Amazing Self-Cleaning Patio

Amazing Self-Cleaning Patio

This Self-Cleaning Patio online article is about how this Architect designed a large patio to be not only beautiful, but to clean itself as well.

self-clean patio

Click on the image above to see and head a brief video about this self-cleaning patio.


There.  Now you know the secrets involved in this Architect’s planning and design to make things easier for the home owner.

Many Mountain lots & acreage for custom mountain houses have a little or a lot of slope.  You can use this to your advantage.  Your Architect can include some portion of the ground slope and incorporate it into your new patio design (not too much: you don’t want to trip people).  Just enough so that when it rains, the sloping pavers conduct the water down and away from the house and to a drain run-off location (like the small scupper on the far side of this patio in western North Carolina, USA.

Also: this Architect specified an outdoor acrylic coating to seal the flagstones and make it easier for the surface to drain away dirt, dust and other light debris.

Self-cleaning patio.  Nice.  Less maintenance for the home owner and a cleaner, nicer experience in this special outdoor place.