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Home Architects ® now offering the WALK YOUR LAND WITH THE ARCHITECT Site Consultation with the following services and terms:

Site Consultation – Site Visit Service

Walk Your Land With the Architect

click on this logo fo direct e-mail to RandHOME ARCHITECTS ® Rand Soellner, Architect/ArCH/NCARB will visit your project site, if you wish, for a modest flat fee  and do the following site consultation:

1.  Meet with you on your site.

2.  Walk your site with you on reasonably pedestrian navigable surfaces and analyze best general location for:

  •        home
  •        garage
  •        porches
  •        entry


3.  Best apparent location for:

  •         Septic (client will need to obtain County Health Dept. verification of this).
  •         Well (client will need likely need State and County approval of this).

4.  Best apparent location for :

  •          entry driveway
  •          guest parking
  •          garage backup

5.  Best view directions:

  •           view orientations, with specific compass view angles
  •           suggestions for view clearing (client will likely need clearing approval from your HOA)

We request that you inform our company what size your land is before we quote a Site Visit fee, along with the digital latitude and longitude coordinates (per Google Earth).  The above site consultation assumes that  the site walking will occur on reasonably flat terrain and that the weather is reasonably mild and dry, and that the surroundings are safe and stable and that pathways have been cleared through vegetation by others.  This visit will not include hiking  steep terrain.  Fee for this site investigation, must be received at least 10 days in advance prior to the site trip.  There will be notes taken, digital photos, and a follow-up text e-mail report sent to you several days after the visit, which will conclude the Site Visit services.  There are no documentation drawings provided for the above service.  Any site drawings would be extra.  Fees are not refundable and are deemed earned at the project site (if this is an in-person analysis).


See “Walk Your Land with the Architect” online article for more information.









Particularly in our initial webpages and through the SERVICES pages, we have provided a list of possible available services and locations in which we perform them or wish to perform them or from which we have received inquiries from people just like you.  There seems to be recurring questions about: Where do you design?  What would you be willing to do there? and the like.  Some people say: “We do not want to pay to transport you to this location.”  And that is fine.  We have worldwide high-resolution computerized 3D satellite imagery (the entire planet) that allows us to fly around your site in our virtual helicopter, land, rotate around to see your views and take off again, seeing things that you can’t see due to trees and other vegetative growth on your site.  In addition, we will go wherever you wish to pay us to go, within certain limitations.  Also, we coordinate with your surveyors to obtain a computerized topographic survey, on which we design our site plan(s).  Also, you and the surveyor and others can take digital photography and e-mail that to us.  As we said, we would prefer to be at all of our clients’ sites in person, but sometimes they would rather not go to that expense and for those, we have the above virtual tools which are powerful.  For instance, we have had inquiries from the mountains of China and from Venezuela and South Africa.  While we are happy to visit these places, some clients think that just because we happen to live in the United States that we may not be available to design their project “over there.”  Our answer to such questions is a resounding: “Yes we can!”














We hope to be of service to you.

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