Post-Warranty Visits & Evaluations

Architect provides Post Warranty Review services if you wish.

These professional services are optional.  This typically occurs after the completion of the Warranty Period,
usually after the 1st year of construction has expired.
Rand Soellner can provide you with the following Post Warranty Visits & Review Services:
– Visits to the project/Reviews of digital information to:
Review the various conditions of the project, comparing them to project requirements and proper functional situations.



– Prepare report(s) indicating the circumstances of the project, along with digital photos.
–  Distribute the report(s) to the Client and Contractor and possibly Subcontractor(s).
– Request corrective work and possibly on-going (longer than 1-year) warranty service on
behalf of the Client for certain situations, within the report.


This simple means can help you obtain performance on the part of the builder, subcontractors, or can help you to create corrective procedures, backed-up by your architect.  Your bumper-to-bumper house warrantee is typically one year, however, it may be as long as 2 years, and there are also other items in your house that are warranteed for longer, like certain components in your air-conditioning system.


We provide many options to suit your wishes.  The main goal of these Post Warranty Review services is to give you the opportunity to have your architect representing you, review conditions in your project, to give you the chance to ask your builder to correct certain conditions within the parameters of his warranty.  Some things, only have a 12 month warranty, will have expired, however, there are some new 2-year bumper-to-bumper warrantees available these days and your builder may have provided this.



This could potentially be worth thousands of dollars to you.  As your architect, we are trained to see things that you may or may not have missed.  Rand Soellner is also a licensed residential inspector.  He has the training, education, experience, professional licensure and abilities to see things that help you obtain the proper performance of your builder during this important period.

You might at first believe that everything seems okay and that this will not be necessary and that is entirely your choice.  You might wish to reconsider, however.  Your house is likely the most expensive thing you own; much more expensive than your vehicles, probably.  Do you really want to save a few hundred bucks now, when your architect might find things now, that could result in you savings thousands of dollars months down the road?  Things that are covered by your builder’s warrantee?  Things that may not cost you a cent to have him correct now?

We are your Architect.  We are your advocate.  We want you to have a happy house, with things in proper order.  Please allow us to help you obtain performance of warrantees when they are called for.

And what about when your warrantees are over?  Wouldn’t you appreciate knowing that things are going okay at your house?  Perhaps we can detect something early that needs attention, to help you avoid more expensive correction action later.






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