Custom Residential Design

Custom Residential Design

Custom residential design is what many people want but feel they cannot afford.  The truth is: you can’t afford not to have a residential architect design your proposed house.

Design for Custom Residential Needs

Why?  Because a dedicated custom residential design architect can help you save you $200,000 on a mid-level priced house.  Here’s a link that documents these savings:  architect saves money on house design.

custom residential design
One of Rand Soellner Architect’s custom designed kitchens in one of his custom designed houses. (C)Copyright 2010 Rand Soellner, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

The linked article documents how tens of thousands of dollars can be saved for you on your custom residential design by your house architect.  With savings like these, you really cannot afford not to hire a residential architect to design your house.  The money you will spend to pay them to design your house will be paid back many times over in the savings they create for you.

And there are wonderful side effects of having your very own custom design: increased functionality.  Things work better than they ever have before.  A residential architect knows exactly how much space you need for your kitchen to function properly, so that you are not bumping into other people in this very busy part of your house.  Also, you get additional things that you didn’t think were possible, like a Powder Room off your new Foyer; things you thought were reserved for mansions.  Also, if you have your own architect and have special requirements for conducting some particular activity, like making stained glass or sewing, or whatever your special needs are, your architect will listen, take notes, and incorporate these requirements into the dimensions and other functional features of the spaces of your own custom house.  Wouldn’t it be great to have your dream house created for you for once?  Instead of buying someone else’s used dream?  Or worse yet, a used house with no dream at all?

custom residential design 2
Part of your custom design might be a unique bathtub area like this bay window overlooking the mountains. (C)Copyright 2010 Rand Soellner, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

Don’t you deserve it?  Haven’t you worked hard all your life?  Isn’t it about time that you got what you want?

Do not let thoughts of what you pay your house architect concern you.  You get that back many times over in the savings they make for you and you will have a residence custom tailored to your needs that will exceed your dreams.  You will not believe it, the first time you walk into your custom designed house.  You will think you are dreaming.  Everything that you wanted will be there, just where you want them.

Custom Residential Design

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