Entanglement: What Does That Mean?

Entanglement: What Does That Mean?

Entanglement What Does That Mean? Is about an idea relating to physics, wherein Niels Bohr suggested to Albert Einstein in 1927 that for the mathematics of quantum mechanics to work, there HAD to be “entanglement” of subatomic particles, even when they are separated from each other by a distance.

Now then.  Modern day physicists have proven the entanglement theory to be fact recently, using the light emitted from 2 different quasars light years apart, across the Universe, to trigger filters at receptors here on Earth in 2 different locations.  The results proved quantum mechanics and entanglement to be reality.  Therefore, let’s go a little bit further into this and make another suggestion:

photo courtesy of Juskteez Vu on Unsplash

We’re going to take a giant leap here and suggest:
Entanglement of what?  Of course: this MUST mean, sharing of the orbits of subatomic particles between the 2 wavefront packets.

Surely that’s what Bohr was suggesting, and what Einstein found so difficult to accept, despite Einstein’s own mathematics proving it to be true.

And, if we accept that, there follows: that subatomic particles are somehow MOVING between the entangled wavefronts.  (wavefronts here meaning: 2 or more emitted photons from a light or other source, or other energized “particles” which behave as indeterminate “waves of energy” until they are observed, according to quantum theory).
And moving between the separated wavefronts INSTANTANEOUSLY.
And doing this REGARDLESS OF THE DISTANCE BETWEEN THE wavefront particles (photons, or other indeterminate wavefronts until they are observed ).

And this can mean, a VERY LARGE DISTANCE APART, between the moving wavefront packets.  Like: on other side of the Universe from each other.

Therefore: we are talking about subatomic particles traveling through something other than normal notions of spacetime, for these particles to continue to be entangled (shared by the 2 (or more) wavefronts).  Because the travel is instantaneous.

Or: is there really No Travel at all somehow?  That to the entangled particles, it is as if there is no change: no space, no time between separated wavefronts (that will once again become particles when they are observed)?  How can this be?
There is no spacetime between the entangled wavefronts?
This must mean that our notions of space and time are flawed by our perception of them at our physical scale.  That on the subatomic scale, that there is a different relationship between subatomic particles than we think.  That something more basic holds them together.  And our perceptions of them being separated is in fact is flawed.  That the particles are, in reality still together.

Could it be, that at the instant of the Big Bang, that micro-second of mega-explosion, that everything was and is entangled with everything else. WE ARE ALL ONE.  In reality.  And the expansion of the Universe since then is an illusion, a side effect?  But that everything continues to be entangled, together, sharing subatomic particles?