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Rand Soellner, AIA/NCARB has a wide range of expertise on a variety of projects.  This in-depth experience gives his firm the knowledge to perform as expert witness architects.  Rand Soellner personally has 40+ years involvement in the field of architecture, 28 years as a licensed architect, starting since 1982 and continuous since then, with 34 years professionally applied experience on projects.

Expert witness architects are home and building design professionals who have accumulated decades of experience in detailed matters of design and construction, to the point where they are capable of examining particular situations involving homes and buildings, documenting them, diagnosing those issues, then suggesting reasons and possible solutions to correct problematic situations.  The preceding was Rand Soellner Architect’s definition of expert witness architects.














Legal Definition of Expert Witness:

Per “When knowledge of a technical subject matter might be helpful to a trier of fact, a person having special training or experience in that technical field, one who is called an expert witness, is permitted to state his or her opinion concerning those technical matters even though he or she was not present at the event.  For example, an arson expert could testify about the probable cause of a suspicious fire.”


Expert Witness Architects analyze a variety of situations:

Some of the issues expert witness architects examine, document, analyze and testify on include such matters as:
–  Waterproofing: roofs, flashings, drains, sealants, doors & windows, finishes & coatings and related items.
–  Standard of care in preparation of documents per State rules.
–  Mold accumulation in particular areas of homes and buildings and why.
–  ADA and State adopted codes for accessibility.
–  Code issues for a variety of issues: stairs, handrails, finishes, insulation, damp-proofing and many other situations.















–  Value Engineering efforts.
–  Distressed project analysis and opinions.
–  Insurance company representation to document, analyze and solve problems swiftly.
–  Master Planning examination, diagnosis, recommendations.
–  Resolving Design and Construction disputes as an arbitrator, with the purpose of getting projects back on track.
–  Construction delay analysis, delay claims, construction defects.
–  Representing legal counsel, architects, engineers, contractors, insurance companies, governmental agencies and manufacturers.
–  Presentations using a variety of media to clearly explain what happened and what to do: boards, digital presentation modes like Powerpoint, physical samples, digital video, enlarged reports and other techniques.

Rand Soellner provides all of the above services performed by expert witness architects and more.

Architect Experience and Qualifications

–  Rand Soellner is a licensed architect, registered in North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida and Washington.  Due to his NCARB certification, he can swiftly obtain reciprocal licensing in just about state in a matter of a few weeks.
–  Soellner has not retired to become a litigation professional.  His credibility is defined by the fact that he still has an architectural practice.  Expert Witness roles are simply part of his long list of professional skills. (see below:)













–  Approximately 324 design and/or building projects so far.
– $862.54 million constructed project value.
–  9.12+ million square feet of space designed.
–  AIA Design Award of Excellence.
–  Projects featured in Architecture, Florida Architect, House With A View, and multiple magazines nationwide.
–  Certified by NCARB (National Council Architectural Registration Boards).
–  Member AIA (American Institute of Architects).
–  Designed projects for apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright.
– In 2010, Soellner was recruited by the WestLaw Round Table Group to serve as an expert witness on architectural matters.

Expert Witness Architect Rand Soellner Career Highlights:

From a $140 million mixed-use themed shopping mall in Kuwait City, to being Architect of Record on about half of Jurassic Park in Orlando, multiple high school buildings, middle school, elementary and charter schools, to hospital ICU/ICN’s, laboratories, multiple office buildings, renovations and improvements at Orlando International Airport, Miami International Airport, and Palm Beach International Airport, a large Light-Rail planning and design project, multi-billion $ Program Management Educational projects, Air Force and NASA projects, mid-rise multi-family projects, custom single family residences (small, medium and large), solar energy facilities and others, Rand Soellner’s career includes projects that touch tens of thousands of people’s lives daily. 















Rand began his architectural career in 1968.  He has devoted his life to creating outstanding architecture that satisfy client needs.  Soellner is very capable of examining, documenting, analyzing, and recommending solutions for a variety of situations for many different building types.

Some of the building types with which Soellner is familiar:

Residential: single family and multi-family housing of single story or multi-story. ($100 million +).

Educational facilities.  Soellner used to diagnose code deficiencies and prescribe solutions for one of the larger Design-Build companies in the USA. ($3 Billion +).

Mixed Use facilities.  ($160 million +).

Office Buildings (governmental, private developer, military).  (Tens of millions of $).

Clubhouses and exercise and physical therapy facilities.

Shopping centers and malls.

Fire stations (Orange County Florida uses repeat prototypes designed by Soellner).

Restaurants and clubs.

Hospitals and medical facilities.  Soellner has designed and worked on multiple medical projects involving large and small hospitals and related facilities.


Religious facilities.  Soellner designed and master planned multiple church projects.

Theme parks, nature centers and recreations facilities ($214 million).

Industrial and manufacturing plants ($120 million).

Airport facilities ($500 million).

Expert witness architects educational background

Master of Arts in Architecture
University of Florida Graduate School of Design, 1978, 3.9  GPA
Major: Architectural Design
Minor: Urban Planning/City City & Environmental Psychology

Bachelor of Arts in Design
University of Florida College of Architecture and Fine Arts, Cum Laude, 1974.
Major: Architectural Design
Minor: Environmental Psychology

Contact for expert witness architects:

Rand Soellner Architect 1. 828. 269. 9046

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