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We are talking about the fun you used to have playing as a child.  Discovering interesting things about your possible house design, having some tasty food, and enjoying some great views and custom residential tours.

Come Visit & Enjoy Custom Home Tours

custom home tours














custom home tours

custom home toursJust like when you were young and having fun playing with other kids, Rand Soellner Architect/ the HOME ARCHITECTS TMhave developed an enjoyable, unique method for helping you graphically understand and arrange what you want for your special mountain house.  We have multiple examples of designs of ours for your review, in the approximate size of project you have in mind.  We review these with you and typically our clients see pieces of plan arrangements that suit them fairly closely for the Gourmet Kitchen on

















one plan, the Master Suite on another set of documents, the Front Porch on another, the Outdoor Living Room on this one, the Guest Suites on that one, the Garage on a design from Tennessee, the fireplaces from one of our projects from North Carolina, the exterior materials from an estate design of ours in northern Illinois, or Washington state, North Carolina, Virginia and other locations of our projects all over the country…Through this process, our clients easily understand the main elements that might work well for them.  After you engage us, we put them all together for you, making all the adjustments you desire for your custom arrangement.The result of your choices (in association with your site features) creates a direction for a mountain house plan uniquely suited to your lifestyle. Together, we will create your Mountain Dream. Swiftly. Personally. Enjoyably. Playfully!  We also offer custom residential tours of some of the projects we have designed in this area (subject to residency of owners).

We also typically will “fly around” your site with you on our large flat screen monitor in our conference room in virtual reality, seeing views that you may have missed due to the trees and other vegetation.  This opens up new vistas that you might not have realized existed.  This can give you views that can be wonderful that would have otherwise been missed.

custom home tours












 custom house tours






We have computerized calculations that indicate the square footage of each possible combination to help you understand how large your choice of options might be. You may also have preferences of materials and systems. We will assist your selection of materials and systems ranging from low to elaborate. We can present and review these with you.

Contact us to schedule your appointment: CONTACT US As an added convenience, for those of you planning to have your Mountain Dream House constructed anywhere in the USA, we can help you find a group of qualified general contractors to bid on your project to help you obtain the best price.  We also associate with some clients’ selected builders to offer a design-build similar relationship, as you wish.

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