5 Party Political Election System

5 Party Political Election System

5 Party Political Election System is about one offered possible solution to the miserable state of affairs America has been experiencing in Washington for over 150 years due to our current mainly 2 party political system.

This is very Pro-American, as in “how can we improve things?” rather than to tear it down.  It is allowed by the Constitution, as you will discover.  We’re trying to make it better, building on what we have now and what we could have, by improving it.

5 party political system

Democrats versus Republicans.  Republicans versus Democrats.
That’s what Washington DC is all about now, and has been for a long time.  It doesn’t really matter what the Dems or the Reps stand for.  As far as the other party is concerned, they are the anti-Christ and have to be knocked down at all costs.  With the American taxpayer picking up the tab.  How did things get so bad?  Well, it began a long time ago.  Surely political scientists can explain.  As can Sociologists.  It’s a system set up for failure and animosity.  Whenever there are mainly 2 parties who oppose each other during elections, it is bound to happen.  Each side attacks the other.  After all, each party is in business to win.  That’s the main thing: winning.

And since Pelosi and Schumer started the impeachment process against a Republican President YEARS before the official process was actually supposed to be underway, what do you suppose the Republicans are going to do in the future, when a Democratic President gets elected?  Revenge.  Of course.  And when the scale tips and Congress once again becomes Republican as the majority, some trumped up (yes, intended) charges will be invented and they will be impeached.  The Dems crossed a line.  Henceforth, it will become SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for whatever flavor Congress is, to impeach the other side’s President.  Thanks Chuck and Nancy for further polarizing the reigning 2 political parties and taking us down the road from freezing to sub-polar temperatures in an already non-functional grid-locked Congress and Senate.


Now then, supposedly once your side wins, you are benevolent, wonderful and enlightened and you are going to bring all this goodness to the USA through your party.  Only: you made deals with other people and groups of people to have them support you in your election.  You owe them.  So now, you have to pay them back, in the form of special treatment and passing laws and acts and bills that help them.  Welcome to politics.  And that taints the entire “doing good” thing.  So much so, that no one political party (or individual) is all good or all bad.  They all begin with the best of intentions and what they believe will be good for America.  But they almost all end in corruption and values twisted to suit the paybacks they owe to those who helped them get elected.


And when there are only 2 main parties, they become polarized.  They hate each other. They are at war with each other.


This next section synopsizes how America got into today’s circumstances (you can skip this next section if you’d like to scroll down to this online article’s proposal for a possible solution):



Interesting that George Washington was elected President in 1788 and 1792 and he was non-partisan.  There was no Dems versus Reps back then.
Did you know that the US Constitution is SILENT on the subject of political parties?  Our Founding Fathers DID NOT INTEND FOR AMERICAN POLITICS TO BE PARTISAN.
In the Federalist Papers #9 and #10, Alexander Hamilton (#9) and James Madison (#10) wrote about the dangers of political factions and how bad that would be.
George Washington indicated that he hoped political parties would NOT be formed, fearing conflict and gridlock, as he said in his Farewell Address, September 19, 1796.

Social Community Design Can Fix Government

Unfortunately, ultimately both Hamilton and Madison eventually became the core leaders of Federalists (Hamilton) and the Democratic-Republicans (Madison).  Though they both viewed partisanship as distasteful, they helped the system emerge.

And so: it was the Federalists versus the Democratic-Republicans from 1792-1824.
Federalists: strong central government, central banking system, men of wealth tied to the government.  More elitist.
Democratic-Republicans: Thomas Jefferson was also of this party.  It favored: mainly opposed the Federalist agenda.  Some say this marks the beginning of the Democratic Party, making it the oldest free system elected party on Earth, still in existence (1792).

The Democratic-Republican Party splintered apart.  Emerging from this were:
Whigs (came from the National Republican Party) versus the Democratic Party.
Democrats preferred the primacy of the President and opposed the Bank of the United States. They also supported modernizing industry at the expense of the American taxpayer.
Whigs supported primacy of Congress over the Executive Branch, economic protectionism.  During the 1850s, the Whig Party collapsed.  This era (1854) marks the official beginning of the Republican Party.

Republican Party versus the Democratic Party.
Reps: anti-slavery, national banks, railroads, tariffs., homesteads, land grants.
Dems: opposed to the Rep agenda.
Civil War and Reconstruction polarized the Dems and Reps.  Of course it did.
The Compromise of 1877 supposedly ended the polarization, but that hardly seems possible.  Freedmen (African- Americans) joined the Republican Party and former Southern Slave Owners joined the Democratic Party.

Reps versus Dems.  Reps blamed Dems for the Panic of 1893. Reps were more progressive.  Corruption of party politics ran rampant.  Well how about that.  Sound familiar?
Reps tended to be harbored in the Industrial NE USA.
Interesting note: historians indicate that this era was ripe to receive a Labor Party, which never materialized.  However, this special party did emerge in Western Europe.

1933-2020 (NOW):
Reps lost much support after the Great Depression.  Dems take the lead with Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal.  Liberalism came into being. Conservatives went to the Rep Party.  The more Liberal Democratic party specifically targeted recruitment of Catholics, Jews and African Americans, which is interesting, seeing as how the Reps freed Black Americans from the oppression of slavery.  Times change.  Reps were divided between more conservatives and moderates in the 1960s. However, since the 20th Century, Dems= Liberal, Reps= Conservative.
Either a Dem or a Rep has won every Presidential election in the USA since 1852, and controlled the US Congress (Dem or Rep) since 1856.

Libertarian, Independent, Green, Reform and some few others.  The successes of these miscellaneous parties is minimal and apparently ineffectual.

Libertarian (1971)
is the largest of the small alternative parties.  It stands for: reduction of the size, power and economic influence of ALL levels of government in the USA.  Minimal market regulation, smaller central government, stronger civil liberties, liberal drug policies, stronger separation of church and state, open immigration, little to no interference in global situations, free trade and movement to and from other countries.  Neutrality in global events.

Green Party (1980)
leftist agenda.  Ralph Nader.  Environmentalism.  Democracy with no hierarchy.  Social justice.  Diversity.  Peace.  Nonviolence.

Constitution Party (1992)
Pro-Life (anti-abortion).  Pro  gun rights (NRA).  Immigration restrictions and control.  Protectionist trade.




Dems (Democrats)
At its beginning, this party stood for other principles.  It represented White Slavers during  and before the Civil War, and for decades after that.  Lyndon Johnson changed that, and for the good of America.  Nowadays, Dems stand for civil rights, liberalism, minority support, higher taxes for social benefits administered by more governmental employees that direct Americans in programs they have to support and donate to by virtue of higher taxes (rather than the Republican idea of less taxes and letting citizens use their money in a trickle-down economy).  Dems are generally depicted as more Women’s Rights and Pro-Choice (pro-abortion).

Reps (Republicans)
Market-oriented.  Business-oriented.  Policies to help American businesses.  Support for USA defense programs (rising out of the Union Army Veterans who fought slavery in the 19th century).  More supportive of military veteran benefits. Fiscal conservatism. Social conservatism. Tends to now be stronger in Southern USA and suburban and rural states (interesting, considering the South was mainly slavery-oriented and was defeated by the Northern Reps in the Civil War).  Things change.  Evangelical Christians are one source of support, but not the only one.  Reps are generally characterized as Pro-Life (anti-abortion).


END OF USA POLITICAL PARTY HISTORY SYNOPSIS ————————————————————————————————


Since 2011, there has been a decline in registered voters of both main political parties.
Gee, I wonder why?  Probably something to do with the shameful daily spectacle of polarized in-fighting between Dems and Reps, rather than Dems and Reps doing what they were elected to do: REPRESENT THOSE CITIZENS WHO VOTED FOR THEM, they only squabble among themselves like little brats on a playground.  And also keep voting themselves increased LIFELONG BENEFIT ENTITLEMENTS and increased pay.  Jackasses (would like to use a harsher term).

Most Americans work long and hard for a living.  No one gives them anything.  Even their Social Security is money coming back to them, decades later after they earned it.  It is not a benefit.  It is a prepaid self-tax that they deserve to have returned to them, at interest, because it is theirs. Always was, always will be.  So: with regard to so-called “entitlement” programs, these are funds PRE-EARNED by all of us.  It is not a gift from the Federal Government.  It is ours, borrowed by the government (throughout our working lives, when we need it the most) and squandered by our Representatives and Senators on pork barrel politics, without regard as to where those funds came from in the first place.   Us.  The citizens who elected them.


So: is it any wonder Americans are fed up with the current 2-party political election voting system?  Okay: so what can we do about it?  Any ideas?  No?  Here’s one thought (below):




George Washington advised AGAINST political parties.  Unfortunately, they have been a reality for over 150 years in America.  So, let’s assume that America will always have them.  Alright, done.  However, NO ONE EVER SAID THERE WERE TO ONLY BE 2 MAIN WARRING PARTIES: DEMOCRATS VERSUS REPUBLICANS.  Nothing says that in the framework of American government.  In other words, there is nothing to stop new political parties from being formed.

The biggest problem will be obtaining enough citizen support for more than the current 2 parties to warrant them being placed on voter ballots (either electronic or paper).

Be that as it may, why are 5 main political parties being suggested?

Because: 5 is an excellent number of people sociologically to have an adequate number of choices, and because the number is odd (rather than even), mathematically, there will always be a decision.  There will be no gridlock.  If everyone from each of the 5 proposed political parties is evenly represented in Congress and the Senate, there will not be any indecision.  Ever.  Things will get done.  Why?  Because here’s how voting will result:
5 against 0: bill passes.
4 against 1: bill passes.
3 against 2: bill passes.
2 against 3: bill does not pass.
1 against 4: bill does not pass.
0 against 5: bill does not pass.

And why will this happen?  Because Washington DC has proven that voting these days seems to occur along party lines, not along geographical boundaries.

It appears that the framers of our constitution made a mistake: they SHOULD have required that there be political parties, even though they were loathe to do so.  Why?  Because what has emerged (our present 2 party system) is unfortunately a stupendous failure.  We have gridlock in Washington DC.  Hardly anything gets done, other than bickering between the lightning rods for each of the 2 main political parties.  Surely, that is not what the framers of our government foresaw.  It was an oversight.  Something they could not foresee.  And if they could react to what American government has become (Congress and Senate warring together Dems versus Reps as the Main Activity there), they would be rolling over in their graves “That’s not what I imagined happening.  If I had known this, I would have instead set up a framework for a 5 party political system.”

So what would these 5 parties stand for?  By today’s issues, here is one suggestion:






Taxes: higher for everyone.  Harsh, very high taxes on the wealthy.

Government: More Governmental programs and employees serving more entitlement programs.  Government in charge of many of our choices.  Governmental control of healthcare and health insurance of all types.  Resulting in fewer care providers of diminished capabilities and fewer insurance choices.

Socialism: pro socialism policies where more education, food, transportation, healthcare and other programs are “free” (paid for by increased taxes).

Defense: Minimal defense spending. No military R&D.

Global Politics: Neutral.  Don’t get involved.  Let the chips fall where they may.  Allow other global issues to work their good or evil as they will. Allow other countries to fall to warlords, regardless of their intentions to the USA in the future.

Trade: free trade, no tariffs, let other countries do what they will.

War: no.  Will not discuss as an option.  No SEAL Teams.  No CIA counter terrorism.

Abortion: Pro-Choice (pro-abortion).

Guns: no one in the USA allowed to have guns of any kind.

Demographics: this party is going to work very hard to appeal to any kind of minority, especially those of lower socioeconomic status.  In other words: poor folks of color.  In our opinion, this is a racist and demeaning position for a political party to take, but this has happened in the past and will certainly continue into the future.  Millennials who are living at home with mom and dad and who are finding a difficult time earning a living may find this party appealing to them.  They may want more “free” things, if they can’t earn them for themselves.

US Budget: Skyrocketing debt to fund the increased governmental programs. Without regard as to the implications for increased debt.



Taxes: higher for only the wealthy.

Government: Some additional Governmental programs and employees serving existing and some more entitlement programs. Governmental policies increasing: some more government affecting some more of our choices.  Governmental control of health insurance, resulting in fewer health insurance providers.

Socialism: some additional policies where education, food, transportation, healthcare insurance and other programs are assisted with some additional taxes.

Defense: defense spending where necessary only to preserve our sovereignty. Limited military R&D.

Global Politics:maintain most of our current alliances with Democratic countries. Only get involved where we have to. Be as neutral as possible. Allow other global issues to work their good or evil as they will. Allow other countries to fall to warlords, regardless of their intentions to the USA in the future, unless we see them as potential threats to us in the future or now.

War: not if there is any other possibility.  Avoid at all costs.  Only if warcraft is on the way to our shores.  Very limited SEAL Team ops and limited CIA counter terrorism.

Trade: mainly free trade, no tariffs, let other countries do what they will, but occasional talks with other countries.

Abortion: Pro-Choice (pro-abortion).

Guns: only farmers on land over 10 acres allowed to have rifles.  No handguns allowed anywhere.  No automatic weapons allowed for most citizens.

Demographics: the Dems have been working hard to paint themselves as the party of where ethnic minorities will “get more free stuff if you vote for us.”  However, with the advent of a more educated and diverse ethnic cross section of America, they are becoming the new middle class and also breaking glass ceilings and becoming members of upper middle and also upper class sectors.  In so doing, they notice their taxes.  And they are understanding that banging a “free stuff” drum is racially biased and demeaning to their demographic.  And to their intelligence.  More taxes = less use of your funds through your own good choices.  So, there has been a shift of some ethnicities into the Republican party, because they want lower taxes also.  These more moderate ethnic people may be more likely to abandon the “Tax and Spend” parties of Democrats and Liberals and instead opt for the new Moderate Party, where they have some more control of their newly earned income.  Liberal millennials who are just starting to earn a moderate living may be drawn to this party for what they perceive to think as consistent with their ideals.

US Budget: Increase debt as required to fund governmental programs.  Little concern for increased US debt.



Taxes: higher taxes for only the wealthy, moderate taxes for everyone else, in a graduated scale.
Government: Maintain current Governmental programs and employees serving existing programs. Governmental policies maintain current level.

Socialism: maintain current policies for education, food, transportation and other programs without additional taxes.

Defense: defense spending maintained to preserve our sovereignty and to protect us against foreign aggression from those who would want to cause future catastrophes in the USA.  Moderate military R&D.

Global Politics:maintain our current alliances. Become involved where we have to.  As much as possible, allow other global issues to work their good or evil as they will, however, do not allow other countries to fall to warlords.  If our intelligence perceives targeted future aggression, act to prevent this.

War: avoid if at all possible.  Limit to small contained skirmishes and moderate SEAL Team efforts to remove bad guys and moderate CIA counter terrorism operations to make this not as likely.

Trade: some control over trade, some occasional tariffs, watch what other countries are doing, semi-annual talks and rule-making with other countries.

Abortion: Pro-Choice (allow women to make decisions over their own bodies).

Guns: Any American can own a rifle with up to semi-automatic firing.  No automatic firing of any kind.  No magazines over 10 rounds.  Hand guns by permit only.

Demographics: this will be a mix of upwardly mobile minorities of all types and more liberal leaning Republicans.  This party could likely become the new super-party melting pot for most Americans who want a middle of the road position on many issues.  The least polarized party that welcomes everyone.  Some millennials who are aging and now earning a better living may find this party appealing.

US Budget: Gradually reduce debt over a period of decades.  Increased concern that a balanced budget should be our goal eventually.



Taxes: somewhat lower for almost everyone.  Consider a possible graduated higher estate tax on the only the most wealthy.

Government: fewer Governmental programs, fewer governmental employees. Fewer governmental policies. Less government affecting our choices.  Cut pay for all governmental elected officials by half immediately.  Eliminate free health insurance and pension pay for all elected officials, starting with Congress and the Senate.

Socialism: maintain Social Security and Medicare.  All others are subject to review.  Increase the age at which Social Security benefits begin to age 68.

Defense: strong defense spending to preserve our sovereignty and to be involved in other countries to guide them along a path that is beneficial to themselves and to America.  Do not allow foreign country issues to escalate to the point where they could damage the USA.  Strong military R&D.  Star Wars protection system investigated and pursued.

Global Politics: maintain and increase our alliances with other countries globally. Be involved. Do Not Allow global issues to work their evil to some extent, without imperialistic policies.  Help other countries to defend themselves against warlords, especially those harmful to the USA.

War: yes, but we’ll call it something else, usually, and engage in a way that typically doesn’t involve large scale all-out warfare with thousands of US troops fighting with boots on the ground on a daily basis. Vigorous SEAL Team ops, aggressive CIA ongoing counter-terrorism efforts.

Trade: stricter controls over trade, tariffs, carefully and continuously monitor what other countries are doing, quarterly rule-making negotiations with other countries.

Abortion: Pro-Life (anti-abortion).  Although some politicians may make their own choice about this.

Guns: Pro NRA.  Any American can own a rifle, up to semi-automatic, with a magazine up to 20 rounds.  Hand guns by permit only.  No automatic weapons of any kind by private citizens, unless special circumstances through permit only.

Demographics: in biased context: older white males and their spouses.  However, this may receive a slap in the face as millions of the die-hard Reps jump ship for the newly proposed Moderate Party, for those seeking a more moderate stance on issues. In due time, aging millenials who are becoming well-to-do may find this party more appealing, as they are seeking to reduce their tax burden.

US Budget: As soon as possible, create a Balanced Budget.  No new debt.  Pay for needs with cash.



Taxes: lower for everyone.  Mainly trickle-down economy.

Government: substantial reduction of Governmental programs, substantial reduction of governmental employees. Substantially less governmental policies. Government reduced to the point where it does not affect many of our choices.  Pay for governmental workers, especially elected officials, cut in half.  Lifelong benefits to governmental employees like free health insurance for life eliminated.  No free health insurance for any elected official. No free transportation for elected officials. Criminal penalties for elected officials benefiting from insider information.

Socialism: maintain Social Security and Medicare.  No others.  Increase the age at which Social Security benefits begin to age 72.

Defense: very strong defense spending to preserve our sovereignty.  Build border walls between the US and Mexico and the US and Canada.  Be involved in other countries to guide them along a path that is beneficial to themselves and to America.  Do not allow foreign country issues to escalate to the point where they could damage the USA, have US agents active in global politics to orient to positions beneficial to the USA and the good of the world.  Aggressive military R&D.  Star Wars protection system implemented.

Global Politics: Increase our alliances with other countries globally. Be very involved. Do Not Allow global issues to work their evil.  Help other countries to defend themselves against warlords, especially those harmful to the USA.

War: yes, if you do anything to concern the stability of the USA, including full scale, all out warfare.  We will drop The Bomb on you if you in any way sound like you’re going to endanger us.  Also: very vigorous SEAL Team ops in many places all over the planet and very aggressive CIA counter terrorism efforts all round the planet.  Strong R&D into war technology.

Trade: Protectionist.  Very strict controls over trade, tariffs, continuously monitor what other countries are doing including CIA involvement, monthly rule-making take it or leave it demands with other countries.  Damage the economies of other countries whom are hostile to the US.

Abortion: Pro-Life (anti-abortion).

Guns: Pro X-NRA.  Any US citizen can own rifles, hand guns, semi auto and automatic weapons up to .45 caliber, with magazines up to 100 rounds.  No machine guns, no bombs, no grenades, no rockets and no Apache helicopters (for private citizens).

Demographics: probably more older white males.  However, many active and retired military veterans of any race and socioeconomic background may have a bias for this right wing party. Anyone who supports a strong America that can defend itself against anything will be drawn toward this party.

US Budget: Not only balance the US budget, but gradually build up a healthy reserve fund to handle needs as they develop with cash, rather than loans and debt.



Every politician subscribing to be of a particular party would be required to sign an oath upholding the values of that party and to vote for policies in line with those values.  In that manner, voters would know what they are getting.  Any politician voting outside the boundaries of their party’s values would be subject to censure and possible ejection from that party, rendering them ineffectual in any upcoming elections.  And in this manner voters would have some assurances of what they are getting when they support someone of a given political party.  5 seems like a reasonable number from which to choose, don’t you? Especially after mainly only having 2.


Yes, of course, there will be shades of gray between the above 5 suggested political parties, depending each politician’s conscience (if they have one).





How about how to establish these 5 choices above as the main 5 parties?  Not sure.  2 of them are already there: Republicans and Democrats.  So all we’re trying to do is ADD to those: one up and one down and one in the middle:

LIBERAL PARTY (kind of like a Bernie Sanders’ version of the Democratic Party).
MODERATE PARTY (in the middle between today’s Democrats and Republicans).
CONSERVATIVE PARTY (a far right Rep organization, “Don’t tread on me,” kind of party).


So who might be attracted to which party?

Far right NRA military people are going to love the Conservative party.  Ethnic minorities will mainly despise it, except for the very well-to-do.

The Republican Party will lose some of their flair to the Conservative Party for the far right leaning citizens.  Other die-hard, lifelong Republicans will probably stay the course.

The Moderate Party would receive a Huge influx of conservative Democrats and more liberal Republicans.  This Moderate Party would be very popular.  Lots of middle of the road people would find this a shelter in the current storm of 2-party politics and get them out of the “Us versus Them” state of affairs.

The Democrats will likely maintain many of their current members, while losing their more liberal and more socialistic members to the Liberal Party.

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren would likely be in the Liberal party.  Free everything for everyone, especially downtrodden ethnic minorities who want free stuff on the backs of rich old white guys.  They may not say it quite that way, but that is the message.  And that will work for millions of Americans who want that sort of America.


And that’s why we need more parties.  At least 5.




The only problem: how to get these 5 proposed parties organized, up and running, funded and promoted and on the ballots?   There’s nothing in the US Constitution stopping this.  It would be good for the USA, in that IF a more even distribution of elected officials could be put in office representing a fairly equal mix of these proposed 5 parties, there may be less “Us versus Them” going on, as in the present 2 party system.

Does anyone out there have any ideas as to how to establish the other additional 3 parties in a logical doable manner to make this a reality?  We came up with the idea and initial platforms.  Now we need logistical and funding people to make it real.

Ball’s in your court…  Need ideas on how to get them established.

And once again: America still has the best political system and lifestyle in the World.  That’s why all other countries want to be like us and have what we have.
However: that does not mean we can’t improve things a little.  As long as we are faithful to the Constitution.

Thank you.  And Blessings on America.