HouseWrap2019 Speech Delivered by Architect

HouseWrap2019 Speech Delivered by Architect

HouseWrap2019 Speech Delivered by Architect is about a global convention in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA, hosted by AMI Plastics and a presentation made there by Home Architects ®.

Photo courtesy of Alexandra Fish, AMI.


That is Rand Soellner, ArCH/NCARB up there on the podium, delivering his company’s PowerPoint presentation: “AN ARCHITECT’S PERSPECTIVE OF RESIDENTIAL HOUSEWRAP”.  This occurred September 17, 2019.


During his 1/2 hour colorful presentation, Soellner talked about various WRB (Water Resistive Membrane) systems used on his company project, including his own new house in North Carolina, along with various housewrap membranes and characteristics of those his firm feels perform better than others.

He made the point, during the first portion of his speech, that the main function of housewraps is to KEEP WATER OUT of the walls of houses.  That is the main purpose.  Although, he also mentioned that vapor control and air barrier functions are desirable.

This was a world-wide convention and featured major players on the planet in terms of housewrap, such as: DuPont, Qakridge National Laboratories, Benjamin Obdyke, and other consultants, Architects, Contractors and material manufacturers and distributors.  AMI Plastics from Bristol, England organized the event, held at the Marriott Hotel, Coral Springs, Florida.


Soellner’s presentation at times was amusing, making fun of difficult to pronounce words, such as POLYISOCYANURATE.  He also poked fun at some unlicensed practices using materials from unauthorized sources, which cause catastrophic harm to houses.  He encouraged everyone in the industry to continue perfecting their materials and practices so that the people who buy houses have better moisture protection and longer-lasting construction.  Soellner also revealed some of his firm’s details, conceived to keep water outside of walls and protect the structure.







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