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Rand Soellner HOME ARCHITECTS TM creating compact house plans

In just a few weeks, Rand Soellner will be releasing his compact house plans for the public to buy.  America is seeing a shift in its historical buying habits.  From giant trucks that swill gasoline by the barrel, in favor of sub-compacts that can get from North Carolina all the way down to Florida on a mere 10.6 gallons (the new 2010 Honda “Fit” tank capacity).  This is a new trend that is impacting the very fabric of our society, including the houses Americans buy.

They want more for their money.  They want it cheaper, smaller, better.  Only they want it to feel even Bigger than their older energy guzzling houses.  Is that possible?  Yes.  With smarter design.  And Soellner is delivering.  Like the new smaller vehicles that are “Fit”, but have a tremendous amount of head room and leg room, even for 6′-2″ Rand Soellner, himself, the new breed of compact house plans being designed by his firm provide more spaciousness in a smaller package.  Sound impossible?  It is not.  It is happening right now.

Who would have thought that a big galoot like Rand Soellner would have ever fit into a sub-compact hatchback like the Honda Fit?  Well, he does, and with about 4″ of additional headroom to spare.  And in a vehicle that is a mere 161″ long.  That’s 13.4′ long, which is a mere fraction of the giant pickup truck he used to drive.  And with more than twice the mileage.  It was the “green” thing to do.  And Soellner likes to stay “Fit.”  So do Americans, with television programming like “The Biggest Loser,” focusing on being healthier, not as large, and doing more with what you’ve got.  Including with the money you have.  Stretching it farther.  Rand has heard and responded.

In a similar manner, American residential buyers want to have their cake and eat it too.  Soellner agrees.  And provides them with new compact house plans ranging from a diminutive 940 sf (Square Foot) 1 BR/1Ba 1-story cottage up to his 3-level, 2,534 sf 5 BR/3Ba Grand Cardinal Camp Cottage.  Soellner never would have thought that anything having only a little over 2,500 sf would be called grand.  But times have changed.  He also never would have thought that it would have been possible to create a 5 bedroom, 3 bath house, complete with an upper level Loft, main level Great Room, and lower level Family Room within that compact of a house plan.  But he did it.  And it lives large.

Please check back on this website from time to time over the next several weeks, as the new Cardinal Camp Cottage series of compact house plans is being developed right now.  You can pre-order yours now by calling: 1-828-269-9046, from anywhere in the world.  And no, your local house designers don’t have these plans on their shelf.  That would be like assuming that GM, Toyota or Smart Car had vehicles identical to the Honda Fit, and for the same price.  They don’t.

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Rand Soellner HOME ARCHITECTS TM 1-828-269-9046

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