Client with a Capital “C”

Client with a Capital “C”

Client with a capital “C” is about how this architectural firm treats its Clients.  Upper case letter.  Indicative of respect, courtesy and recognition of a title role in the process of having your new house designed, documented and built.




Several weeks ago, another Architect pointed out to HOME ARCHITECTS ® that they had numerous typos in their website and documents.  “Really?” asked an Architect with the company, “Where is that?”
The other Architect pointed to multiple instances of where the firm had capitalized the word “Client”, even when it was not at the start of a sentence.

“Ah!” answered Rand Soellner, Senior Architect for the company, “That’s on purpose.”

The other architect responded: “You purposely capitalize the word “Client” everywhere?”


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“Yes,” said Soellner, “We have it built into our unconscious and conscious minds here that the Client is the source of each project.  We believe they deserve a great deal of courtesy and respect.  So much so, that like the words: Architect, Engineer, Attorney, Building Inspector, City, State, County and others, that the words “Owner” and “Client” are THE main players in each of our projects, so we are treating them accordingly.  Each Client is a gift from a divine source.  We wouldn’t be in business without them.  So: they deserve the recognition.  It may look like a little thing, but it ends up being translated in a big way.”


This permeates everything the company does for each and every Client.  For instance, in the company forms of Agreement, in their Specifications, Drawings Notes and even in Books that the company authors about residential architecture, available on their website here–>Residential Architectural Bookstore.

One of the company’s most popular book titles is:  Client Centered Architectural Design Process.  This online e-book has been downloaded over a thousand times, since its online publication about a year ago.  From all over the world.  It explains to Clients where they fit into the design, documentation, and construction process.  And, from this firm, how and where each Client’s input factors into what happens at every stage.  Kind of a primer of the experience of working with this firm and “What Happens Next.” 

This company has several other books they have written for their Clients, to help inform them about many aspects of the residential architectural and construction business and phases involved in several critical areas.  For instance, two other books offered here are: How To Hire An Architect, and How To Hire A General Contractor.















The firm also has a video: “Top 8 Client Benefits” on their website main page, which is centered around what benefits their Clients receive.   Notice it’s not focusing on: “buy a bunch of stuff from us,” but rather on the positive results of the services they provide and how that translates into value for their Clients.  Once again: all Client-oriented and results-oriented.


Furthermore, each project has a webpage assigned, which can be very informative during such phases as the Construction Phase, where the firm posts images of the project, along with other important information, like Geotechnical Reports and the like.  Once again: focusing on the Client’s needs.



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