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Lake Lure Architects

and Surrounding Lakes (Burton, Hiawassee, Lanier, Hartwell, Jocassee, Keowee)


Lake Jocassee Waterfall

What beautiful places each of the gorgeous lakes are!  Lake Lure, Lake Lanier, Lake Hartwell, Lake Keowee, Lake click on this logo fo direct e-mail to RandHiawassee, Lake Burton, Lake Jocassee, Lake Norman, and others.  They exhibit the best of Lake living in North Carolina, South Carolina and northern Georgia.  Luxury residential architects enjoy creating custom house designs in these places because there is just something special about a lake residence.  Even Hollywood knows this, with movies with leading actors (Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock) entitled: The Lake House.   And Lake Lure, for instance, served as the setting for the movie Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swayze.  Lake Lure architects appreciate the outstanding design opportunities that exist at any of these fine lakefront communities.

Waterfront living is an attractive lifestyle for just about anyone.  And lakes in the mountains or near the mountains have even more appeal: you have mountain views + lake vistas.  What a great combination.  The best of everything: sailing, motor boating, fishing, swimming, kayaking, canoeing, house boating (take your grill and table and chairs along for a Barbeque On the lake) or just plain viewing from your new lake residence.

Lake Keowee, Lake Lure, and Lake Lanier Architects

Plan Special Lake Houses for You

Lake Lure Architects, Lake Jocassee Architects, Lake Burton Architects, Lake Lanier Architects, Lake Hartwell Architects, lake Hiawassee Architects, lake Norman Architects, lake Mead architects, lake Keowee architects, lake travis architects, lake erie architects, Lake superior architectsLake Lure architects and other lake house architects specialize in this sort of lifestyle framework and are used to the special geologies and soils and flood plan considerations around lakes, rivers, waterfalls and other bodies of water.  It takes architectural skill and experience to properly design lake homes.  Lake Lure architects know this and have years of expertise to offer to help your lake home dream become a reality.  The HOME ARCHITECTS ® have found, for instance, that orienting a house to be wide, in the left and right directions, when viewing your site and looking toward your lake from the front or entry side, makes a lot of sense, because you have more wall surface on which to locate windows and glass doors, allowing more views of your lake.  This normally means that your house becomes narrower from front to rear, which is good, also, as every room is closer to the windows and your lake house is filled with natural light.

Lake Hiawassee, Lake Norman, Lake Hartwell,Lake Lure & Lake Burton Architects

Know How To Respond to Your Lifestyle and Unique Lakefront Environments

Lake Lure architects Rand Soellner designed this home for a lake view in the Western North Carolina area of Lake Toxaway.  (C)Copyright 2004-2010 Rand Soellner, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
Lake Lure architects Rand Soellner designed this home for a lake view in the Western North Carolina area of Lake Toxaway. (C)Copyright 2004-2010 Rand Soellner, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

How about the HOME ARCHITECTS ® ? The senior architect in this company has 4 decades of experience as a luxury residential architect.  The firm has a design for a Florida client on a piece of property overlooking Lake Lure.  The firm’s design has an elevator, 3 levels, outdoor living room, elegant master suite, open plan kitchen flowing into the panoramic view dining looking over to the mountains beyond and Lake Lure below.  There is a multi-stall garage with a bunkroom above that, and a home office, looking toward the lake.  There is a bottom floor crafts workshop with a stone patio looking torward the lake.  The Lake Lure lifestyle doesn’t get much better than this and Lake Lure architects like this firm know how to help you get what you want from your lakeside property.

Give the company a call to help you begin planning your dream lake house.  If you wish, they can be your Lake Lure architect, Lake Burton architect, or other lakefront home architect. Busy people from Atlanta love the Lake Burton area to the north and need the services of a luxury residential architect from further to the northeast, from the Highlands, NC area to create their custom house designs.  Why? Because nearly everyone in Atlanta wishes they could enjoy the glorious Blue Ridge Mountains only a couple of hours to the NE of Atlanta.  Some people from Atlanta have approached this firm, asking if they would design a mountain lodge style house in the Atlanta area, so that they could have a taste of the mountains everyday.  Great idea!  And mountain area architects are used to dealing with special subsurface conditions on nearly every project, particularly for custom residential designs.

The Firm’s Senior Staff Architect, Rand Soellner AIA/NCARB, Used to Live in the North Charlotte Area, Designing Housing Projects, and His Firm is Available to be Your Lake Norman Architects & Rand has Family in the South Atlanta Area

Mr. Soellner was co-project manager and co-designer of the Jefferson Square mid-rise condominium in uptown Charlotte (while at Omni).  This is one of the finer urban residential facilities in this bustling metropolis, should you be lucky enough to find an available unit.  In addition to creating projects like this, the firm focuses on custom residential design, of the sort that would fit in perfectly on the shores of Lake Norman.  Special skills are necessary to custom design a house for this unique area.  Many executives in the banking community have expressed the desire to have a mountain residence, but they just can’t figure out how to have a luxury mountain house 3 hours due west in the Cashiers, NC area and still work in Uptown Charlotte.  One answer: have a custom residential architect from the mountains design your house in the Charlotte area, on the shores of Lake Norman.

In the Greater Atlanta Area, Lake Burton and Lake Lanier offer wonderful opportunities for busy urban professionals to decompress.  Why not build a house on one of these lakes?  The commute is relatively short and convenient.  This architectural firm has family that lives in Newnan, just southwest of Altanta and they and his family frequently go through Atlanta to visit them and would love to design your Greater Atlanta Area residence, as a source of family pride. People from the firm have a Georgia sense of pride in this fine state and a stake in its future and we would love to be designing your houses throughout the Greater Atlanta Area.

In these Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and other lakeside places, this architect would be interested in working on residential projects on these lakes:  Hartwell, Lure, Toxaway, Burton, Hiawassee, Mead, and Lake Norman.

And the HOME ARCHITECTS ® would like to be considered for house design in these locations: Lake Lanier, Keowee, Michigan, Jocassee, Glenville, and Lake Powell.  Also on the shores of Lake Superior, Erie, and Rand Soellner himself, would be pleased to become your lake house architect wherever you may be located.

Offering of Luxury Residential Design Services as Lake Lure Architects and at other Lakeside Locations

This article is an offering of residential design services beyond the boundaries of NC, SC, FL and WA and for house design and full commercial services within those states.  Should you be interested in the firm’s commercial architectural services and your project happens to be outside of the four states mentioned immediately above, that will be possible, after he obtains licensure in your area, which typically takes a few short weeks, through reciprocity, as Mr. Soellner is certified by NCARB (National Council of Architectural Registration Boards), which facilitates inter-state architectural licensure throughout the entire USA.  To our knowledge, there appears to be no requirement for licensure to design houses anywhere (except for an apparent size limitation in Michigan and structural engineering oversight in California, and in New Jersey), however, we do evaluate this on a case by case basis.  For instance, the company became licensed in Washington State, as that is a seismic zone and we felt that would be prudent.  In every jurisdiction (including the 4 states above) the firm always has its clients obtain structural engineering through a locally licensed structural engineer, with whom the firm coordinates during the design of your house.  The firm is a National and Global house design company and they look forward to designing your residence, wherever that may be located.

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