Home Inspection Software

Home Inspection Software

Home inspection software consists of electronic programs that help Licensed Home Inspectors to first inspect, and then report on the condition of houses that they visit in person.


home inspection software


Until now, none of these inspection software programs were actually created by down in the trenches house inspectors, but rather by large software companies.  Now that has changed.  This architectural company is helping a sister residential inspection company to program what needs to be on in-the-field inspection software, linked to a ultra-lightweight tablet computer that the inspector holds in one hand, using his/her other hand to either use a stylus (electronic pen) or a virtual keyboard on the tablet to enter information about what they’re seeing during their inspections.















The software is very complex, involving over 25,000 lines of code/entry data, all optimized to leverage the compact CheckLists for the various sections of the inspection, linking that information to the actual Report. 


In other words, while an inspector is in the field, performing the inspection, he/she enters minimal information (like the “pen” tapping the tablet screen to select a choice on the electronic checklists) that links to larger explanatory text on the Report module.


In essence, the software this firm is helping another company to create builds most of the Report from the electronic field information the inspector makes during the actual inspection.  This synergy simplifies the demanding task for the inspector, which would otherwise require triple the amount of work required to:
1.  Make field notes.
2.  Use that to make the Report.
3.  Prepare a Summary of the most important items.


However, the inspection software which this firm is helping to create, uses the field notes on the tablet to create most of the Report and the Summary.  This saves a tremendous amount of work for the inspector.


Inspecting a house is a demanding chunk of work.  And the inspector’s not done when he/she leaves the house.  Oh no: then they have to create the actual Report and Summary to deliver to their Client. 















Which is why it is so essential to have this latest software to make the field effort do triple the work.  You still will have to insert your photographs from the inspection and delete what you don’t need, but all the key paragraphs and line items are flagged by an electronic yellow highlighter so that you know what needs to remain in the Report and Summary. And then just delete the rest.  Much easier to delete than to create.

Logical.  Faster.  Electronic.  About time.


And why is an Architectural firm helping with this?

Simple, once you think about it. 

Who better to understand what should be and not be in a house than the Architect that designs them?


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