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Finding architects to design your home improvement project can be difficult.

But Rand Soellner Architect makes residential improvement easy.  Architects make your home improvement job a methodical process that logically falls into place, under expert guidance.




















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Home improvement architects like Rand Soellner help you visualize the possibilities in your house and outside your residence. Soellner explores the possibilities to satisfy your wishes for an expanded Kitchen, a Garage, that combination Home Office/ Laundry/ Pantry/ Crafts room you have been dreaming about for the last decade. Call Rand now to get your improvements going.

Here’s a few home improvement jobs that we have seen becoming popular with clients:

– Kitchen renovations & improvement.
– Master Bedroom improvement.
– Master Bathroom renovations.
– Dining Room modifications.
– Outdoor Living Room additions & improvement.
– Deck additions.
– Summer Kitchen additions.

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– Sleeping Porch additions.
– Garage Additions.
– Extra Bedrooms additions.
– Home Office Additions and remodeling inside homes to allow for this to happen.
– Front Entrance Porch Additions and Remodeling.

Space reassignment by architects during the home improvement analysis phase:

Speaking of interior remodeling, sometimes the function of certain existing spaces need to change into being used for something new.  This kind of spacial analysis is familiar to home improvement architects.  It is often difficult for a homeowner to see how walls and partitions could be removed and relocated and how an existing kitchen could become part of a new Master Bedroom Suite.
















home improvement architects
A residential improvement architect like Soellner can create special spaces outside your house, too. For instance, this is one of Soellner’s rustically elegant stone courtyards with a firepit, stone benches, landscaping and circulation, tying together exterior circulation paths that were formally connected with a mere sidewalk. Don’t you deserve something special like this? All it takes is some creativity on the part of your residential architect.




















These are all skills that your home remodeling & improvement architects bring to bear on the situation.  Home improvements usually begin with a tingling sensation inside the homeowner’s mind.  They turn their head at an angle and look at their dining room or kitchen, or bedroom, or that unused corner in the Living Room in a different way and say: “Wouldn’t it be nice if …”



















And that’s when architects who specialize in home improvement work come into the process.  “It is a magical series of steps,” said Rand Soellner, “Now you see it, then you don’t.”  Soellner was referring to the situation of coming into the remodeling job at the beginning and things are arranged one way, then with some reorganization, some spacial reassignment and perhaps some additions and renovations, the architects create a wholly new way of living, substantially within the old building shell, plus a few new area, perhaps.

This skill to imagine, to make that leap of faith how something can be made better is part of the job for home improvement architects.  Soellner once renovated an existing log cabin of about 1800 square feet into a mountain mansion of over 4,600 sf.  The remodeling project involved several small and large additions, existing spacial reassignment and new finishes inside and outside.  Also, extensive electrical, plumbing and mechanical improvements were necessary.  Design professionals familiar with additions and renovations know how to pull off a huge magic act like this.  It is a special, learned skill, coming from decades of experience doing house projects.

When first faced with these challenges, it seems like a daunting task.  For the inexperienced, it seems incomprehensible how the space and walls and windows and appliances could ever be organized other than how they are right then.  But house design professionals are trained at an early age at major universities at how to imagine things in their minds that don’t exist yet in reality.  It is called Spacial Visualization.  Professionals often can sketch on paper what they “see” in their heads.

Home improvement architects have the imagination and creativity to figure out how to turn your existing cramped house into something wonderful.  And Rand Soellner does this all over America.  That’s what was meant by the initial sentence about remodeling architects being hard to find.  Rather than struggling to find these rare skills in your town, give Rand a call at 1. 828. 269. 9046 and ask him to help you, wherever you are.  The Soellner website is not named: HomeArchitects.com for nothing.  Soellner designs remodeling and improvement projects for your house, whatever state you happen to be in, so contact Rand in confidence.

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Sometimes it is hard for people living in a house to see the forest for the trees. When you get used to seeing an arrangement, it is hard to imagine it otherwise. That is where Rand Soellner comes in to help you. This is a “Before” shot. Later, we will insert an “After” photo, showing you how we provided an expanded kitchen and dining area with wider and taller windows to capture a view of that amazing mountain there in the background.  This grandeur was being ignored by the house before the client engaged us to help his family get more enjoyment out of their residence.

Having a nationwide expert in remodeling and improvement projects for your residence can be a Godsend.  This really takes a great deal of skill.  Involving someone without the proper training and skills can be disastrous.  For instance, you waving your arms, trying to tell your contractor what to do without any professional drawings and specifications.  Most contractors would not accept such a situation, but it happens.  Don’t let this happen to you.  Contractors charge you every time they have to stop and scratch their heads about what to do here, and there and over there.  This sort of stop and starting can become quite expensive for the owner of the house.  You need to have everything thought out and carefully drawn beforehand so that you know your desired new refrigerator will fit, your new king bed will have adequate room between the nightstands and that you are building within your allowable building setbacks.  We have seen other people’s projects “red-tagged” by building departments when the owners tried to proceed without proper permits and professional drawings.  Make sure your project goes smoothly.  Hire a pro.

That’s why Soellner is available nationwide.  We will travel to your house, obtain your existing documents, take photos and other documentation, then back in our office, create your design, capitalizing on our experience and your house’s possibilities.  This includes Georgia, the Carolinas, Nashville, Jacksonville, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Fresno, Tacoma, Washington, Canada, Philadelphia, South Bend, Ann Arbor, or wherever your place happens to be.

Put these professionals to work for you. It really doesn’t matter where your house is located.  If you want the best house improvement architect for your projects, please give Rand Soellner a call or e-mail.

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