House Architect Open on Weekends

House Architect Open on Weekends

Yes, this residential architect is open on weekends.  And until about 10PM every night, and during lunch hour, and even holidays.

Rand Soellner Architect, can be reached to discuss projects with his clients 365 days a year, and just about any time of day or night.  The reason?  He is working those hours, so why not allow his clients or prospective clients the ability to communicate with him: At Their Convenience.

Many of Soellner’s clients work normal days and hours, which means that they cannot contact him to discuss their projects during the standard 9-5 M-F time frame.  Realizing this, Soellner has made himself available just about anytime that works for his clients.  Some prospective clients have phoned him on a Sunday night, expecting to leave a voice message on an answering machine.  But they normally get right through to Rand.  Not to a secretary, or to a menu tree that requires them to punch in numbers into their phone.  They actually get a real, living human being: Rand Soellner himself.

He likes it that way.  He would like your business, and in addition he doesn’t want anyone between you and him.  Things are more streamlined this way and communication is direct and effective.

If you work “normal” hours for a company, or are a computer technical executive working for the Department of Defense with some assignments overseas, or have unpredictable scheduling, or are an attorney in a corporation that doesn’t have enough hours in the day, or are a doctor that owns his own practice and has more patients than time, perhaps what you need is an architect for your next project that understands this, and is willing to accept your calls whenever you have the chance.  And when you have the chance will likely be “after hours” for most people.  And “after normal weekdays”.  This all translates into your architect being accessible.

Give Rand Soellner a try: 828-269-9046  or

You’ll be surprised at how easy it is.  He looks forward to hearing from you and discussing ideas for your project.

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