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Rand Soellner Home Architects Design Custom Furniture

Log_Timber_Frames_Interiors_Rustic_Hutch_Cabinet_byRandSoellner2Custom Furniture & Cabinetry designed by luxury residential architects. 

click on this logo fo direct e-mail to RandWe design custom furniture for kitchen cabinets, hutches, bed frames, grandfather clocks, tables, chairs, sideboards, log furnishings and other items of a finer nature out of hickory, maple, oak, pine, Brazilian cherry and others. We create furnishings to coordinate with interior designs. A design sketch of one of our custom Arts & Crafts hutches shown to left.  As home architects, we can design custom furniture for you, if you wish.

Mountain_Home_Architects_Mountain_Homes_Design_IMG_0766Rand & Merry Soellner Offering

Custom Furniture Design by interior home architects

Rustic Appalachian Architects working in our Cashiers NC office daily

For the houses we design or other special locations we can provide custom furniture designs. Above, you can see one of our custom hutches, based on a sketch by Rand. 


To the left, Merry, Rand and Bitsy Soellner select a special chunk of wild wavy maple, looked on by master craftsman DavidTripp of The Table Co. for Rand Soellner Architect’s custom furniture, a conference table. This particular piece of wood was cut 40 years ago, is 4” thick, 18” wide and over 10’ long. Rand and Merry have planned this piece as the front side of their conference table, which when finished, will probably end up around 3-3/4” thick, for a high-quality massive effect, not often seen in custom furniture making. The table will be about 9’ x 5’, with special inlay details and a large center circle of quilted maple, symbolizing the mystery, magic and technology of design, with quilted maple cruciform bands centered on the circle, having spiritual connotations. Craftsman Tripp will finish the majority of the table with his special blend of non-staining stain, which brings out the three-dimensional quality of the selected highly figured wood whorls without concealing anything. David said: “This will be one of the nicest pieces of custom furniture I have ever made.” Merry and Rand associate with high quality furniture makers like David to fabricate the custom furniture they design for clients. Tired of looking for that special piece? Let us design it for you! To the left, mascot Bitsy Soellner gives her approval of the wavy maple stock.

(C)Copyright 2007-9 Rand Soellner, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.  Custom Appalachian Conference Table Designed by Rand Soellner Architect

Rand Soellner’s design drawing for the Appalachian Conference Table:  This drawing doesn’t do it justice. 

And below you can see the actual finished table!  The table is about 9-1/2′ long x about 5-6″ wide.  This is a big one!  Our craftsman ended up using a piece of old chesnut for the front solid edge.  Mutiple inlays of quited maple decorate the surface along with walnut dowels, for a pegged timber frame look, with a radial array of the pegs around the center circle for a massive craftsmanlike flair.  Pieces of the wild wavy maple above were used in book-matched pieces diagonally for the main body of the table.  The front edge has a huge 3″ radius, exposing the fact that this area is solid, quality hardwood.  The finish is a stain polyester, which is very durable and conceals marring.  Can we create some custom furniture for you? 

(C)Copyright 2007-9 Rand Soellner, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.  Actual finished Appalachian Conference Table designed by Rand Soellner Architect.

Don’t you deserve some quality custom furniture, wrapped around you, exactly the way you click on this logo fo direct e-mail to Randhave always wanted?  Few things are more satisfying than having your special work area (or dining, shop, etc.) designed and custom made by woodworking craftsmen to your exacting needs.  What a joy!   Custom furniture design.  Rand Soellner home architects can provide you with custom furniture design like this.  Don’t you deserve a custom desk? 



Merry_Soellner_Interiors_bedroom_interiors_master_suites_guest_suites_3bMERRY SELECTS UNIQUE MOUNTAIN-STYLE FURNITURE WITH DISTINCTION by

luxury residential architects & Adirondack Architects providing and designing custom furniture.

Here is one example of a special Mansion Bed with illuminated mantel. This work of custom furniture art is made of birch solids, birch and cherry veneers, burl and walnut inlays. The lights in the underside of the mantel not only offer function lighting for bedtime reading, they also add rich mood lighting to your bedroom suite. We can have your wall switch activate these lights in your Rand Soellner Architect mountain home.  Home architects can help you find furniture like this. 


Here is an Arched-back Lodge bed of Merry’s choosing that possesses a mountain flair with class. The wormy cherry finish has a rich luster that evokes feelings of warm quilts on a Winter’s night and firelight flickering off the wood ceiling in a Rand Soellner Architect lodge-style home.


This semi- custom furniture is one of Merry’s favorites: a Canopy-Frame Arched-Back Mansion Bed with cerejeira veneers, all hardwood solids, rosette accents, crown molding and round tapered posts. 

Merry_Soellner_Interiors_Trade_show_researchTRADE SHOW RESEARCH by

custom home architects & Appalachian Home Architects & custom furniture

Merry Soellner at the Atlanta trade show featuring log and timber mountain home furnishings.  Just one of the things we do for you as your home architect.

Merry_Soellner_Interiors_Trade_show_research2NATIONAL ANTIQUE MARKET RESEARCH by

post and beam architects, Hill Country architects & custom furniture designers

Merry Soellner at a Dallas Antique market.  Home architects make it happen for you. 


Merry_Soellner_Interiors_stained_glass_windows_doors_2CUSTOM STAINED GLASS by

custom home architects, interior designers, custom furniture designers.

Merry Soellner has her own custom stained glass studio as part of the Rand Soellner Architect operation. This allows her to design and fabricate  pieces of unique stained glass for insertion into your cabinetry faces, doors and door sidelights, transoms and speciality windows.


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