Introductory Optional Services

Introductory Services offers several LOW COST NO COMMITMENT preliminary services HOME ARCHITECTS performs for you, when you’re not yet ready to begin the main project work, and are looking for a way to better understand the scope of your project and its possible direction, without committing to much of anything at this point. 


At this stage, you may have certain questions or simply aren’t yet ready to take the leap into the larger and longer process of the project.  You want certain questions answered and want to learn more about the implications.  We can help you address these items. 


Note: None of these preliminary services include any design work.  All deliverables will either be in the form of verbal dialogue with you and/or PDF reports emailed to you.  No paper deliverables are involved or provided from us to you at any time for any service.  Please allow a reasonable period of time to elapse before we email our report(s) to you, often within 5 days.         (Continued below):













These are intended to be analytical, diagnostic & reconnaissance oriented.  The modest fees involved are not intended to be indicative of the other fees to come in the main project work, which will always be considerably more substantial.  It is typically intended that these Intro Services not be managed under a written contract, although that could vary from project to project.  Then, after these preliminary services, if you would like to proceed with the main project, there will be our standard form of agreement that we will ask you to sign, to proceed with the main normal work of the job.

If you would like to see what our normal full project services involve (which are accomplished after any preliminary Introductory Services), we have authored a short e-book on this subject, which you can find here:  Normal Project Process.  These do not necessarily involve all or any of these Intro Services.


Payment for Intro Services are requested to be paid by you to us so that we receive your envelope at least 2 weeks in advance of the services being rendered.  This usually means that you will need to mail your envelope to us about 20 days before you expect the service to be performed, if you would be so kind.  Make out checks to and send to:
Home Architect, PLLC
P.O. Box 907
Cashiers, NC  28717

If  you would prefer to wire funds, that can be arranged.  You will be charged for inbound wiring fees, which should be added to the amount of payment, once we understand which service you desire.

Prior to that, though, we request that you phone us (828-269-9046) and/or email us:, to discuss what you are thinking.        (continued below):













After we understand what initial services you may wish, their scope and location, we can better assign a fee to them, as not all of them have a fixed fee in all instances.  For example, one of our most popular services (Site Walk) may be higher when we have to book an airline flight, hotel and rental car and take 2 or 3 days, rather than a few hours on a single day in a region local to our home office.   For instance, we often find ourselves flying across the Country to other states (which we are very willing to do).   Now let’s review our Intro Optional Services:

Introductory optional services

Our most popular Optional Service.  We typically meet the Owner(s) at their land and walk it together, enjoying the fresh air and beautiful views.   Fee above is for local (within 15 miles of our home office), single building project, 3 acres or less.  Farther away, larger land area and more buildings = higher fee charge, to be determined by us. 
Includes: in-person appearance by Senior Staff Architect, walk around, digital photos taken, discussion with you (if you are present), subsequent PDF emailed report from us to you, illustrating Google Earth imagery with potential land use areas indicated: such as possible location of main house, garage, driveway, vehicular maneuvering, possible porches, main view.  You can find additional information about this service here:  Site Walk.                         (continued below):












Introductory Optional Services

This often gets ideas flowing to provide that all important starting point for a project.  You share with us what you have in mind for your project.  We respond, ask questions, make observations, discuss possibilities & take notes.  We start an electronic project file, where future information about your project will be stored.  
This meeting fee = in our home office.  Additional if elsewhere.  Up to an hour of meeting time. 





continued below:

















Introductory Optional Services
Video meeting via Skype, with you at another physical location and we at ours, remotely viewing using computers and monitors.  During the course of this session, typically we share some screens showing images of other projects, possibly your site (if we have already performed a site walk) and other projects, although there is no set agenda.   You may also have images to share with us.  Other information will likely be viewed as well, to help you and us understand what lies ahead on your own project.  We will do our best to answer your questions about your project and discuss various subjects with you.



Introductory Optional Services

This analysis has us using Google Earth almost exclusively, remotely viewing the project from miles away, as we are not directly seeing the project site in person for this service.  We discern, as best we can using the tools available, where the best locations might be for your main house, driveway, garage, porches.  We make note of features we observe and include text on the imagery.  We provide a PDF report about your land and how a possible home might be placed there.  No design is included at this point.  This is a preliminary analysis service only.  Note: any possibilities will need to be verified by local Health Department and other resources during the main project work, later on in the main project, not during this Intro Service.

This price can vary, as it is based on land no larger than 3 acres and a single main house.  With more acreage and more structures, this fee can and will increase as we determine.
Here is a related page: Remote Site Diagnosis.
and here: Remote Site Diagnosis payment.
Note: you may pay using the mailed check method above, if you prefer.



Introductory optional services

This is not intended to replace the more formal, full Programming that will typically occur after a full agreement has been signed between you and us.  However, it does begin to cover some of the same ground, in that we ask what you want and start to list various or main features of the proposed project (but not in as much detail).  If you don’t know or understand where to begin, this preliminary service can establish that very quickly.  We will issue a PDF report with our notes within 5 days+/- of our programming meeting with you.  Such meeting may occur either in-person, via Skype video, or phone, as you may find convenient. 



Introductory Optional Services

You discuss with us your intended project needs and what options you may be considering.  We will do our best to help you address those, within the scope of the information available at the time.  We will document these items in a PDF report emailed to you within 5 days +/- of the session.




If you have any questions about these various Introductory Services, or would like to book one or more, please fill out this form, letting us know what you want: CONTACT FORM