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Even licensed professionals debate what constitutes a “custom” designed house.  Some say that anything created is custom.  Others believe that there are pre-existing designs that aren’t really custom for those that pay to use them as-is.  Residential architecture becomes customized when people ask for something in particular, even to an existing design, because it requires effort to modify it to become something different than what it used to be.  Very few people want something “stock.”  Almost everyone wants to tweak things and some want a house so special it has to be created from scratch.  This is because everyone, everywhere has unique wishes, hopes, dreams and wants.  Everyone is special and when that translates into a house, then the house becomes special.


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Designing with

Custom Home Architects

: creating fine residences everywhere.

custom home architectsHOME ARCHITECTS ® is one of the world’s leading custom home architects (1). And what is custom residential design, anyway?  “Made or performed according to personal order,” is the definition of the adjective “custom” in Merriam-Websters online dictionary.  This is the appropriate definition of custom for our purposes here.  When you come to this firm and request a custom residence, that means the design will include custom features according to your “personal order” and your desires and wishes for special features that you want.  For instance, the firm is developing a design right now for a client from Texas, to be built in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  They want a “Guest House” on top of a 3-1/2 car garage.  The idea is for this to be their “base” when visiting the mountains for the next few years and a place to live when they decide to proceed with the Main House, next door. 















Many clients enjoy this incremental approach, while others want it all, as soon as possible.  Custom residential firms create whatever their clients request.

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Custom home architects at Rand Soellner often start with an existing design that has many aspects about it that you may appreciate.  Then, you would like to have certain changes made to it to custom-tailor it to your liking and your lifestyle.  That is often what this firm does for its clients.  Once in a while, some clients will want to start entirely from scratch, and that works for the company as well.  That is the height of custom residential design.

Considerations for a Custom Design

What are some of these special considerations for a custom design?
1.  Sizes and types of furniture
2.  View orientations from your house to your land and surrounding area.
3.  Considerations of your topography.
4.  Solar orientation.
5.  Ingress and egress driveways and their functionality.
6.  Neighborhood design guidelines.
7.  Building setbacks per County, State, Federal and community regulations.
8.  Architectural features and style.
9.  Sizes of rooms and other spaces.













10.  Orientations of the rooms and spaces to each other and your site.
11.  Materials you prefer, both inside and outside.
12.  Appliances you want.
13.  Vehicular considerations such as a garage, number of bays, storage.
14.  Site areas for use and enjoyment for yourselves and guests.
15.  Appearance of the house from the street/access points.
16.  Heating, ventilating and air-conditioning custom preferences.
17.  Plumbing fixture preferences. (Firm members recently attended a supper party at the residence of some of their friends from church, and the interesting topic of conversation ended up centering around the master bath toilet!  Why?  It was manufactured from Toto and had an electronic seat that raised automatically when you approached it.  There were electronic controls in a panel on the side wall next to the toilet.  It also flushed from this control panel.  There were also other warm water cleansing features of this toilet.  So, in a custom residence, there really are no limits to what you can have if you really want them!)

And that’s just a few.  The list is long for a custom project like yours.

Although many people in locations other than the mountains enjoy his work, everyone engaging him to design their residences and create their house plans loves his special mountain architecture, even if the owner’s land happens to be on flat land or beside a lake in Dallas, Orlando, Jacksonville, Boca Raton, Atlanta, the outskirts of Chicago, Maryland, Georgia, North Carolina, or the Rockies, and other locations throughout the United States and the World.




















Custom Home Architects Design Luxury Houses

click on this logo fo direct e-mail to RandCustom Home Architects and Residential Designers are categories under which Rand Soellner Architect’s work is included.  It used to be that only people seeking mountain house architects would select Rand Soellner Architect, however, the appeal of his work has spread and homeowners are now realizing that they can have Rand Soellner’s custom brand of house wherever they happen to be located, whether that be in the suburbs of Atlanta, Orlando, Chicago, DesMoines, Hells Canyon, Idaho or Heaven’s Landing, Georgia.  Rand Soellner’s custom residential architecture began way back in the 1960s, when Rand was a boy growing up in Indiana.  He worked for a local architect when barely in his teens and built houses with his father and other contractors.  Custom house design and architecture was in his blood, as his great grandfather brought his abilities in fine carpentry from Bavaria to America in 1869.

custom home architects Rand Soellner at work on a portion of one of their castle designs.  (C)Copyright 2004-2010 Rand Soellner, All Rights Reserved Worldwide. custom home architects Rand Soellner at work on a portion of one of their castle designs. (C)Copyright 2004-2010 Rand Soellner, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

The educational background of custom home architects.

Rand Soellner’s interest and education in custom residential architecture continued through the 1970s and he earned his Masters degree in Architectural Design from the University of Florida and designed a number of fine houses and other facilities as a residential architect and a commercial architect.  For the last 35 years or so, Rand Soellner has nurtured his passion for creating houses.  Today, his firm is one the top custom residential architects in the world.

Special creations of custom home architects.

As custom home architects, Rand Soellner creates mountain castle designs of 11,000 sf to 16,000sf and compact mother-in-law cottages of only 390sf and houses in between of 2,500 sf to 3,500 sf to 4,500 sf or whatever you want: small., medium, large or huge.  The house designs are based solely on what the Client wants and the site on which it sits.  It all begins with your Dream House Design ideas.   The message here is that the firm is available as custom home architects for Any size residential design project, whether you have a gigantic castle in mind with dozens of outbuildings, or a quaint little cottage for guests of under 1,000 sf.  Soellner enjoys undertaking any house design project, no matter where it is located and what size it is.

custom home architects

Detail of custom home architects Rand Soellner small cottage. (C)Copyright 2005-2010 Rand Soellner, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
custom home architects
One of Rand Soellner’s custom projects in Tennessee

We would like to offer our services as custom residential architects wherever your land is located.  We may consider commercial assignments after licensure through reciprocal registration through NCARB.

1 per Google search rankings, 2006-2009.

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