Fontana Lakes Architects, 18

Fontana Lakes Architects like Rand Soellner design houses for this beautiful area of western North Carolina.

fontana lakes architects
Fontana Lakes Architects like Rand Soellner work with you to design your home to enjoy views like this.

Fontana Lakes have thrilling vistas over water and the rumpled western North Carolina Mountains, which are an extension of the the greater Appalachian Mountain chain.  The scenic beauty in this area has been home to Native Americans for hundreds of years and there is a deep and abiding heritage  and respect for the land, water and air that can be felt instinctively when arriving here.  It is what compels many people to buy land  and want to have a special home designed for themselves here, to enjoy the rest of their lives.

fontana lakes architect
Fontana Lakes is a scenic place. Hollywood knows this, too. Harrison Ford was filmed here in "The Fugitive" a while back. Photo courtesy CC Jeff Howell.

The Great Smoky Mountain Railroad is based here.  They pick up people in Bryson City at the depot and take them over the dam for a scenic trip through woods and mountains and over the lake.  You won’t want to miss this spectacular ride.

And this may become a special place for you.  You may end up coming back for more, several times, until you decide to stay.  That’s when you might want to consider giving Rand Soellner a call.  He designs houses for people in these parts who love the land and want him to create something special for them.

There is something clean and clear and beautiful in the air and mountains and water that captures your heart and soul here.  People can fall in love with this land quite easily.  It is an easy place to love and to call your own.  When that happens, you will likely start looking around for some acreage to call your own.  There are several local communities from which to choose, including Fontana Lake Estates.  Here’s a link to their website:

fontana lake architect
Gorgeous is about the only word that comes to mind when you are here. Photo courtesy of CC RoBoNC

When you find your slice of heaven in these mountains and you start wondering about how to help your dreams take shape, consider giving Rand Soellner Architect a call at: 1-828-269-9046.