Christmas at Home and 2011 Holidays

Christmas at Home and 2011 Holidays

Welcome to the 2011 Christmas & Holiday season.  With the recent surge of the Stock Market, and the conclusion of at least one major battlefront, hopefully we will all have more reasons for which to be thankful, ending this year on a positive note and moving forward into 2012.

Our nation and the World have been through much during these challenging times.  The one thing that remains constant is everyone’s desire to have a safe haven: their home.  A crackling warm fire in the fireplace, savory cooking in the kitchen, happiness and love with your family in the one place that is sacred: your house.

Rand Soellner Architect design
(C)Copyright 2005-2011 Rand Soellner, All Rights Reserved Worldwide. One of Soellner's warm and cozy Hearth Room spaces in just one of his projects.

Having a house designed that allows you to enjoy the beautiful views to your land is just one of the reasons to engage an architect to design your dream residence.  And it does not matter that perhaps this concept might be more compact than you might have imagined previously.  Quality can still be built into anything, regardless of the size.  Diamonds are worth more than lumps of clay.

Having the rooms of your house custom designed to be the dimensions that you need to properly function in those rooms is another reason to hire a professional to design your house.  Builders build.  Architects design.  Asking a builder to create or modify a residential architectural design is like asking a carpenter to check out the discomfort you might be having in one of your teeth.  Or like asking your architect to build the house.  Different professions exist because the people in each of them are carefully educated, trained and experienced to perform those specialized tasks and to do them well.  It has been said that you don’t really get good at any particular profession until you are over 50 years old.  As complicated as things are these days, there is probably a lot of truth in that statement.  That is why many people want to see a few gray hairs on the heads of the people they hire; to know that they have been at it long enough to be experts at it.  And that sounds like a wise precaution.

Having that large Gourmet Kitchen with the big island and all the appliances you have always wanted is another benefit of having an architect design your house.  The design professional will create your design Around the things that you want, rather than another approach.  Always wanted Outdoor Living Space?  Screened and covered?  That can be arranged!

rand soellner architect kitchen design (C)Copyright 2005-2011 Rand Soellner
(C)Copyright 2005-2011 Rand Soellner, All Rights Reserved Worldwide. One of Soellner's Gourment Kitchens in a house he designed.

Have you grown weary of maintaining your aging, rotting house?  Your new residence can be designed by an architect to have exterior siding, soffits and downspouts that won’t rot, won’t burn, that bugs can’t eat, and that only require minimal maintenance every 7 years or so.  Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

There are even new options that are coming on line, through companies like Rand Soellner Architect, that can provide you with PhotoVoltaic roof shingles, so that the roof shingles of your house provide up to 50% of your electrical needs!  Talk about sustainability!

There are windows that your architect can specify and detail, that are downright economical and never need painting, can’t rot, have insulated Low-E glass and are Energy Star qualified.

You can have exterior and interior rockwork, multiple fireplaces in Living Rooms, Dining areas, Master Bedrooms and Bathrooms, Family Rooms and wherever you want them.  You can have accent walls of wood siding inside, if you wish, wherever you want them.  Wood ceilings and wood plank floors for much less than many people have invested in such things.  If you engage a knowledgeable residential architect.

What many people do not know is that your house architect can design in many features that can cost less, yet provide additional safety and durability into your residence.

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