Bidding Pricing Homes

Our company provides Bidding Pricing Negotiating management services if you wish.
These are optional.  These can be provided at any point during the project, but
typically occurs after the completion of the Construction Documents and just prior
to construction.

Your architect does not actually provide the bids or the prices for your project; that is the job of the licensed contractor(s) who is (are) bidding or otherwise making a pricing proposal to build your project.  Your architect can help you manage this process and help obtain these for you.  You pay for your architect to provide these services; they are not included in any other service and are quite often provided on an hourly basis.  There are many advantages to having the architect who designed your project be the entity that helps you manage the contractors who are submitting pricing proposals.

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One of the main advantages is that your architect becomes the sole source of knowledgeable information for answering questions.  Your architect also provides a level playing field for all builders, which gives them all confidence to hopefully submit proposals.  Your architect also becomes the information source of questions being asked and answered, insuring that you will come closer to getting what you are paying for than if there are misunderstandings if the architect does not participate in this process.  Most homeowners are not equipped to handle the barrage of questions that builders ask during the bidding of their project and this can also become quite time-consuming if you are otherwise gainfully occupied.  This phase also establishes your architect as your representative in everyone’s mind, in preparation of the next phase: Construction.



Las Vegas home architects Log home architects Luxury home architectsWe can provide you with the following Bidding- Pricing-
Negotiating Services:

– Bidding Pricing Homes:

WE CAN HELP YOU MANAGE THE BIDDING & PRICING PROCESS FOR YOU, which can be overwhelming to those not familiar with dealing with contractors, interpreting drawings and specifications and coordinating construction issues.  We do this electronically, serving our clients 7 days a week, all around the USA and the planet.















We also can assist you by searching for interested Contractors.
If you have your slate of contractors or have already selected your General
Contractor, or if you would like our help in possibly finding possible builders, we can
and have done this for our clients for decades.  Some of our optional services:
Solicit for interested Contractors.
Obtain the possible interest of possible contractors to build your project.
Schedule the Pricing Exercise.
Create a spreadsheet time table for the activities beginning, during and completing
the pricing.
Establish requirements for builders.
Indicate documentation requested from the builders to ascertain their
suitability to handle your project.
Review Proper licensure.
Insurance types review.
References (quite often clients themselves review these).
Project examples.
Interviews (often done remotely).
Provide Documents for Pricing such as Electronic Bid forms (our cutting edge process that allows us to bid out projects all over the USA).  Our forms request that all builders bid the same scope of work so that you and we can clearly compare the proposals, assuming that the builders cooperate.
Distribute our documents for the builders to price. 















We often do this electronically, which is a very green solution.
Answer Contractor Questions.
By phone, e-mail or in-person.
Copy responses to all participants.
Request Pricing at a specific date and time
Evaluate Pricing using our spreadsheet analytics, we review the overall pricing and each division price  to ascertain if each number appears reasonable, assuming the builders have used the forms.
Discuss Contractor Bid Results with you, review the pricing results and discuss your options, to establish a logical  direction for your choices.


– Negotiation

Review with contractors the pricing for your project to arrive at a hopefully reasonable choice and value for you.
We can also review contract forms with your attorney.

Review discounts for certain situations.


We are certified by the US DOE-EPA as energy star architects.   We are here to help you obtain your dream house design, no matter where your project is located.






















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