A Slice of Heaven

A Slice of Heaven

As you walk along the quiet morning road outside your new house you gaze up at the sky, now turning lighter with the promise of the Sun.  Stirrings in the trees herald bluejays, sparrows and wrens waking to the new day, their happy chirping breaking the stillness.  Your faithful dog smiles up at you, tongue lolling, delighted to be enjoying this slice of heaven here in your favorite place during this morning quiet time.

a slice of heaven
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It is slightly chilly this morning, and you pull up the collar of your jacket and you breathe in the cool, clean, clear air.  Yes, a slice of heaven is what you call this special place.  This is the place where you come to listen to your inner self; to heal your physical and psychological wounds, to mend your heart and soul.  This is the place of your new house.

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It took you several months to find just the right piece of ground.  But you found it, with the help of a good real estate broker.  It took you several more months to have a licensed Architect design your special house, then several more months to have it built by a good Contractor.  It was worth it.  Now you have your new house.


a slice of heaven
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When you walk in the front door, you inhale the aroma of newly cut wood, as you have wood floors throughout, except in the bathrooms, which have slate tile.  And speaking of bathrooms, your Master Bathroom has the long granite counters you have always wanted, large open floor space, windows to the vistas beyond, an oversize custom designed shower, a large garden tub and even a fireplace.


This is your slice of heaven: living in your new house at this special, sacred location.  Surely this must be a glimpse of what heaven must be like: everything comfortable, enjoyable, made to fit you and your needs.  Your new Gourmet Kitchen has a large center island, 5′ aisles between counters (so you never bump into your guests or family), all the upscale appliances you have ever dreamed about, a stone-arch trimmed 48″ wide stainless steel gas range with double ovens below, multiple cold boxes, large walk-in pantry, places for your guest and family to sit at the island while you make breakfast, lunch and dinner (or they pitch in and help, because there’s room).

a slice of heaven
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The spectacular views that captured your imagination when you bought your land have been perfectly framed by your Architect.  As you gaze out your Great Room tall windows, admiring the vistas, you congratulate yourself on getting to this stage of life: this success.  To be able to have this custom crafted house that meets your every need.  What a joy!


You walk out on your spacious Rear Porch: your Outdoor Living Room and sit on a comfortable outdoor sofa you have there.  You crack open that novel you’ve been wanting to read.  Your dog hops up beside you. You rub the dog’s head and they curl up next to you.  You sip your morning coffee and read, glancing up once in a while, appreciating the views, sights and sounds.  It doesn’t get much better than this.  Oh, and you are somewhat thirsty, so you walk over to your Summer Kitchen there on the deck  and open the refrigerator and get a cold drink and fill your glass from the adjacent icemaker.  Now back to that book.


For your slice of heaven, engage an Architect to design your next house.

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