Architectural Project Management

Architectural Project Management

Architectural Project Management services are optional services provided for you by HOME ARCHITECTS ®, in addition to their Basic Services and in addition to their other Additional Services.  This firm’s optional Project Management services (your option to have them or not) includes a host of helpful activities that you probably cannot do for yourself, that only a licensed Architect can properly provide. 

architectural project management
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Services that are deemed to be:

Architectural Project Management

1. Architectural Project Management 1: Any activity where we are acting on your behalf, with your approval, to represent you or to organize certain activities not occurring under other types of services.

2.  Architectural Project Management 2: Helping you find, secure, create and manage scope of services, and monitor your Surveyor, including review of their contract(s), possibly including helping to negotiate their fee.

3.  Architectural Project Management 3: Helping you find, secure, create and manage scope of services, and monitor your Geotechnical Engineer, including review of their contract(s) and possibly helping to negotiate their fee.

4.  Architectural Project Management 4: Helping you find, secure,  create and manage scope of services, and monitor your Structural Engineer,including review of their contract(s) and possibly helping to negotiate their fee .

architectural project management
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5.  Architectural Project Management 5: The same, for any other consultant your project may require.

6.  Architectural Project Management 6: Coordinating with your HOA (Home Owner’s Association) if there is any for your project.

7.  Architectural Project Management 7: Coordinating with your local Building Department, Health Department and Planning & Zoning Department.
     (Note: most Code issues can be found online, as most Counties are tasked with implementing the State-required codes from the State, however, there may be other coordination with local departments required from time to time, depending on your project circumstances, such as septic & well through the Health Department, or negotiation of project setbacks and other matters impacting your project).

8.  Bidding services are actually a different Additional Service.  This is a very involved activity that you may want to view here–> Bidding Services .

9.  Construction Administration services are a different type of Additional Service.   These services are very technical and span the life of the construction.  See here to view those:–> Construction Administration.




















10.  Architectural Project Management 10: Scheduling (time) project activities for you:
          A.  Overall Project Time Schedule.
          B.  Schedule updates and monitoring.
      C.  Coordination of the project schedule with other project entities.


architectural project management
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11.  Architectural Project Management 11: Attending, recording and distributing Project Management meetings that may need to be conducted.

12.  Architectural Project Management 12: Possible public hearing representation.

13. Architectural Project Management 13: Permitting, not otherwise handled by your General Contractor (who is solely responsible to obtain your project’s permits).

14. Architectural Project Management 14:  Feasibility Studies.











15.  Architectural Project Management 15: Financial Proforma Analysis.

16.  Architectural Project Management 16: Cost Estimating Management (with the estimate accomplished through a consultant we can help you find).

17.  Architectural Project Management 17: Site Analysis to determine functional usage and suitability.








18.  Architectural Project Management 18: Existing Condition Assessments.

19.  Architectural Project Management 19: Regulatory Compliance Monitoring.

20.  Architectural Project Management 20: Facility Maintenance information coordination.


So, you can see that Architectural Project Management services can be quite detailed and involve many other organizations, business, jurisdictional authorities, and factors that not many individuals can not properly manage on their own.



 Your contact for architectural project management services:

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