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Start the Adventure refers to you starting your new project, possibly a new house, phased land development, renovation or other project, by the method of engaging an Architect to walk your land &/or tour your existing house/facilities with you.

This is exciting! You have finally decided to proceed to have a professional Architect walk your property with you, to determine the best opportunities for views, roads/driveways, entry, exit, main house location, additions, possible garage, possible guest facilities, guest parking, septic & well (to be confirmed by County or Municipal Health Department), & outdoor living spaces.

HOME ARCHITECTS ® provides this Preliminary Site Analysis Service for a modest flat fee, based on where the land to be walked is located, the size of your property, number of structures you intend to have designed & built and other factors.

Take action: get things moving: fill out the form below, then press the SEND button. Or: simply phone the Architect at 1-828-269-9046 and talk about it.

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    You will be contacted by a representative of the firm usually within 24 hours. After receiving the above information, the company will phone you, listen to your objectives, formulate a modest fee to drive and/or fly to your property, and after you agree, you will be requested to either mail or route a direct deposit to the firm. You will be requested to provide this payment at least 10 days in advance of the scheduled on-site meeting. Please make out checks to: Home Architect, PLLC.


    These are the services and what you will receive:

    1. The Architect will travel to your property and meet you there and walk your land with you.
    2. The Architect will listen to you and discuss your objectives for the land, making notes, asking questions and making suggestions, providing his professional expertise.
    3. The Architect will take digital photos of various locations on your land.
    4. The Architect will bring a plot of your survey (if you will have your Surveyor provide this electronically to the Architect in a readable AutoCad format (2015 LT or before) in a single file with all necessary features “turned on” by your Surveyor, with no CAD work required by the Architect, well in advance of the meeting) on which to make notes, or a Google Earth printout, or whatever information the Architect can reasonably & conveniently obtain prior to the meeting. This will require your assistance in obtaining this information. The Architect retains his notes and this survey plot for his records.
    5. After the Architect leaves you and your property, he will typically within 5 days, issue an electronic text PDF report, possibly embellished with the digital photos, summarizing his findings, describing what was discussed and where the features mentioned in the first paragraph at the top of this webpage might be logically located. There are no architectural (or any other) drawings issued during this service for the modest fee involved. Should you want any drawings at this early stage, that will be an additional fee. You will be licensed to use this report for whatever purposes you deem appropriate, to help you advance your project.


    All of the above on this page assumes:

    1. That you will have reasonably level land on which to walk.
    2. No climbing is involved, nor strenuous hiking up and down rugged terrain.
    3. The weather will cooperate and not produce dangerous circumstances.
    4. You will have cleared any areas where you want the Architect to walk.
    5. You will provide vehicles (ATV, 4x4s, etc.) necessary to access desired land.
    6. Other requirements as may be necessary for the Architect to gain access, safely traverse and egress from the land and related places to be viewed as determined by the Architect. The Architect reserves the right not to enter or access places where he, in his sole opinion, deems the situation to be dangerous to him and/or others.
    7. Appearance at the site = fee earned.