Mini-Consult: Got Questions? Need Answers?

Architects Answering Your Questions

Mountain_Architects_Mountain_Homes_Consultantpic-smThis page is intended for those of you who may have questions about projects that we did not design, or if you want to know where to obtain products and materials we click on this logo fo direct e-mail to Randuse that you have seen in magazine articles about us or on our website (for your project that we did not design) or for ideas of ranges of costs for various things. 
















We receive many requests for information from people who do not intend engaging us to design something, because of our knowledge.  For you, we offer this extremely economical arrangement:


  1. Mail us a check for $250 and include whatever materials you wish and make sure you enclose a note that indicates what information you are seeking from us and the phone number(s) you want us to call, and your e-mail, complete name(s) and mailing address.  make all checks out to: Home Architect ,PLLC, and mail to: P.O. Box 907, Cashiers, NC  28717.
  2. When we receive your payment, we will perform research (if this is that sort of circumstance) or otherwise analyze your needs, not to exceed a half-hour, to help find answers for your situation to hopefully find at least possible directions that may help you.
  3. We will e-mail you to establish an agreed-upon time for one of us to call or Skype you.
  4. One of us will phone or Skype you at the agreed-upon time. We will spend up to one hour discussing our findings, if we have performed any research or analysis, or spend the time simply answering your questions as we discuss your situation.
  5. At the end of that activity, you may decide to engage us with a more formal arrangement to assist you with your situation, or we are done. It is your choice.
























Note: this process is not intended to apply to those of you who are considering using our services to actually design something for you. Your calls are always welcome and completely free of charge, when the subject has to do with: What we do, How we do it, and if that might work for you, with the intent that you are seriously considering engaging us to design a project for you.

Note: your project does not have to be in any particular location: anywhere on the planet and throughout the US .







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