that our clients would appreciate knowing what skills we offer and where.

We are residential and commercial architects and we founded the Healthy Home Design program.  We provide Cottage Architecture, Luxury Residential Architecture, Family Estate design, and Green Design and analysis.  We also are Small House Designers, Post and Beam Planners, Mountain House Architects, and we provide Stone Castle Architecture.

We also are Timber Frame Architects and Mansion designers.  We also are certified as Energy Star Partners by the USA DOE/EPA.  We are also Log Cabin and Log Mansion designers.  We offer our services throughout the US of A and anywhere Your Project may be situated.  We will make ourselves available wherever your project is located.

Please note that for projects outside of WA, SC, FL, TN and NC our services offered are those of residential design at the present time.  We do consider licensure in other states and in fact are certified by NCARB, which will help facilitate licensure through reciprocity in just about any state in the Union within a matter of a few weeks, should we consider it necessary.  Note that it is presently not required to be licensed to design a house in most states at the present time.  Even so, we do obtain licenses where we believe it is a good practice to do so.  We also can establish a relationship with another firm, local to any of the above areas, for resort projects, unless we choose to obtain licensure in that jurisdiction.

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