CLOSER TO HEAVEN is this Architect’s viewpoint about how a correctly  designed house & estate in the right place can help make you feel closer to heaven.

we walk among the clouds
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Has anyone ever wondered if there is a Halfway to Heaven place?  Not talking about Purgatory (for purging of sins).  Talking about a place here on Earth that feels only positive and pleasant.  This Architect has felt that this place exists, for each of us, when we find ourselves living in a location where there is Peace & Quiet, Love, Dramatic Pleasant Views, little to no crime, Self-Sufficiency, Owning Your Life, Positivity, Calmness, Stressless, Serenity.  And having a house that meets all of your functional needs and hoped for dreams.

Well, that’s a lot of positive things there, all together.  Can anyone ever feel all that at one time?  YES.  Yes you can.

It starts with finding the right country, region within that country, state, county, village/town.  Then you ask an Architect to design your dream house on that land, incorporating all of your wishes into one place that is yours, that you own for the rest of your life, that no one can ever take away from you.  That’s an excellent start.   It’s up to you to manage your finances and income-producing work in such a way that your life becomes stressless.  But there are unique communities/places where crime is virtually non-existent.  And quiet.  With great views (such as in the mountains).  And that requires a lifetime of good decisions.  That’s on you.  Your Architect can do the rest.


For instance: THAT VIEW, up there, is part of the main view this Architect captured for his own family from their new house, with BIG GLASS in an idyllic mountain community.  Where most people leave each other alone and peace & quiet reign.

5 bad things

Your Architect can make sure your home’s interior aligns with the best views and has the largest glass areas to allow you to enjoy those views from inside and outside your new house.


Quote from this Architect: “Each day, walking our dog along our long driveway to the gate and back, peace and quiet hushes the big bad external world and insulates us in our own slice of heaven.  It feels as if the atoms in my body have transcended to a higher plane of calm and beauty, around and through me.”
And the Architect’s wife: “Everyday I say out loud: this is a GREAT house.  I’m so glad this is ours.  Thank you God.”

So much of our lives is up to us: making decisions everyday that allow us to enjoy life as we go forward.  And one day, you may decide to engage an Architect to design a special Halfway to Heaven House for you.  In the end, you will be closer to Heaven.