Fall 2010 : Residential Design & Construction Resurrection

Fall 2010 : Residential Design & Construction Resurrection

We have seen a shift taking place in the residential economy lately: an increase.  We are receiving more phone calls and e-mails from various places throughout the USA and the world: Colorado, India, Chicago, New York State, Florida, the Carolinas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, California and other scenic locations.  Business is increasing somewhat.  The pace is still off from the heydays of 2006-2008.  But even so, it is nice to see new clients walking in our door, engaging us to design their houses.  The latest was a nice couple from Atlanta and we’re now designing a special retreat residence for them.  And just before them, we were blessed to have a couple from South Carolina engage us to design their forever retirement estate there.

This last winter and spring were remarkably quiet.  So when we obtain a new client now in the late summer and fall of 2010, we celebrate and welcome you to contact us to take advantage of low prices in the residential construction market.  Contractors are still probably eager to undertake your residential project right now, at least those with whom we have spoken.  We know one contractor for whom we design about a home a month.  He is building about 20 homes a year right now and that is amazing in this economy.  We believe that a residential design and construction resurrection is underway.

We have a feeling that the economy is gradually improving.  We have seen stock market returns that appear, at least from our limited perspective, to indicate some stability.  While we have no crystal ball for the future, it looks like America might be coming out of the doldrums in which it has been stalled for the last 18 months or so.  That’s a good thing.

What it could mean for the residential construction market is possible interest rate increases and possibly construction price increases.  Why?  Because the federal government will likely take swift action to avoid a return to a previously over-heated housing economy, instead opting to try to guide a steady, sure recovery.  Also, contractors have been working just to survive.  As they begin to receive more customers, they will increase their prices to make up for the losses they have endured during the last couple of years.

What does this mean to you?  If you are planning on having your custom dream house designed and built soon, you might want to get it going now.  If you make such a choice, please give us the opportunity to assist you with the design, bidding and other services that can help you have a professionally managed and beautifully designed residence.

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