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Fredericksburg from the top of Cross Mountain

Fredericksburg, San Antonio, San Marcos, Austin are all in The Hill Country of the Great State of Texas; that unique area of rolling hills, canyons, arroyos, lakes lined with cliffs, forests and vast valleys.  It is unmistakable.  And Fredericksburg home architects love designing homes here because of the beautiful environment.  Fredericksburg in in the middle of the Hill Country, which is one of the reasons people love being here.  In the 19th century, German immigrants settled here, which is something with which I can identify; my own great grandfather came to America during that era, from Bavaria.

Oktoberfest in Fredericksburg is touted at the "King of  German Festivals".

Fredericksburg still has remnants of this Deutsche heritage, with the markplatz (town square), the proliferation of German restaurants, and German heritage of many of the residents, some of whom still have the Old Country accent in their speech and in their friendly manner.  It is a beautiful bucolic place, which explains why folks from Austin and San Antonio and San Marcos visit here frequently.  It’s the nearby vacation natureland that can’t quite be satisifed by living entirely in one of those urban areas.

(C)Copyright Al Rendon photographer.  Fredericksburg barn and wildflowers.

Fredericksburg home architects know that their clients are here to have their souls rejuvenated with the hilly/mountainous topography, fresh air and other gorgeous scenery.  After returning for about the 6th time, some of clients of Fredericksburg home architects decide to buy that acreage from on high, overlooking vast valleys and have a special mountain home designed just for them and intend for this to be a vacation place for weekends and holidays, then as time goes by, perhaps those people from the big city start getting the idea that they could take an early retirement or adjust their work schedule lives to work out of their wonderful Fredericksburg home and suddenly they find themselves living here full time, which is what they wanted all along!

Fredericksburg Brewing.  Come and get some!

Sure, there are local attractions such as shopping away the day in the quaint shops and antique emporiums, touring the National Museum of the Pacific War and the Pioneer Museum, and the vegetable farms and wildflower producers, and the German restaurants on Main Street and don’t forget to sample the variety of wines made right here in the Hill Country from such Vinters as Grape Creek.  You can obtain accommodations for a Wine Country Trail tour, during which your tour bus will whisk you from vineyard to vineyard for a gala daytip of wine tasting.  There are also music festivals and other local events to enjoy.

The Lindenbaum Restaurant, serving up schnitzel here in Fredericksburg for more than a century.

One of the local restaurants, Der Lindenbaum, located at 312 E. Main Street,  was built over a century ago by German pioneers and the handsome limestone building still exists and dinner is still served: authentic German cuisine: schnitzel, sandwiches, steaks, strudel, German bread, black forest cake (yum) and over 30 German beers in the Biergarten.  The Lindenbaum produdly proclaims that their staff is European trained.  Even the Fredericksburg home architects will want to stop by and have a meal.

Enchanted Rock State Park near Fredericksburg

But when it is all said and done.  It is all about the pastoral views that are one of kind in this special niches of God’s Green Acre.  Where else can you find vistas to compare with this?

Fredericksburg is in the heart of the Texas Hill Country and near to Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Marcos.  Fredericksburg home architects serving this area develop a feel for the land, the views and the people.

What Fredericksburg home architects can design a beautiful home in these parts?  How about Rand Soellner, ArCH, RA, NCARB?  His great grandfather, a German immigrant (Sollner with a umlaut over the “o” which was changed at Ellis Island) was a carpenter and builder, as was his grandfather and father.

(C)Copyright 2004-9 Rand Soellner, All Rights Reserved.  Big Bear Lodge Designed by Rand Soellner Architect.  Granite boulders and stonework reminiscent of historic German pioneer rockwork at Fredericksburg.

Fredericksburg home architects and German heritage.

click on this logo fo direct e-mail to RandHOME ARCHITECTS ® senior staff architect Rand Soellner continue this fine German tradition in the craft of the design of fine houses.  His heritage is in the vein of fine Bavarian homes.  He has toured Germany extensively and understands the craftsmanship that goes into outstanding German homes.  His works are timeless mountain pieces of art in which to live.  He has a specialty in the design of mountain homes and the area around Fredericksburg certainly qualifies, and which he has toured extensively.  Soellner’s firm has national and international practices, with houses across the USA.  He is a member of the AIA (American Institute of Architects) and is certified by NCARB (National Council of Architectural Registration Boards) and can obtain licensing reciprocity in just about any location in the USA in a matter of weeks.  Although licensure is not typically required to design a home, Rand Soellner can normally obtain licensure swiftly just about anywhere in the America where he is designing a residence.  Rand’s wife and interior decorator, Merry Soellner, was born and raised in Dallas, and has been a frequent visitor to Fredericksburg during the last 50 years, absorbing much of the local environment and townscape.

Historic German immigrant homes often used granite boulders and stone masonry, similar to what Rand Soellner Architect, Fredericksburg home architect uses in his timeless mountain homes.

Working with granite boulders, understanding the topography and what that means for your foundations, rainwater flow across your site and even your roofing and windows at a higher altitude are important considerations.  As the firm’s senior staff architect, Rand Soellner writes articles, at the request of various magazines and is also featured in books internationally about the subject of fine mountain home design.

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