Design-Build Services

Home architects Rand Soellner in association with your contractor, now offers what you have been wanting:
with all the custom benefits of each. This is an optional service that may appeal to many clients.


Architect Works with Custom House Builders to provide Design – Build

Home Architects ®, as you may know, is typically ranked among the leading residential design firms on Earth. There is no compromise in design in their organization. Their designs are often featured in magazines and other publications. They are recipients of multiple design awards.



















This Architect can help you find the contractor of your choice to satisfy your construction needs.  They are used to working with a variety of builders in various locations throughout the USA.   They recommend that the builder feature a separate webpage for your project on their website.  On this page, digital photographs of your project can be regularly updated so that you can see your project taking shape from afar.


Architectural Firm Coordinates with Residential Contractors for Design-Build

The Architect is a separate company from your selected builder (each with a separate contract and set of responsibilities with you), yet they can associate in a design-build related manner to give you the benefits of each in a compatible format. This Architect has had several projects designed and built using this delivery method. The Architect is responsible for design and your builder is responsible for estimating, pricing and construction.  Some clients prefer a this delivery method and this Architect can help coordinate these services.















Home Architects Work in Atlanta, North Carolina, West Virginia, Virginia, South Carolina, Illinois, Washington, Tennessee and Other States

Come to the suburbs of Atlanta, the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee or wherever you want your home and make your custom home, luxury residence or Mountain Dream a reality.  Here are words/comments that our clients describe their experiences with our Design-Build related services as:

  • “Enjoyable.”
  • “Understandable.”
  • “Swift.”
  • “Thinking outside the box.”
  • “Excellent Value-Engineering!”
  • “Best Site Analysis I ever experienced; you saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars!”
  • “Organized.”
  • “Timely.”
  • “I understood the implications of the design early on and had the ability to input the process with my specific needs. I wanted a certain quality level and this was maintained, simplifying everything.”















  • “I toured several of their built projects; this allowed me to understand the quality of what these people do before we committed to anything. I have never seen such a comprehensive level of experience and built examples from any mountain home design & construction entity, as an integrated association.”
  • “These professionals are the ‘real deal.’ Both the architect and the contractor are licensed.”


Custom Home Builder Available in These Regions, Working with Timber Frame Architects similar to Design-Build


For those of you in other states, Soellner can help you find the right builder for you to insure that you receive the design for which you paid.  Some of the projects designed by Rand Soellner Architect are timber frame home designs, arts and crafts style, post and beam, and some are log homes.

At the present time, the above services are available nationwide.


















History of Residential Designer and Luxury Home Builders Design-Build Team:

Mountain_Homes_Mountain_Architects_Design-Build_Services_WillsBuilders_RandSoellnerArchitect_22Rand Soellner Architect was contacted in mid-2006 by several contractors seeking a professional residential architect.   They wanted a professional on whom they could depend for creative home designs along with detailed construction documents, so that the builders would have fewer problems during construction and so that their clients would be satisfied.


Mountain_Homes_Mountain_Architects_Design-Build_Services_WillsBuilders_RandSoellnerArchitect_4The Architect found this very interesting, because he was also looking for outstanding State-licensed General Contractors who would actually build Rand’s projects the way they were designed, without making unauthorized “cheapening” changes unilaterally, and who would contact him to discuss construction issues rather than guessing.


Mountain_Homes_Mountain_Architects_Design-Build_Services_WillsBuilders_RandSoellnerArchitect_13So, these contractors and several of their staff members came from to visit Rand and see several of his design drawing sets and to tour several of his built projects, convincing themselves that he had the right stuff. Rand then visited and toured some of the builders’ projects, noting the high-quality craftsmanship.

The personalities and philosophies of design quality and construction quality were compatible and consistent.  Architect and construction companies were  experienced in Value-Engineering, wherein the architect and contractors study conditions and client desires and find ways to give the client the “Most Bang For His Buck.” As home architects, Soellner values this ability, as they want their clients happy that they are getting a good deal.


From that point on, the Architect & various contractors have been offering and contracting with mutual clients, to give the client one team of professional companies (2 agreements) to both Design and Build their houses. Clients love it. One team of trusted professionals to handle the whole package for you!


As part of the business plan, we can meet in Cashiers, NC in addition to Rand Soellner Architect also meeting with clients wherever they wish to, including at their builders’ offices, or on site, if desired.  Joint Design-Build projects have been accomplished in Murphy , NC (3), Cashiers, NC (4), Fairview, NC (1) (south of Asheville), Brevard, NC (1) and Sevierville, TN.


Home Architects  / Your Builders Projects:

In Tennessee:

On a mountain top in Sevierville, Tennessee, one of our client’s builders just completed a new house on a fast-track basis, with Rand Soellner Architect creating the design for mutual clients. Rand completed the design and construction documents and the contractor has completed construction of this project.  Rand prepared clearing plans/site plan so the surveyor could indicate the limits of the clearing, location of septic and well, which allowed an early start to the job.  The contractor built the home in roughly 12 months, which is a record for a house of this size and complexity.

The  Architect also designed and produced construction documents for a Cashiers, NC project, for which the builder performed construction services on phase one of the work. Rand Soellner Architect’s work included a master plan for future family enjoyment, including a new main house of a larger size, to accommodate more people, sort of a group family lodge on a lake, plans for a future boathouse, future additional cottages for guests and growing children, utility development, routing and connections.

The new house was designed to integrate with existing residences, some of which have been on site for half a century. Our team was selected as having the appropriate design skills, construction experience and sensitivity to create new houses that will both functionally improve and aesthetically harmonize with the history of the built and natural features.

Most of the builders with whom Rand Soellner associates have expertise in helping the client understand the implications of their decisions by assembling prices from subcontractors for consideration by the client.



Custom Home Contractor Coordinates with Post and Beam Architects to Develop costing systems to improve project cost implications:

Some of the builders developed a unique costing system for the Design-Build market, with some consultations from post and beam architects Rand Soellner. There are 4 levels of detail. The simplest is Level 1; the most detailed is Level 4.

Level 1 Cost Opinion: $/square foot, overall,based on the choices you make for the quality you want at that time.

Level 2 Cost Opinion: $/Square Foot, per each floor level.

Level 3 Cost Opinion: $/square foot per each type of space. This allows you to understand what each space might cost. A graph may be included by the contractor that allows you to understand how much each part of your house might cost.

Level 4 Cost Opinion: Quantity Survey take-off, with detail, based on the builder’s database of historical material and labor costs and actual subcontractor quotes.


What this means for you and your project:

  • DESIGN ADJUSTMENTS COORDINATED WITH IN-PROGRESS PHASED COST OPINIONS TO SAVE YOU TIME & MONEY: Cost opinions appropriate to the level of completion of the documents. Having cost input from the contractor while the design is in progress allows you to request modification of certain things before the construction begins.
  • TEAM FAMILIARITY WITH EACH OTHER & YOUR SELECTION OF THE PROJECT QUALITY: Since some of the builders have worked with Rand Soellner Architect on projects, they may be familiar with the specifications of each Quality Level that You Select. Let’s say that again: You Select the Quality Level You Want, not the builder, not the architect. We work with you to give you the features you want.
  • UNDERSTANDING OF WHERE YOUR DOLLARS WILL BE GOING: Cost opinions from your builder that allow you to understand where your dollars will be going, before the construction begins. This allows you to request adjustments in the design to insure that your money is being spent on your priorities. This is one of the chief benefits of a Design-Build-related process as described above.




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