Architectural Design

Our firm provides Architectural Design Services for Houses and Commercial projects.

The company’s core service is residential architecture.
Since 1984, this has been an award-winning practice.

Firm staff designs have won design awards from such world-class organizations
as ArCH (Architects Creating Homes), American Institute of Architects (AIA), Florida Power Corporation (for energy-efficient house design), residential magazines and other entities.
Company designs are featured in books and magazines worldwide.


This architectural company  provides the following

Architectural Design Services:

(see below): (Note: the actual signed contract with our firm will contain the exact services we will provide, not the lists below):

– Schematic Design

(accomplished as one unified whole)
Reviewing the client’s information and program data.
Reviewing the Project Site:
Building setbacks
Allowable heights
Views-directions from house location
Parking/backup areas
Main entrance-guests/”front door”
Garage access point(s)
Impact on streetscape
Landscaping impact/ideas
Creating ideas for possible plans (site and floor plans).
Creating ideas for possible form of the home/building.
CAD drafting of 1st floor plan
Using floor plan layouts with furniture
Test layout on site on top of survey/site plan
Keep in mind volumetric form implications of plan
Adjust layout
CAD drafting of 2nd floor plan
On top of grey layer of 1st floor plan
Using floor plan layouts with some furniture


Keep in mind volumetric form implications of plan
CAD drafting of Terrace Level floor plan (if any)
similar items as above.
Site Plan
Insertion of 1st Floor Plan onto evolving Site Plan
Design driveways, entry walks/courtyards, dog runs,
Fire pits
Utility/trashcan areas
Compressor/condenser locations.
Provide Site Plan at several scales if required by Architect, to
enable adequate detail.



– Advanced Schematic Design

(ASD)/ (Note: the actual signed contract with our firm will contain the exact services we will provide, not the lists below):

Design Development (DD)

This phase often merges with the above, sometime during Elevations.
This phase often includes incorporating Client’s comments and adding more
detail to the design, further crafting the solution, adding more notes and
dimensions.  Architectural design continues developing, hence the term: Design Development.

Front Elevation first, to receive Client approval on aesthetic approach.
This is the point at which Clients can begin to understand what
their project will look like when approaching it from the exterior.
We often include materials that we believe you may appreciate, or that you
may have requested in earlier conversations.  Windows are shown, the Front
Door, and in general, the appearance or “face” that your project shows to
you and the World.
Sides & Rear Elevations
taking their cues from the Front Elevation, while
understanding that there may be some economies in other materials where
people may not so readily observe them.
Optional 3D viewpoints, walk-throughs, fly-bys.


The company has a multitude of capabilities: Luxury Residential Architects, Cottage Family Estate Architecture, Green Residential Architect.  The firm also provides: Healthy House Planning, Small Residential Design.

In addition, the company also offers these skills: Log Cabin Design, Mountain House Architecture, Post and Beam Architecture, Mountain Resorts, Stone Castle Design.  These services are also offered: Mansion Architecture, Energy Star Design, Log House Design, Family Estate Planning, Timber Frame Architecture.

The company also has received interested inquiries from these places: Sevierville (2 projects to date),  Tennessee, Nashville TN, Maine, Montana, Virginia, Blue Ridge Mountains.  We will design your project for wherever your project is located.

Firm staff is presently licensed as commercial and residential architect in Florida, North Carolina, Washington, Tennessee and South Carolina, however, due to our NCARB certification, we can obtain reciprocity in nearly any state throughout the USA in matter of weeks, if we consider that desirable.

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