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 Global Home Architects Design for Wherever You Are:

Cashiers Architects

Rand Soellner, Senior Staff Architect of the HOME ARCHITECTS ® lives in Cashiers, North Carolina, with his wife, Merry, who is one of the main real estate brokers in town.  They have been coming here for 35 years and have been full time residents since 2002.  This house is the Falcon Cliff Lodge, one of their many designs in Cashiers.

Every time someone contacts HOME ARCHITECTS ® to see about them designing their house, usually the first question is: “My acreage is in Dallas (or Calgary Alberta, or Dubai, or Bahrain, or Park City Utah, or Portland Oregon, or Tacoma Washington, or New York, or the Adirondacks or Appalachians, or the Rocky Mountains)… do you design luxury residences for this area? 












Cashiers Architect
Falcon Cliff Lodge in Cedar Hill, Cashiers, North Carolina. (C) Copyright 2004-2013, Home Architect, PLLC. Designed by Senior Staff Architect, Rand Soellner, ArCH, NCARB. Just one of many outstanding examples of this firm’s architectural designs in the Cashiers community.


 The Company’s answer is: “Yes!”


Contact: Rand Soellner at 1-828-269-9046 .  If you are a local Cashiers resident, feel free to call anytime.  If you are anywhere on the planet, the company makes itself available from 9AM to 9PM, 365 days a year.












cashiers architect
Interior of spa bathroom in one of the firm’s Cashiers residential designs. (C) Copyright 2004-2013 Home Architect, PLLC, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


Do Cashiers architects live, full-time, in each and every country, state and town that they serve?  No.  We don’t know of anyone else who does, either. 










Will the company create house designs for Oklahoma, Warsaw, Montreal, Kuwait, Romania, Brazil, Australia, India, China, Japan, Washington D.C., Washington State and beyond?  Yes they will, and in fact have already designed projects for some of these places.

This is Kuwait City.  Rand Soellner, AIA, lived here for 2 months, designing a themed shopping center.  It was 100*F at night!  We design homes all over the Country and the Planet.  So don't be shy about asking if we will design a custom home for you in Dallas, or Sedona or Ontario, or Juno, or London.

This is Kuwait City. The firm’s senior staff architect, Rand Soellner, ArCH, lived here for 2 months, designing a themed shopping center. It was 100*F at night! This firm designs houses all over the Country and the Planet.   So don’t be shy about asking if we will design a custom house for you in Dallas, or Sedona or Ontario, or Juno, or London.

cashiers architect
A master bedroom designed and detailed by the firm. Project location: Cashiers, North Carolina. (C)Copyright 2004-2013, Home Architect, PLLC, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

























Cashiers architects have special software to help them visualize your site, no matter where it is.  The company uses your electronic computer files for surveys and their own digital design work.  They have found that they can discover quite a lot about sites using global 3D software  (including personal, on-site observations, if you wish).  The software has the entire Earth modeled in three dimensions, which allows these Cashiers Architects to fly a virtual  helicopter around your site and land there and turn around, looking at the views, whether it is located in any of these areas or anywhere on the planet: Lake Michigan, Lake Mead, Lake Lure, Lake Hartwell, Lake Burton, Detroit, Tucson, Sedona, San Franciso, Seattle, Portland, Tacoma,  or Gig Harbor.


Having personally hiked down into and up out of the Grand Canyon, firm members would be glad to undertake assignments there, and in the Yellowstone Club area, Big Sky, Jacksonville, Ontario, Anchorage, Moscow, Perth, Sydney, Hong Kong, Maui, Delhi, Oman, or Glasgow, or wherever your special piece of ground may be.  These Cashiers architects will design a house for you, specially arranged to take advantage of your view, topography and your unique lifestyle.


Should you take digital photographs of your site and share them with the firm, if you decide to engage these Cashiers Architects to design your residence?  Please do.  Limit your photos to about 100k each and send no more than about 1MB at a time, please.  Do a 360 standing at the house location.  If you don’t know where the house location will be and need the architect to help you decide that, then go to the center of the property, or the high point and shoot 360 views, slightly overlapping each frame and e-mail them to .  Also, shots along the street or main accessway to your site would be helpful.  The firm can do this for you, if you prefer.


Would the architect prefer to see your site in person?  Absolutely.  There is nothing like being there in person.  Do these Cashiers architects compel you to pay them to travel to your site if it happens to be across the Country or around the World?  No, they do not.  They believe it is best to be there in person, but they also respect your desires to control your expenditures on your residential design project.  You can be the company’s eyes and ears, if you are far away and want to perform the on-site observation with the firm’s remote guidance.  The architect has become skilled at this.  NASA does it this way, so can this architect.  Only, this firm has a secret source of information: you!  With the firm’s guidance, this Cashiers architect can help you find the information needed.  Under those circumstances in which you are comfortable covering travel costs, the architect will be happy to go to your site and perform analyses in person.


Designed by Rand Soellner Architect, one of his Grand Mountain Retreat estate homes, under construction in Tennessee, not far from Dollywood
Cashiers architects have projects all over the country, including this firm designed project in Tennessee. (C)Copyright 2007-2012 Home Architect, PLLC, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


Some people might think that handling a design remotely is not possible.  The firm assures you, it is, and the company does it all the time.  These Cashiers architects create custom residential design projects all over the USA and projects in other countries.  The firm bid out a project in the Tacoma, Washington area for one of their residential designs.  The firm was able to perform contractor investigations, check references, handle shipment of drawings and documents and manage the bid forms from their Cashiers office, along with bid analysis, broken down into major specification divisions.  By the way, prices came in at the middle zone of the low and high expected.  The firm has developed systems to allow them to do this very well, which is how these Cashiers architects can offer to create custom house designs in such places as Atlanta, Macon, Tallahassee, Deep Creek Maryland, Mobile, El Paso, Sacramento, Vancouver, or Brazilia.   Other locations appealing to them include: Yuma, Aspen, Denver, Mumbai, and the U.A.E.  This is what the firm does everyday.  The firm is a National and Global house design architectural business.


The firm used to focus on saying that they were mountain house architects and they realized that in reality they are much more than that.  They create residential designs of all types and sizes.  These Cashiers architects are also small residential architects, cottage designers, Arts and Crafts planners, and in the final analysis: home architects.  That is what Cashiers architects do, in every sense of the term.  So, the company has expanded their description of architectural design services to mention that they create house designs, period.  Big, medium, small.  Huge.  Tiny.  Whatever residential design you want, the company has the skills to accomplish that.


Cashiers Architects are Also Green Home Architects

On, the firm’s senior staff architect, Rand Soellner is randsoellnerarc.  He delivers a daily tweet as the Green Home Architect.  Just type that on your browser in Twitter and see for yourself.  He gives the World periodic “GREENTIPS,” to help builders, other architects and designers and homeowners understand what many of the their more environmental and sustainable house architecture choices are for their projects.  So, being Cashiers architects living in the Blue Ridge mountains does not limit the reach of the company”s practice as a residential designer.


So Let’s Wrap Up the Fact That These Cashiers Architects are Willing To Create Residential Designs For You, No Matter Where Your Project Site Is Located:

To summarize, the company is National and Global Home Design Architects.  This  means that they create luxury house designs for locations all over North America, and are willing to create your residential design, regardless of your site location: anywhere.  Anywhere on the face of the Earth.  Will the firm go to your site and live on it for months while designing your home?  Of course not.  Neither will anyone else, not even local firms.  Is the firm willing to go to your site and analyze it?  Yes; absolutely.  Can you perform some of this research being the company”s eyes and ears?  Yes; they will explain how, if that is your choice.  Does this Cashiers architect create house design projects for locations far away from their Blue Ridge Mountain office?  Yes; every day.  Most of their work is spread hundreds or thousands of miles apart.


Why Should I Engage Cashiers Architects to Design My House, When There Are Local Architects Here In My Town?

That is entirely your choice.  The fact that you are reading these words must mean that you have not found what you want from your local pool of skills and have instead seen something that attracted you to the HOME ARCHITECTS ® website.  The firm is one of the leading custom residential architects in the World.  People come to the company from far and wide, seeking his special services to create their custom house designs.  We highly respect the abilities of the 180,000 brother and sister architects throughout the USA and more throughout the rest of the World.  Each architect tends to focus on certain things and sticks with that, usually for decades.  This firm’s senior staff member happens to be a highly skilled and focused luxury residential architect.  Other architects focus on the design of airports, educational facilities, fire stations, sports facilities (wow!  have you seen the new Dallas Cowboys stadium!  Amazing!), and other types of projects.  Mr. Soellner loves designing homes and his passion for this shows in the quality of his work.  That fact that he is a licensed architect in multiple states underscores that he is one of a rare few of highly professional residential architects.  So, if you want the best, hire one of the top house specialist architects in the World to design your new dream house.


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