Fall 2011 Home Designs

Fall 2011 Home Designs

Fall 2011 : yes, it is almost autumn, 2011.  Home designs are evolving at Rand Soellner Architect (the HOME ARCHITECTS TM).  Soellner has listened to what you want and provides it in a number of house designs that are customized for your specific requirements.

2011 Home Designs for Fall

Soellner continues to evolve their Mountain Retreat grand size houses, their Mountain Lodge upper- mid size houses, and their latest new mountain Farmhouses: their Forest Meadow series.  Soellner has found that their new clients do like features from the Retreat and Lodge house designs, but they do not want to pay a lot for those features.  Soellner’s Forest Meadow mountain farmhouse series is the answer.  Rand Soellner Architect can blend in many of the upscale features from the Retreat and Lodge style upper – end house designs with the inherent economies of the simpler Forest Meadow series house designs.

It’s a unique idea.  Create a new house design using economy builder principles to have it cost less than most custom designs in the residential market today, then have a skilled custom house architect like Rand Soellner, AIA carefully plan the interior and exterior to provide the Open Plan arrangement preferred by most people in the market for new houses.  But don’t stop there: have this custom architect provide outdoor living spaces, attractive front porch, optional garage, optional second floor and loft spaces and optional walkout basement, all with wonderful features desired by today’s discerning people looking to have their new house designed.

Rand Soellner Architect’s website: www.HomeArchitects.com recieves about 70,000+ hits a year, which is about 6,000 a month.  These people may begin looking for house planning ideas, but over time, understand that they are unique and that they have specialized needs.  This means that they will need a residential architect to design a customized plan for them.

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“Providing custom residential designs that cater to new client wishes, within a more economical framework is what the new housing design economy is all about,” said Rand Soellner, AIA.

Next fall, when you sip your hot cocoa on your rear porch and look out over your land, enjoying the view and the warmth from your outdoor fireplace (an option in every Soellner design), you will quickly become accustomed to your improved lifestyle, and wonder how you ever tolerated living in anything less.  Soellner has clients who call him every once in a while, to thank him for designing their dream house.  When you arrive there, coming from the hubbub of whatever urban location in which you have been living, you will begin to unwind, relaxing, appreciating the quieter, finer, more natural things in life, like your land, your family, your time left on this planet.  They are all precious.  You deserve to enjoy them in a custom house, tailored to your lifestyle and to take advantage of the views of your land and what lays beyond.

If you are looking for a new residential custom design, consider giving Soellner a call at 1-828-269-9046 .

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