Grand Architectural Multiverse Concept

Grand Architectural Multiverse Concept

Grand Architectural Multiverse Concept (GrAMcon ™) is about the inspired idea an Architect had about the structure (or architecture) of our Universe and on a grander scale, multiple unified universes linking the whole of creation, everywhere and everywhen.

Grand Architectural Multiverse Concept
Grand Architectural Multiverse Concept. This image courtesy of NASA/ESA Hubble telescope 3 billion years after Big Bang.


This online article is conjecture (however, some theoretical physicists might think otherwise).  It has, as yet, no basis in proven theory (although, once again, some physicists would say pieces of it do make sense).  It is therefore a “concept.”  It is a big stretch from normal architecture, involving the entire Universe’s organization and beyond.

When Rand Soellner was 7 years old, he was playing outside with friends in his Midwestern neighborhood.  It was a splendid fall day, with tall clear blue skies bright with sunshine, cool breezes and lush backyard grass that had not yet turned for the upcoming winter.  He suddenly stopped in his tracks.  He had an overwhelming feeling that some basic large Truth of the Universe was being made known to his subconscious.  He looked about him, wondering what this was.  He had the feeling that if he ever did figure out this Truth, that everything, everywhere would stop.  Big thoughts in such a little, growing boy’s head.  His brain filed this away, possibly to be pondered in the future.  He mentioned his experience to one of his friends, Jimmy, who thought about it for a couple of seconds.  Then Jimmy shrugged his shoulders, tagged Rand and said “You’re It!” while laughing and running away.  Rand went back to playing, enjoying the day…

grand multiverse architectural concept


Fast forward more than a decade, to college at a major university in the SE USA.  Rand was on his way to becoming an Architect and as part of the required courses, also was taking Physics.  Here, there was discussion about the nature of the Universe, black holes and the Big Bang theory, which was well-supported with known evidence from cosmological data observed in our Universe. Even though he had previously taken calculus and other advanced mathematics, Rand understood that he would never have the skills or knowledge necessary in math to advance and discover the hard-core research required to support any concepts, much less well-researched theories about the nature of the Universe.  However, he did learn more about what other skilled Physicists thought about where we came from and how things work.


Fast forward decades, to early 2017.  Rand has been an Architect of billions of dollars of projects over his lifetime and after designing hundreds of complex airport projects, educational facilities, fire stations, major theme park venues and award-winning houses, he has settled in mainly now designing custom mountain homes, from his location in the Blue Ridge Mountains of the USA.  He is the Senior Staff Architect of HOME ARCHITECTS, who specializes in designing custom mountain houses across the USA.  It’s a great life in these beautiful mountains.  It’s been a long time since that day, decades ago, when he was a little boy, wondering what this information was that was bestowed upon him, resting there in his subconscious all these years and never having come to his forebrain.  Tonight would be different. When some people work, they may play music or have other environmental displays to entertain themselves.



When Rand works, designing custom homes, particularly at night, he often puts on NOVA and YouTube, having videos about the nature of the Universe, where we may have come from and where we are headed.  He’s not sure why he enjoys this; something from his childhood that compels him.  Different strokes for different folks. Well, for this evening, after his wife had gone to bed, Rand was working on a renovation project for a Client who was a quadriplegic, modifying an existing older home, redesigning it to add an elevator, new stairway, large glass walls, a nearby helipad and other features to better enjoy the house and its mountain location.


This particular evening, for entertainment, Rand put on a connected series of YouTube videos about the Big Bang and about where we may have come from and the theory that some Physicists have about possible “Multiverses” or parallel Universes, outside of our own Universe.  (Yes: not something most people would do for entertainment, we understand, and to understand what is about to be discussed, you will need to have some basic familiarity of what black holes and white holes are in an astronomical and cosmological context ).  Rand was designing some interior elevations, detailed wall sections and detailed plans of his Client’s renovation.  Rand noticed, out of the corner of his eye that none of the Physicists had a solid idea as to what existed Before our Universe.  Where did the matter come from that burst through the Singularity from which expanded all matter, time and space that we now enjoy in “our (Humanity’s) Universe”?  Some of these Physicists shrugged their shoulders.  This is understandable.  You don’t get very far in theoretical Physics by making grandiose claims without having compelling evidence, normally in the form of mathematical formulas that model the theory and connect to the reality around us.



Also, from earlier NOVA and other YouTube videos about Dark Matter, no Physicist understands where it comes from, nor why it comprises the majority of mass in our Universe.  Big questions, not connected yet, even in terms of a Concept (idea), much less a documented theory.


Suddenly, lights went on inside his head, like control panels in his brain that had been lying dormant there for decades, quietly gathering information, putting it together behind the scenes of everyday life.  Rand, for the 2nd time in his life, had a mega-burst of intuition and understanding, well beyond his focused architectural education and experience.  Architects of buildings and houses are trained to have this type of insight: to see the Big Picture; it’s how they operate, based on as much information they can obtain at the early stages of an architectural project.  Then they make a subconscious leap, connecting the dots and create a concept that then guides the rest of the project.

grand multiverse architectural concept

Fortunately for him and all of Humanity and our entire Universe, everything did not stop, as he had thought would happen when he was a little boy, when he first experienced this awe-inspiring sensation of Knowing.  Thank God, he thought to himself, running a hand over his brow.  For now, after decades of reviewing Physicist’s and Cosmologist’s theories, he felt he had just made a conceptual link, tying it all together: where we came from, how that linkage works, and where it’s all headed.  No: no math to back it up.  That’s the job of learned Physicists.  But: here is the concept (which is an idea that forms a basis for further investigation).  Without a concept, it becomes difficult to pursue any line of research, which could turn the concept into a validated theory, full of facts, which may one day become proven Truth.  We just don’t know at this point and may never know.  Oh… so what’s the concept?  Put on Alice’s bonnet, because you’re about to go down the rabbit hole:


GrAMcon (Grand Architectural Multiverse Concept):

This is the Grand Architectural Multiverse Concept, created 2/25/2017 by Rand Soellner, ArCH/NCARB, Architect, © Copyright 2017, Rand Soellner, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

Grand Architectural Multiverse concept


In the beginning of everything, there was a 1st Universe.  In this first Universe, there developed black holes due to stars collapsing, after billions of years.  When these black holes developed, untold huge quantities of matter collapsed to an ultra-compressed state of subatomic particles and were accelerated inward to the black hole at possibly beyond the speed of light.


When this occurred, the imploding first black hole in the 1st Universe tore a hole in space-time, ejecting this ultra-compressed material into a new place outside of this first Universe.  This became a White Hole in a newly formed 2nd Universe, the singularity in this new Universe.


Over billions of years, the matter, time and space expanded in this 2nd Universe, eventually leading to the development of collapsing suns, which led to the creation of black holes in this 2nd Universe.  When this happened, a repeat of what led to the creation of the 2nd Universe developed:


The black holes from the 2nd Universe then tore holes in the fabric of space-time in the 2nd Universe, which created super-energy focused pinpoints, which created white holes in a multitude of new Universes, creating new space-time in these new places, making a 3rd, 4th, 5th and Nth Universes.


This process continues, from billions of black holes in billions of Universes, ejecting their highly compressed matter through torn white holes into an infinity of new Universes, perhaps forever (or for so long it seems like forever).


Because the 1st Universe tore a hole in space-time and ejected matter into the 2nd Universe, does not mean that there is no longer a connection between the 1st and 2nd Universes.  On the contrary, for as long as that original black hole exists in its Original (or 1st) Universe, then there is a link between that black hole and the 2nd Universe that it spawned.  Furthermore, Physicists seem to be at a loss to explain where all the Dark Matter in our Universe came from.  While the following is an intuitive leap of faith, its about the only concept so far on this subject.  Here it is: because the black hole from the original Universe is still linked to our Universe, at the point of singularity (point of all creation in our Universe), it would seem logical to assume that all additional matter compressed into the original black hole ejects through the tear in space-time and continues to appear in the 2nd Universe.  Could it be that Dark Matter is in fact the continued ejecta from the black hole in the 1st Universe?  And applying that concept in the 3rd, 4th, 5th and nth Universes, would it not follow that Dark Matter continues to be fed into the connected Universes from the black holes in their parent universes?

This then creates questions about laws of conservation of mass, energy and the like in the original Universe, from where all this dark matter is coming, which is a subject for cosmological physicists to ponder.  It could mean that the original Universe eventually becomes depleted of matter?  And if so, this could spell doom for subsequent universes whose dark matter in turn is bled to their linked and subsequent “child” universes.  And that could be a real problem, which this concept does not have the background to further review.  And this could mean that each universe does not last forever, unless there is sufficient rate of expansion that makes it impossible for a Big Crunch to occur, in which evidently Dark Matter and Dark Energy is a factor. Once again: subjects for learned Physicists to consider.


In which Universe of the infinite number of multiverses are we?  Does it really matter?  And how would we ever map such a location in space-time?   But why is Dark Matter, if it is leakage from a black hole from a parent universe “different” matter than visible matter?  Why does the matter we see around us in the visible universe vary from that mysterious Dark Matter?  Perhaps a matter of maturing?  Unknown.


However, it may be that ALL Universes from all time, may be connected through tears in space-time.  And the process would logically appear to continue forever, making interconnected universes into a grand “Multi-verse”.  Some Physicists today, do believe that there may well be a Multiverse, composed of multiple universes, so there is some basis for this concept.  Unfortunately, until this GrAMcon ™, there has been no concept tying it all together.


Would beings, such as humans ever be able to cross from one universe into another through such tears?  Probably not, as the forces involved inside a black hole would so compress the matter in a person and their spacecraft, that they would become like incredibly thin strands of spaghetti, due to tidal forces, compacting them down to subatomic particles.  And once ejected through the conceived-of hole through the other universe’s white hole, they would emerge as so much smashed matter on a sub-atomic scale and no longer be a person.  This is based on what just about any of today’s theoretical Physicists would espouse.


No doubt many Physicists are scratching their heads about now saying that this entire GrAMcon is fatally flawed, in that it reaches a point where there is insufficient matter coming from the earlier universes to continuing providing enough matter for all of the “child” universes to continue this universe birthing phenomenon forever.  At some point, the model breaks, because there is not enough matter and energy in the linked multiverses to continue powering the model in a sustainable manner.

So what now?


This means that if there is a supreme being with the ability to create energized matter out of nothing within the Original Universe, then through the various black hole-white hole connections, there could be fed enormous amounts of dark matter, energy and other matter to continue creating new universes forever.


in which every offspring universe continues to have a linkage or linkages back to the original universe, so that the energy and matter put out from the original universe is at least partially returned to it, so that there will always be matter and energy to continue powering the GrAMcon model.


some version of the other 2 above, but with the understanding that each subsequent universe does not have as much energy or matter in it as the original universe.  In other words, each subsequent universe is smaller and not as energized as the original universe or previous universes.  This would account for energy and matter dispersal among subsequent universes.  Nothing, so far in cosmological physics states that if there is such a thing as a multiverse, that they all must have the same amount of matter or energy.


In this scenario, a supreme being supplies additional energy and matter to each new offspring universe as a new super-massive black hole punches through space-time and creates a new white hole that expands to create a new universe.  God “makes up” the deficit that would otherwise exist in the matter and energy needs of each new child universe.  Or, there could be a linkage to the original God Universe to each new child universe that makes up the deficit required to form the new universe that wasn’t supplied through the super-massive black hole/white hole.


This really wasn’t intended as a religious proof.  However, one does seem to come to that conclusion.  No matter how sophisticated the mathematics, eventually the universes and multiverse will have to run down to “0”.  It basically runs out of gas, unless it were a perfect “machine” that super-efficiently recycled every erg of energy so that nothing was ever wasted anywhere and that’s not the case.  For instance, the heat energy blasted off every sun, everywhere wastes untold gajillions of units of energy every second in every universe of the multiverse.  Unless there is some new, outside source of new energy (God), then the multiverse has to at some future point, die a heat-death of entropy.  Therefore, either the multiverse is a grossly inefficient thing that will eventually die of its own ambitious continual creation of new offspring universes (each of which is smaller and less energetic than its predecessor), or there is a supernatural source of power (energy and matter) that is and will continue to supply the multiverse with new power and matter. We suspect that Einstein and every enlighted physicist who has spent a lifetime “running the numbers” eventually reaches a similar conclusion.  In the end the multiverse dies, or God continues to supply it with resources.



Okay, now Rand’s going to get back to work on that renovation project, having done his duty to get this GrAMcon™ idea out there (having been “programmed” to do so from the age of 7 by a higher power, for whatever reason, he does not know, having that data gathering search effort working in the background of his brain for most of his life).    Now it becomes the task of Michio Kaku , Neil deGrasse Tyson , Alan Guth and Lawrence Krauss to see if there’s any validity to this concept, worthy of future investigation.  Michio, Neil, Alan, Lawrence and the other Physicists will probably laugh and scoff at these ideas and send a polite email (if anything) to Rand telling him (as politely as possible) to mind his own beeswax and to not quit his day job.   Time will tell.  They are gifted Physicists and also are outstanding public presenters and are in the vanguard of today’s theoretical Physics and Cosmology.  Who knows what they and others might do with the GrAMcon™ ?  If history is any indication, the GrAMcon will probably be ignored for several decades, until, perhaps one Physicist from decades in the future, evolves some mathematics that suddenly appears to support the concept.  That will be the point where future serious research may occur.  But then again, perhaps there are other explanations for our Universe that will one day be understood.  We will see, if we’re still here when that happens.


Alright then: back to the kitchen elevation wall in the basement…







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